Chapter 82: Sweet Revenge

When we come downstairs, there’s already a large group of people gathered in the living room. The center of the crowd is Katherine, who is bragging her diamond ring to a few well-dressed ladies.

So Eason still bought the ring for her? I snap my head back glaring at him. He frowns and whispers back: “I was so caught up by our little argument that I didn’t notice she took my credit card.”

That little bitch!

I puff my chest up and march into the living room. The chattering group lapses into a short silence when they notice the unexpected intruder, me. The cold expression on my face immediately sets everyone on the edge of their seats.

Mom stands up from the seat besides Ms. Griswold (seriously I don’t know how she can stand being in the same room with that woman) and welcomes me, “Natalia where have you been? Come and look at Katherine’s engagement ring. It’s so pretty.”

I ignore her and look straight into Katherine’s eyes. “Give me the ring.”

She sits there holding the ring box wit

Thank you for all your comments! Don't worry there won't be anymore twists and turns. I think they've both had enough. They deserve a happily-ever-after at this point. And with that said, this book is coming to an end very soon. Thank you so much for reading and bearing my childish narration and lousy grammars lol. This is my first book and I couldn't have done it without your support. So I think there'll be a romantic proposal before the end. Anything else you want to see? Please drop down a comment and I'll try to include them in the ending part. And again, thank you so much for everything!! Lots of love.

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Felicia Decker
update on Jenna and james
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Oh and I’d like to see more of a romantic side to mr Rameriz and Nats mom
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I’d like to know what Eason wrote to Nat at that tender age declaring his love for her. And I’d love for Liam to meet a really amazing girl and Nat and Easons love to be allowed to bloom and grow and have a family he loved her forever

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