Chapter Forty-One

Chapter Forty


I could have sworn that I fell asleep on the chair last night, someone must have come to check on me and moved me to the bed. My eyes are burning and heavy from all the crying last night. I only wish Helios were here to keep me company like he used to.

I drag myself out of bed, and slowly get myself ready for the day, the only thing motivating me is the fact that my brother is probably up and moving around by now. It will make my day to see him, and even talk to him about how he feels about us having the same dad. 

After a long shower, I grab a  casual, short blue dress, I don’t choose this dress because of how cute it makes me look, I chose it because I know that Marcel will disapprove of the length. I am going to do everything in my power to defy him, and we will see

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