Chapter 79: Wicked Old Crone

“Why was she removed from our store again?” the other saleslady asks on time. The same question I am wondering.

“She ordered several pieces of fancy jewelries but can’t make the final payment. The manger offers to resell those jewelries on her behalf, yet she didn’t like that option either. She kept telling us to show her some respect because her family is very respected in town.”

“Is it?”

“Well, yes, a few years ago. But the Booth family is going downhill and is facing financial crisis right now. Oh her poor fiancé. If he marries her, he’ll face so many troubles, like money wise.”

“Her fiancé is so hot. I think he can do so much better…”

And then they leave the lady’s room together.

I stand still in my little stall, taking a time to process what I just heard.

So Katherine is only marrying Eason for his money? Does he know about this? Does Mr. Ramirez and Ms. Griswold know??

I bet Eason doesn’t know. He didn’t even bother to get to know Katherine, let along her family. But one thing f
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Kim Nadeau
Can anyone tell me the name of this author Please so I can avoid any of her future books! Get you hooked then make you go insane waiting to finish the book! I never want to feel those frustration again! ...
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Anushka Goswami
loosing interest now. update quicker
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Maléne De Lange
Author please update.Way must we wait and wait and wait for an update.......

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