Chapter Six

Chapter Six


I sit in the closed booth continuously puffing on my cigarette, one of my arms laying over the top. I just blankly stare, lost in my thoughts. I can barely hear the loud music, or the women sitting around me, or that idiot Damon who convinced me to come here to this god forsaken place.

“I am going to open tonight just for you boss,” is what he told me.

I only did it for my men, so they could have some fun, and maybe get laid.

 Maybe I can get laid, and maybe I can finally get this silly little girl out of my brain.

It has been a week since I met the beautiful, compelling black haired enigma at that small dive bar I always go to when I come to this wretched city. I feel like maybe I should have fucked her that night in my back seat.

Maybe I wouldn’t be so… obsessed… just by the thought of her, it’s making me go insane!

I throw my cigarette in the ashtray, and lean down, placing my hands over my face folded. It’s sick, I don’t even know this girl. I am an evil man, I have killed, tortured, I have literally mutilated the very soul of a human being without remorse, and I enjoyed it too.

But never have I ever wanted to find a woman that I don’t even know, and lock her away. Lock her up so I can have her all to myself, and never wonder what she might be doing when I’m not around, who she might be talking to, who might be… touching her… 

That very thought sends me into a rage…

“Marcel, are you okay?” Angelo asks from across the booth. “Sembra che tu stia per uccidere.” You look like you are going to kill someone.

“Yea the look on your face is more terrifying than usual boss,” drunk Damon decides to point out. The alcohol is making him think he can be friendly with me. I really don’t like him. Something about him is slimy to me, I will never understand how my father became okay with an American being so involved with our family.

We have plenty of American underdogs, but somehow this slimy, irritating dog became our number one salesman when he started out as a lowly drug dealer. He eventually kept proving time and time again to my father that he would be better use to us as a leader. But if you ask me, I think he was a better salesman; slimy, a liar, and a thief, all very well known traits of a peddler.

A small voice breaks my thoughts.

“Hi, I am here to see Mr. Bernard, he invited my friend and I tonight. My name is Alley.”  It’s a familiar mousy voice, I don’t know what is familiar about it though. One of my guards walks in and tells Damon that some girl is here to see him. A cocky, disgusting smile spreads across his face.

“Now, I'm about to show you guys how it’s done,” he tells us with another unsettling grin on his face. Luca stands up from the cascade of girls around him drunkenly.

“L'haul accuratamente controllato?” Did you thoroughly check her?

“Siedi il tuo culo ubriaco!” Sit your drunk ass down!” I say frustratingly, like I can’t handle one measly whore.

Besides I want to watch this creep make a fool out of himself. Luca gives me a glare and sits down, and continues to play tonsil hockey with one of the women. The guard walks out and walks back in with a cute redhead at his tail. A redhead? Wait...

Damon got up to greet her, putting his arms around her waist and giving her a peck on the lips. She smiles and giggles, and it makes me want to vomit.

“Everyone this is Alley, you can take a seat right next to me,” he says to her suggestively. I instantly get up, and walk closer, just to be sure it’s the same girl I think it is.

“Hey, I remember you! The hero of the day,” she says confirming what I already know. She talks on, trying to tell the story to Damon but I don’t care to wait to hear it 

“Where is Jamie?” I ask cutting her off completely, not even giving a fuck how desperate I sound, Damon looks at me in confusion. In the corner of my eye I notice all my men putting all their full attention on me.


“Uhh, well she's downstairs dancing, she… ” I cut her off completely again. Not even giving any care what my men think of me at this point.

“You guys leave each other alone at a place like this,” I yell, making her jump.

“Well she’s not… alone.” I have already walked out of the private booth feeling Angelo trail behind me, I don’t care to hear her response. I can’t contain the feeling of… anxiety that I have. I have to find her… I need to see her.

I walk out in the madness of the crowd rolling up the sleeves of my black dress shirt, I bring my hands up to the scruff on my face, running my fingers over it as I walk really wishing I had shaved. 

Some woman walks up to me stopping me in my tracks.

“Hey sexy, want to buy me a drink?” she says with a wink.

“Move,” I say blankly. She gives me a look of embarrassment and stomps away. That’s my usual interaction with women, unless I want to fuck, but it doesn’t usually take much. I’m not cocky, these are just facts. 

I finally make my way to the few steps leading down the large square dance floor that centers the whole bar. The floor is lit up with blinking lights blinding me, and making me nervous. When I reach the bottom, I start scanning the room, searching for her.

“What are you doing Marcel?” I ignore him continuing my intense gaze looking for her.

“I see her,” Angelo says. I looked over at him desperately.

“Where?” I yell.

“Just kidding,” he says with the blankest look on his face. I barely saw the corners of his mouth inch up into a hunt of amusement.


“You’re lucky you’re my brother,” I say turning my head back to the crowd on the dance floor. 

That’s when I see her.

She wore a tight, short black dress, her short legs and thick thighs out on display for everyone to see, her black wavy hair falling down over her shoulders.

She dances swinging her beautiful hips, and curves, running her hands through her hair and all throughout her body. That’s when I notice the extra legs standing behind her, the extra hands that are holding her hips, the lips that are buried deep in her neck.

I then saw the face of the man who dares to lay their hands on what’s… mine.

My fist clench, my jaw is firmly biting down, but as much anger as I feel, I was taught from a very young age to never show my emotions, so my face sits expressionless making sure I keep my facade.

“I don’t know what’s going on with you, but we don’t need any bodies tonight Marcel,” he says staring in the same direction I am.

I want so badly to go over there and kill Greg. I can’t believe I am seeing him here of all places, touching Jamie out of all people,  putting his lips on her neck. He works for me as an on call doctor, his license is in animal medicine, but he found his own way to know about the human body, and he is good at what he does. He has always been loyal to my family, but I would be loyal to the people that pay me millions to. All he has to do is save my life, or my mens when called upon, and keep his mouth shut about what he sees, and to never ask questions. He must be here because he heard I was in town, and he just so happens to run into my Jamie, unless...they’re together….

I suddenly take notice of another male approaching, tall, but looking quite young in his face. I notice our brand on his shoulder. The brand they give our newly initiated members, to remind them who they belong to now. He looks fresh like he has just been initiated. I smile, realizing I already know who it is.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing Greg?” he roars, making them immediately remove their hands from each other. He grabs Jamie’s arm roughly pulling her so that they are face to face.

“Jamie! Why are you here? Do you even understand how dangerous this place is? Have you gone fucking crazy? You need to leave now!” he says screaming in her face.

It makes me wince a little, I don’t like anyone talking to her like that. But if it was my sister I would have done the same thing.

He tries pulling her away, as Greg stands there dumbfounded, but also looking a little irritated as well. I really want to beat the irritation right off his face. Jamie jerks her arm off of him, glaring at him. She’s such a little firecracker, and you really would not expect someone so small to be so fearless, especially someone that seems so innocent.

Keyword: Seems

“What am I doing here? What the fuck are you doing here? You are sixteen years old! How did you even get in?” Sixteen, that kid looks at least 20!

“Jamie, how about you start minding your own fucking business! You aren’t my fucking mommy, and you aren’t my parent! What you need to do is leave... and you need to stay the fuck out of my life!” He grabs a hold of her arm again while screaming the harsh words in her face. She stands there for a minute, her eyes turning glassy, almost as if the green color is going to wash away with tears. 

She is sad... Jamie jerks her arm away again. People around her that are dancing are finally starting to take notice of the dramatic scene. She looks around, and her cheeks start to turn a bright red, in obvious embarrassment. One minute she can be so fierce, and the next minute, she’s like a little girl who lost her way. I don’t know which one I like more. 

She looks down, and then turns away without another word. The boy’s face is hateful, and without remorse, the whole time, all up until she has turned her back on him. His face changes into a face of regret, he squeezes his eyes closed tight as if he is wishing what just happened away.

After she leaves, I take this opportunity to approach the boy standing there, and Greg has not moved yet either.

“Hello gentleman,” I say as professional and all business as I can. Greg takes notice of me and looks at me in surprise. Angelo still stands next to me, always having my back.

He is probably bored as hell.

“Who the fuck are you?” The kid looks at me and says, he doesn’t know who I am, and if it wasn’t for the circumstances he would have never seen my face. People like him never do, unless you’re rare cases like Damon.

“Posso far saltare il cervello? Feccia Americana!” Can I blow his brains out? American Scum!

I put my hand up to him, making him back down. The kid takes notice of Angelo, and his eyes start to look concerned. I guess the Italian tongue is giving a little away. Even if I wanted this kid gone, I would never do that to her, I don’t know why but I just wouldn’t. 

“Greg, you and I have some things we need to… hash out. So if you don’t mind I need you to wait for me in Damon’s office.”

“I was notified that you were in town boss. I came to see…” I cut him off real quick.

“Go to the office and wait for me Greg,” I say, not wanting to look at him any longer. I really just want to kill him but I need him, he’s too valuable. He stands there for a second longer, confused, and then walks up the stairs.

“Angelo segui Jamie a casa senza essere notato.” Angelo follow Jamie home without being noticed. He immediately walks off, not even questioning me.

“Kid, do you want a drink? We have a lot to talk about, in fact I want to make a deal with you,” I say daring him to argue with my look of impatience. He idles there for a long moment, contemplating on what he should do.

“I was on a job tonight, have a lot of shit to sell,” he yells over the blaring music. “Who are you? With all due respect of course?” I don’t sense any respect at all but I will let it slide… again.

“What is your name?” I ask.

“Josh, Josh Stone,” he says much quicker than I thought.

“Well Josh, my name is Marcellus, but it’s Boss to you my friend.” Realization quickly kicks in about who I am. His eyes grow wide, and he immediately loses all the smugness and attitude.

“So about that drink kid? Let’s talk.”

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