Chapter 78: Happy Rotting In Hell

The rest of the time is a blur. I vaguely heard that Katherine made a short speech about herself but I couldn’t understand a single word that she said. My mind seemed to be shut down all of a sudden.

Katherine, my best friend in Boston, the girl I’ve known for almost 4 years, is Eason’s mysterious fiancé?!!!

But how is the even possible?

So when did this thing settle? Ms. Griswold talked about finding Eason a marriage partner three years ago, so did Katherine already know that she was going to marry Eason back then? Why didn’t she say anything to me?

Even if it just became serious recently, she still had plenty of chances to tell me today!

Why the fuck did she keep her mouth shut?!!

I look up numbly, trying to find Eason in the crowd and see his reaction toward this. But he is not standing by the piano anymore. He’s nowhere to be found now.

The buzzing conversation around me becomes louder again as I finally realize that Mr. Ramirez’s opening speech is over. A few people approac

So can you guess what's the deal with Katherine?

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