Tangled Love

Tangled Love

By:  Zangata101  Completed
Language: English
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Olivia Conner was only sixteen when she was diagnosed with amnesia, it's been three years and she still doesn't remember half of her life but she's more than okay with that. She doesn't let that dark stormy night define her life, but when she meets a mysterious yet attractive tattooed guy who knows more than he's letting on, she finds herself being dragged back to the past.

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Super intriguing story that’ll take you on an emotional roller coaster! My only critique/complaint is that last chapter felt slightly rushed, but otherwise, this truly was a well written story! Absolutely worth the read. Author, will you be writing anymore on here?
2024-04-16 10:27:09
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48 chapters completed!!!🫶
2024-03-03 03:41:38
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I love it so much......
2024-02-04 21:43:01
48 Chapters
Chapter 1: Amnesia.
Present Day.Olivia's POV.It's dark, it's raining, I'm drunk and I'm driving.I have a bottle of booze sitting in between my thighs and I'm crying, my heart hurts so bad and my hands are shaking, I clench my fingers around the steeling wheel in order to stop them from shaking but I can still feel them vibrating.Lose you to love me by Selena Gomez blasts from the speakers in the car and it just makes me feel like screaming.I grasp the neck of the bottle and I bring it to my lips, chugging and coughing out the painful heat it brews down my throat.What am I doing? I hate alcohol.I break out in more tears, yanking the necklace from around my neck, I stare at the beautiful star necklace, my chest squeezes and I throw it somewhere around the car, sobbing.I shift my eyes back to the road.Shit.I'm in the other lane, there's a car coming in front of me, honking.Panicking, I jerk the car out of the road, I hit into something, tires screech, car flips, glass splatters everywhere and....
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Chapter 2: The Girl In White.
Three years ago.Jace's POV.Life is unpredictable.Typical, right?Maybe but not always, not with me at least.Every single one of us have dreams, my dream was to play football in a stadium full of football fans screaming my name everytime I do a touchdown.Football was my only dream but that dream just got killed by an injury, I had this injury last year and I didn't take it seriously. I continued playing without seeking medical help and when I did seek medical help, it was too late.The doctor said I might get a fucked up little limp for the rest of my life if I continue playing so I guess what I'm trying to say is that tonight's my last night on the field and my last night being team captain.That lasted like sixty seconds.No one knows that information but I intend on telling them after we win.And on top of all that shit, I walked in on my girlfriend being fucked by one of my teammates last night.Also typical.My girlfriend- scratch that, ex-girlfriend Sandra was controlling an
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Chapter 3: Friend.
Three years ago.Jace's POV.We won the game Friday night.I actually played like I was playing for the last time, cause news flash, I was.I broke the bad news to my teammates after the game while we were celebrating in the locker room, the room turned terribly quiet, almost as though someone had died.I swear I saw Coach Eric drop a tear and so did my best friend Diego while every one else just looked sad.I got home that night and I thought about telling my family too but I walked in and found them all sitting together and laughing while watching a family sitcom, it looked like they were having a good time, I didn't wanna make it about me.That was Friday, today is Monday and I still haven't told them.Kevin, AKA the guy that fucked my ex girlfriend felt like coming up to me and saying shit about me not playing football anymore, I immediately printed my fist in his stupid face, he fell to the floor and I climbed on top of him, fisted his stupidly expensive shirt and I punched him t
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Chapter 4: Unforgivable.
Present Day.Olivia's POV.I get easily bored when I don't have classes in the morning so instead of sitting around in my apartment and watching Netflix, I go for morning runs.I always stop by Christy's on my way back home, I'm so obsessed with their iced coffee.Which is why everytime I walk through these heavy glass doors to the Café, which might I add is very close to my apartment and to campus, I'm always greeted by the lovely aroma of rich coffee beans which fills my nostrils and the welcoming sound of customers around the Café chitchatting, even though Christy's is both a Café and restaurant, many people come in for the coffee, especially students, we all just need coffee.My eyes scan the whole place and I feel like everyone's now staring at me.I'm wearing leggings and a sports bra, I don't know what the big fuss is about but if it's about my bleached hair then jokes on them cause it's fake."Jack." I reach the counter, smiling at the employee who I only know from my ethics c
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Chapter 5: Dinner.
Three years ago.Jace's POV.My Mom has never liked any of my friends, that includes Diego. She thinks my friends are a bad influence and that they make me do stuff that a person my age is not supposed to be doing.But here's the thing, my friends are just idiots, the only thing that they've ever influenced me into was doing drugs, and I honestly think that we influenced each other, the rest was all me.I know my mum thinks Olivia is just like the rest of my friends, I haven't been around the girl long enough to know what her personality is like but it's not rocket science, It's pretty obvious that she's nothing like any of my friends.Olivia brought a side dish to this dinner, she helped my mum set the table and she offered to say grace before we started eating.My friends are assholes, they would never.We're all eating in silence which is a first for my family. I have three siblings, Aaron, Marianna and Luna. Aaron and Marianna are sixteen year old twins while Luna is only five an
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Chapter 6: The butterfly effect.
Three years ago.Jace's POV.Turns out, getting suspended is worse than getting arrested. I always get bailed out the next day after getting arrested but this suspension gets me stuck at home, with my mum who doesn't want me to lock myself in my room and smoke weed all day, she wants me to help her out at the Pizza restaurant and smile while I'm at it.I spend the whole day glancing at the clock, waiting for the time everyone gets off school.I don't know why I'm nervous and anxious at the same time, it's not like I'm going on a date with her.But then again she said that her parents are away and that painting someone takes hours. That means we'll be alone in her house for hours.I've had three encounters with this girl, and I've wanted to kiss her twice during those encounters.The clock hits five and I sneak out the back without notifying my mother, she objects to everything.I hop on my bike, turning on the engine and taking off.I'm used to facing the consequences of my actions,
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Chapter 7: To breathe and not breathe.
Three years ago.Jace's POV.She walks into the kitchen wearing a black sundress that stops right above her knees, denim jacket and flat shoes.She looks like a church girl."Do you go to church, Livy?" I ask, sliding off the seat."Every Sunday." She smiles.Of course."Well, I don't." I say as we head towards the front door."Why not?" She asks, pulling the door open."Because I don't believe in God." I answer honestly.She gasps, she literally gasps at my response like not believing in God is some sort of illegal act."What? You go to church every Sunday but you've never heard of nonbelievers?" I lean my shoulder against the wall as she locks the door."I've just never met one before." She shrugs."Well, here I am, in the flesh." We walk down the steps."I feel uncomfortable being around you now, what if you worship the devil or something?" She says playfully."See? That's why I don't believe, Christians are so judgemental." I shake my head."I'm inviting you to church this Sunday.
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Chapter 8: A Mess.
Present Day.Olivia's POV.There are some days I wake up feeling depressed, I don't wanna get out of bed early, I don't wanna talk to anyone and I definitely don't wanna answer my phone or get the door.My Mum told me that we all go through that at some point, that it's the circle of life.We're happy today, we're sad tomorrow.I hate this feeling, it makes me think about myself way too much, it crowds my mind with curious thoughts and then it goes, like for instance, today, I woke up thinking that maybe, just maybe, Olivia Conner one flipped the car on purpose, maybe it was a suicide mission.I don't know how I would feel about that one, I don't even know why I've been thinking about that accident a lot lately.Anyway, moving along, my new roommate Izzy from Britain moved in a week ago and lucky for me, she's not a bitch, we actually have so much in common, it's almost like we've known each other our entire lives.I spend the day in my painting room, painting my thoughts away while l
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Chapter 9: When Jace met Cassandra.
Three years ago.Jace's POV.Our almost kiss made things more awkward between us, we walk back to her house in total silence.She looks like I made her very uncomfortable, which is understandable."Can I pick it up later? After I check on Diego?" I ask, pointing at my bike when we reach her driveway."Yeah, sure." She interlocks her fingers behind her, barely looking at me.Yeah, so, remember when I said I didn't wanna fuck it up?I fucked it up."Goodnight, Olivia." I start walking backwards, gazing at her."Goodnight, Jace." She responds in a low tone, I turn around and I squeeze my eyes shut, groaning in frustration.Fuck fuck fuck.That went awful.Diego's car is in the driveway, I don't know if he drove it to the party or maybe he also walked, I notice that his Mum's car isn't in the driveway which means she's not home.I ring his doorbell repeated until he opens the door and almost snaps at me."Well, shit, I thought you got arrested.""Nah." I let myself inside his house."What
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Chapter 10: Colour me impressed.
Three years ago.Jace's POV.Diego and Blair insist we go somewhere more fun but I'm not in the mood and Cassandra's mum keeps ringing her phone so we both end up declining. They both go ahead without us, taking Diego's car. Cassandra offers me a ride back to Olivia's house, where I left my bike.She's headed in that direction anyway since the Richardson mansion is right after Diego's neighborhood. I've never crossed the Richardson's gates but Diego and I used to ride our bikes right passed the estate when we were younger and every time, we'd stop to stare at the mansion, it just made me feel like my parents were doing something wrong with their lives.Weirdly, I feel like that right now.Cassandra Richardson looks like money, hell, she even smells like money. Her hair is golden silk, she's wearing diamond stud earrings, I know her matching outfit was designed by some expensive designer and she's wearing sneakers but even they look fucking expensive.Why did I ever think that I'd ge
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