Educate You

Educate You

By:  XSparxFlyX  Ongoing
Language: English
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"I don't like you, Mr. Decarlo,"He eyed me with his stormy grey orbs. "The feeling's mutual,"In which Newton's laws of attraction have been violated...️Aeliana Winslow, has to endure two whole years of physics lectures conducted by the awfully attractive Spaniard, Professor Antonio Decarlo.

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Physics... the most dreadful subject of em all! Getting through few sums without having your head totally f***ed up, was undoubtedly impossible.... for me, at least. Leah says it's pretty simple... physics, I mean. She says it's 'practical'. But for me, doodling on the margin of my book is million times better. I simply cannot comprehend the fact that the sun would be as hot, if it were made out of bananas! Honestly... I don't and I never will... In my opinion, physics is something that came into existence with the sole purpose of torturing nineteen year olds. But then again, come to think of it. 19 years olds wouldn't exist if it weren't for things like thrust and force, which we do also learn in physics... But that's natural instinct of animals! We don't have to be taught how to thrust and- "OI WINSLOW!" I raised my head and looked around, noticing that all the other students in my class were on their feet. I turned my head towards the teacher's desk and met a familiar pair of p
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It's 3.00 p.m and I'm standing at the door of Mr. Decarlo's so-called 'office'. Whatever he wants from me, it cannot be good... at all. After standing there for what felt like eternity, I finally gathered up the courage to knock on the door. "Come in," I heard an exceptionally deep voice. After turning the doorknob and pushing the door open, I peeped into the room. There he was, in his authoritative posture, reading what seemed like an encyclopedia; a massive book with pages that appeared to be extremely thin. Of course, this guy would never read a magazine or any other ordinary book. It was always some sort of intellectual boring science book. Staring into the book, he muttered, "Quit peeping and close that door, Winslow," I closed the door behind me after recovering from the shock he'd given me. I walked towards him meekly. "You asked to see me, Mr. Decarlo?" "No. I asked you to see me," he said, closing the huge book he had in his hands. "You know, Winslow, you never cease t
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"Mom! I'm home!" "Hi, honey!" She appeared from the living room. "How was your day?" She questioned, eager to know how everything went. "It was terrific!" I said, not wanting to mention my horrid experiences in 'Professor' Decarlo's lair. "Aw that's great, dear!" She said, pleased. "Mom, I'm meeting up with Leah at 5," I said, placing my bag on the counter. "We've got some work to get done," "Okay, dear," Mom said. "Where's Adrian?" "He's upstairs. Got home couple'a minutes ago," Adrian had returned home after selling his apartment few days back. He was changing work stations, so the place he owned wasn't convenient anymore. Since I needed to move out as well, he was staying at home with us until we found a convenient place with two apartments. I raced upstairs in search for my 25 year old brother. I knocked on the door of his room, expecting to hear a loud 'WHAT!?,' but instead he muttered, "The door's open," I turned the door knob and stepped in. There, I saw him, sprawled
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"Come in!" I heard his arrogant voice. I rotated the door knob and stepped in cautiously. I didn't know what I was afraid of. I wasn't sure if it was his death glare or my suspicion that he was secretly a grim reaper or a vampire. What the hell am I thinking? I stood a safe distance away from his desk, with my head turned downwards. Secretly taking a glimpse, I noticed that he was busily scribbling something down. "What are you doing, Winslow?" He snapped in his heavy Spanish accent. "Eh?" My head shot right up. As I looked at him, my eyes widened. Clicking his pen and setting it aside, he focused on me. "I'm assuming that you are fine with listening to my explanation of the 147th problem, while standing?" "I'm fine, sir," I said, trying not to 'interact' with him. "Just sit down, Winslow. I won't eat you," He said, sternly. "Yes, Mr. Decarlo," I gave in, grabbing the chair hastily. Pulling it out, I took a seat extra cautiously and of course, after checking if it had spikes o
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"As usual," he said, tapping his fingers on the desk. "Winslow forgets her assignment," "Sir, I-" "You do not owe me an explanation. I'm not willing to hear you out," he said, grimly and looked up at the class. "Take your books out," I sat down, wondering if I should apologize or just sit and hold on tight. "Anyone else, who has the audacity to show up here without their completed assignments?" Mr. Decarlo looked at the class, raising an eyebrow. The class fell silent. Dead silent. Mr. Decarlo scanned our faces. Every single one. After moving his eyes from one to another continuously, he stopped at Simon. "Simon, my boy!" he said. Simon, who was slouching lazily, shot up straight. Walking upto him, Mr. Decarlo slammed his hand on Simon's back, and wrapped his fingers around the back of his neck. "So are we all done with the project, boy?" "Sir, I-," He stammered. "You what?" "I couldn't complete it, sir," He sighed. "Get up, kid," He stood up, his head tilted downwards. "S
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"...and then he said, 'She isn't my actual crush, you are!' And I was like 'F*** off, loser! I'm not that easy!' And then I blocked him," "Uh huh..." Leah mumbled, tapping her pencil on her desk while contemplating a physics problem, clearly not paying any attention to Abigail. "I mean, what a loser!," "That's enough, Abby," I walked in, laughing. "Your constant complaints will not make the guys here any cooler," "Yooo, Aeliana!" Leah wrapped an arm around me. "Hey, Leah!" I replied, brightly. "How's the day so far?" I asked Abby. "Good! How about yours?" She smiled. "Great! Since we didn't have physics class yet," I mumbled the last part sulkily. "Dude dude dude! What happened yesterday!?" Leah almost screamed, grabbing my shoulders and turning me to face her. "Alright! I'll tell you. Chill!" I said, laughing. "Okay..." I mumbled. "Hurry up!" Abigail pitched in. "Okay okay! It wasn't that big of a deal... I just stepped inside, got threatened, insulted and sent back home,"
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"Tell me what happened," I said as I sat down beside Abigail at class. She wasn't crying anymore, but since she usually wore a lot of makeup, her eyes looked like that of a three hundred year old zombie. "You were right, Aeliana," she muttered, sobbing. "About what?" "Antonio," She said, looking away. I sighed. "Okay, now stop saying his first name out loud and tell me what happened before he decides to show up," I said, impatiently. I was seriously dying to know what happened. "He's mean... he really is," "Just tell me already!" "I went to see him because I had a doubt regarding yesterday's class..." she said. "Okay... and?" "And then," Leah sat down beside me. "He told her to get the f*** out of his office, disappear from his sight and not to stay within a range of 100 kilometers' radius from him," "He said that!?" I said in utter shock. "No he didn't... I was exaggerating," Leah said, shrugging. "Yes, he did!" Abby almost yelled. "How could someone be so insolent!? All
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"No no... that's not a good idea!" Abigail protested. "Look, I don't wanna live the rest of my college life being harassed by that douche!" "Woah! Watch your words, girl! If someone's eavesdropping, we're dead meat," Leah said, not agitated at all. "Leah," I said, grabbing her shoulders. "You think it's fair? It's public humiliation!" "Well, what are you gonna do about it? Tell him he's ugly? Put salt in his coffee?" "No..." I said. "I will confront him," "And do what!?" Abigail almost laughed. "You'll pee your pants! You can't even hold eye contact with him for longer than two seconds," "I thought friends support you no matter what," I said, making a straight face. "Fine! Do it! As long as I don't have wipe your salty tears, I'm fine with anything!" "Wow...real touchy, Leah. Thanks," I said, disappointed. She shrugged and turned to Abigail. "What do you think?" "Maybe it's fair that Li wants to confront him," she replied. "She got picked on during class, more than I ever di
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It's 9.00 a.m and I'm standing at the door of the devil's lair. I swear this day is gonna make the rest of my college life a living hell. He's gonna strangle me... or worse... he'll give me the 'you're-a-waste-of-space' glare! That'll make me wanna strangle myself. What am I even going say!? S***! I didn't rehearse! I started panicking.Oh poop! Now what!? I won't make a strong impression if I go unprepared! "Well, what an unpleasant surprise," F***... I turned around, slowly. I was literally terrified. "Good morning, Mr. Decarlo," "Would have a better one, had you stood next to my door and not in front of it, hence blocking it and preventing me from opening it," he said in a single breath. I let out a breath that I was holding unknowingly. I moved away from the door immediately. "Or if you weren't standing anywhere near my door at all," No no! Don't let his attitude get to you! He pushed the key in and turned the knob, unlocking the door to his office. He stepped inside wit
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"Where's Abigail?" I demanded to know, while letting down the pile of letters and boxes on my table.   "Dude, what's all this?" Leah sat back in her chair, clearly perplexed.   
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