Chapter 83: Love Conquers Everything

Mr. Ramirez sits down behind the desk, his eyes fixing on my face. Now I can understand why Mr. Booth shivered like a piece of leaf earlier. This man is fucking intimidating.

“Do you have anything to say?” he asks in an indifferent tone.

Eason is about to say something, but I speak up before him. “Sir, I probably shouldn’t have exposed their schemes and lies in front of everyone downstairs, but I do not regret it. Eason doesn’t deserve to be treated like that. He needs someone to look over for him.”

Eason’s grip on my hand suddenly tightens, as if a strong wave of emotions is surging inside of him. I lock eyes with him for a brief second and notice his eyes filled with nothing but love and gratitude.

Mr. Ramirez taps the desktop with his knuckle and brings out attention back. “So you just decided to step in and take over everything without a word with me first? Natalia, from your perspective, don’t I deserve to know first?”

I bite my lower lip in embarrassment. He is right. But ho

I got all of your messages! So proposal, Eason's POV, the letter and their career plans are definitely on the list. Probably an epilogue about their marriage 10 years later when they are happily married with kids. I'd love to see Eason as a father! Recent updates might be a bit slow since I'm moving. But I'll wrap up the story nice and good without leaving any loose ends. So come back and check for updates when you have time! Love you!

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Hey when are you gonna finish this book. We are all losing interest. Hurry up or you’re gonna loose us all.
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Hey it’s been over 4 months. What’s happening with new chapters. C’mon don’t let us loose interest. Book has been good. Just finish it.
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waiting for epilogue update

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