Chapter 84: A Patient Predator

Eason’s POV

I wake up in her bed the next morning.

The first thing I look for is her. Luckily, she is still sleeping soundly besides me, her face bathed in the golden morning sunlight. She’s like an angel.

I let out a long sign, feeling relieved. I don’t remember how many nights that I dreamed about her sleeping in my arms and woke up to find that everything was only in my head. It almost crushed me.

I went through the darkest period time in my life three years ago when she left me. I couldn’t cope with the fact that the love of my life was gone, and everything was my fault. So I fled back to New York from Miami and locked myself up in the apartment. I wanted to rot in that dark room, so that I didn’t need to face the reality.

I drank myself to sleep but just kept being woken up by nightmares. So I drank more, forcing myself to sleep. It’s like a vicious circle. My life had fallen into a dark, endless pit.

I remember one time I drank an entire bottle of vodka and passed out on the bat
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Comments (116)
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Stephanie Hyde
Sad that this is not updated. not sure why it was abandoned. Hope author is ok and well. if you ever pick it up, i hope you enclosed the letter he wrote six years ago. I too hope that Liam finds love. he gave her his blessings to go get her happiness. At least we know they ended up together ...️
goodnovel comment avatar
Stephanie Hyde
yes he manipulated her to some degree but his heart is good now. he was in a better head space.
goodnovel comment avatar
Cherryl Lemberg Thomas
C’mon everyone, maybe it’s been a tough year. I know it has been for me. Let’s cut the author some slack.

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