Chapter 81: Love Confession

I knew he would definitely come and confront me after listening to the recorder. But I didn’t know that he couldn’t even wait till the morning.

“Have you listened to it yet?” I ask.

“Of course!” he huffs. “Why did you do it? Why did you go find my mom?”

I’ve expected him to be angry and confused. No one wants to be told that his fiancé is an evil person right before the engagement. But he doesn’t love Katherine, that I can be sure of, so he can take the bad news. I just need to break it down to him slowly.

“Your mom asked me not to tell anyone. But you have the right to know.” I sit down by my bed, taking in a deep breath before continuing. “Your mom is dating Katherine’s father, which is why she has ganged up with them to steal your money. If you marry her, you will lose all your family wealth to them.”

Yet he remains silent. He just stands there, staring at me with a set of dark eyes.

I frown, frustrated. Doesn’t he trust me? The fact is so plain and simple. Why is he still doubting
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Comments (34)
goodnovel comment avatar
Vicky … I think you need to re read the story ok .. Eason was not plotting revenge on her ..
goodnovel comment avatar
MiMo King
Love it!!!
goodnovel comment avatar
MiMo King
But revenge on who? Nat has done nothing wrong in any of this. It was Eason’s mom first and then Eason. Nat truly wanted Eason before and then again in HS. All she ever wanted was Eason and never did anything against him except to save herself.

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