In Love With You (Let Me Love You Again Book 2)

In Love With You (Let Me Love You Again Book 2)

By:  Sofia Black  Completed
Language: English
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Axel, handsome, smart, with a secret that hasn't been revealed yet, a secret that could clear up that mess of conflicting feelings that he was just having, that made him feel bad of what he felt for HER. Was it possible to have such strong feelings for someone who was connected to you by blood? But was she? She was the only person who helped him, who got him out of his crisis, who calmed his head when he started thinking too much. Emma was his sleeping pill, and the heartbeat that made his heart live. Ali never let her feelings control her, she didn't want to get hurt, and she never would let anyone get inside that part of her and hurt her. But there was him, Miles, there had always been only him, and he had tried so hard that by now she had become accustomed to his presence, to have him in her bed, but what would have happened if Miles had found something better? Someone who could give him what Ali never did in all those years? Would Alison have understood how important he really was to him or let him fly away from her? Liam had eyes always and only for one person, but that person never looked at him, her attention was focused on someone else, and Liam had done nothing but remain silent, let that love consume him silently until he met her, Ellen. She was everything a man could want in a woman, she consumed him, turned him around in her hands. But what would have happened if that love, that little flash of light had returned when he least expected it? If he had awakened in him that something he thought was lost forever? Who would have chosen Liam?

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Sofia David
loved this book from the beginning to the end as I have on lived the first one. So much drama and action. A definite must read. you are an amazing writer. Thank you
2023-08-03 06:37:52
user avatar
savita agrawal
When will you update this?
2023-04-12 21:45:49
user avatar
Ashley Gwin
So far so good loving it
2023-04-10 14:31:10
153 Chapters
Prologue part 1
Ali " Can you promise me, you won’t make a mess? And don’t lie to me Ali, I know you’re having a party, I was the first to do it at your age, but please don’t let anyone into the office and into our room, especially the office. Tell your brother to lock the door," Dad said on the other side of the phone. I turned my eyes and looked for Axel "Yes, Dad, as soon as I find him I tell him to go close the office but I’m sure he has already done it, you know how psychopathic he is," I said with a sigh. "Alison don’t call your brother a psychopath," I heard he saying. "Okay okay, he’s not a psychopath, he’s just a control freak," I said, snorting. "When I get back I want the house polished, Alison, I don’t care what magic you invent, but if I find a pin out of place, we’ll do the math," Mom said this time. "Okay okay, you know I’m an angel. Have fun and say hello to Adam. Bye!" I said by hanging up the phone to keep them from continuing. Mom and Dad had left to visit Adam in Canada whe
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Prologue Part 2
**************** Axel's character will be very particular, sometimes dark, sometimes light. You'll hate him and then you'll love him. It's difficult to understand him, nobody can. As always, let me know what you think! **************** Axel I was lying on the pool deck in the twilight; I liked to be in the dark, while a girl was grinding on me, her hot pussy covered only by a skimpy short, which rubbed against my crotch, trying to make me hard. Her lips were glued to my neck as she licked and sucked my skin. Boring. I looked around bored and met my sister on the other side of the pool, also seated on a deck chair, I gave her a mischievous smile, and she rolled her eyes before pointing at her cell phone. I moved the girl slightly, put a hand in her pocket, and then pulled out the phone and saw that she had sent me a message. Close Dad's office and their room. She wrote to me. I have already done it little sister. I answered immediately. For God's sake, go inside; you make me w
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Prologue Part 3
Megan I was in the driveway of the Dare’s cottage, Lucy and Andy had stopped me, asking me how the trip to Europe had gone, I tried to unblock them soon, they were not my goal. I turned to the door and I froze. In front of the door were Axel and Emma hugging each other. I shouldn’t have been jealous, right? He’s her cousin, she’s my best friend. There was nothing to worry about, but something about that hug made me feel weird in my chest. I shook my head and looked at them. Axel and Emma broke off and began to talk calmly, Axel’s eyes glowing. I shook my hands, and when I couldn’t, I rushed into the house. "Axel!" I shouted as I entered like a fury, I moved Emma by force, so as to get her away from him and I rushed into Axel’s arms. Axel immediately grabbed me and pushed me against him, hugging me as he hadn’t ever done. I felt my heart galloping in my chest as I surrounded his neck with my arms and savored his perfume, leaving me intoxicated by those sensations that only he had b
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Chapter 1
EmmaAs the hours passed, the house emptied, and people started to leave, some alone, some in company. During the evening I had completely lost sight of Megan, I had lost her the moment she had dragged behind Axel who, like a little dog, had followed her.I spent my time wandering around the house, I knew Uncle Nate had closed the office, so I couldn’t even go through his cases. I had talked to someone I knew, and I had a game of beer pong, and I got the number of the guy I beat. Maybe I could call him to get laid, most likely it would distract me for a whileI sighed and turned off the water from the sink with my elbow, and I flicked my hands a couple of times as I looked in the mirror.My blond hair was a mess and my green eyes were tired, I hadn’t even had time to rest since I had returned and I immediately found myself thrown into a stupid party.I sighed and wiped my hands, and then I picked up my phone. It was almost four in the morning and I wanted to go home, to sleep. Maybe i
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Chapter 2
AxelI watched as Liam took off his clothes and let them fall to the ground with a thud, creating a pool of water. The bathroom was a mess, just like the house was, Mom was gonna kill me, and the thought of going downstairs and finding all that mess, made me shiver all over my body, I wouldn’t be able to sleep peacefully that night knowing that there was all that mess just a few steps away from me.I sighed and I crossed my arms to my chest as Liam tied a towel around his waist and another one wrapped it around his hair. Liam still had red eyes and dilated pupils. If there was one thing that I hated, it was hard drugs, I didn’t care if he did a few joints every now and then, but hard drugs were another story, they disintegrated you from the inside, and they weren’t the right solution to any problems."Why?" I asked as Liam stood with one hand at the sink while the other held the towel in his hair."There’s no specific reason, I didn’t think. Stop," Liam replied with a hoarse voice."
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Chapter 3
AxelI woke up with the sound of my cell phone ringing, rumbling in my room, and making my head beat more than it already did on its own.I was lying on my stomach, my head tucked into the pillows, and blindly, I started to feel the bedside table looking for that infernal device.When I finally took it, I pressed the button to turn it off, then threw it on the ground. No one is allowed to disturb my peace. I sighed and let my sleep envelop me again, but the troublemaker had no intention of leaving me alone. No, she started knocking like crazy at the door."Hey, asshole! I know you’re awake!" cried my sister’s harpy.I snorted and turned around in bed, throwing myself on my back and breathing deeply while the bitch kept knocking nonstop."Don’t ignore me! Axel!" Alison shouted relentlessly."Piss off!" I shouted, bored."No!" she replied, "You woke me up last night, and now I wake you! It’s the afternoon, Axel! And I want to go shopping!" She screamed and kept knocking like crazy."Le
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Chapter 4
Emma"Do you realize the gravity of your actions?!" I heard Mom yell, "I don’t care that you’re 22. Liam!" my mother continued, and then I heard the sound of a door slamming violently.I sighed and looked at the ceiling as Lola, the house cat, got on my bed and snuggled up next to me. She, too, couldn’t stand the screams that had been made within ten minutes. My brother had come home early in the afternoon. The clear look, the neat look, despite the fact that she had huge dark circles under his eyes, and his face wasn’t the best. Mom was already pissed because Dad told her that he came to pick me up while Liam was staying at Axel’s, needless to say, Mom had become a rage and did not accept certain behaviors from Liam, According to her logic, my brother should have remained alert and sober because I was there, according to Dad did not matter and did nothing if Liam wanted to have fun, I would always be safe, and, if there was no Dad, I would have just stayed at the home of uncles.And
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Chapter 5
MeganI was stunned to observe my reflection on the screen after Emma had hung up on me without giving me a chance to say anything. I sighed a little disappointed.I didn’t expect much, but at least a little help from my best friend, even more so after Emma knew how much I was waiting for this evening and how much I had dreamed of it all my life, yet she didn’t seem the slightest bit interested in giving me any support.Emma was strange, in recent times she had become more and more closed. Our journey together in Europe should have brought us closer, made us even more united than we already were, yet, the more the days went by, the more I felt that she closed in on herself, She was hiding something from me that was hurting her, and I had tried so hard to get her to open up, to get her to tell me what was making her so sad, what was ailing her so much, but after a year, I didn’t know.I sighed and opted for a skirt and a top, I didn’t want to give the impression of wanting to undress i
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Chapter 6
AxelI parked in front of Megan’s apartment building and turned off the engine. I texted Megan to warn her that I was outside her house and didn’t wait for her answer. I went into the chat with Emma and checked. What I didn’t know.My message remained as not displayed, or rather, ignored, since Emma was online until an hour ago.I wanted to tell her how the conversation with Liam went, which was bad, and I just wanted to talk to her, like we used to, ever since we were kids. But she had decided to ignore me completely, she had not even visualized it. I frowned and I’ll decide whether to send her another message or let her answer me when she could. Maybe she was online just to answer her father, but she was actually busy, maybe she was fixing her things after the return, after all, she had only come back yesterday and I was sure that she still had to fix everything. Emma was the queen of chaos, and al
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Chapter 7
MilesLiam and I walked into our usual bar, saying goodbye to some people we knew, we all went to the same college.I went over to the counter and ordered a beer for myself and one for Liam who sat next to me, looking at the dance floor and elbows on the counter.I sat down, turning my back on the track while I was waiting for my beer. I saw Liam looking around, looking for something, or someone. I knew exactly who he was looking for.The dark beauty who stole his heart, or rather his cock. I knew full well that Liam thought he was in love, but he really wasn’t. He had only had one love in his life, and that love was still there, even though he believed he was gone. But it wasn’t, I knew it. He believes it because for a year he did not see my sister, he was convinced that he had forgotten her, but now that she was back, it would take a while before getting lost again behind her.I was just hoping my twin would
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