Babysitting His Baby

Babysitting His Baby

By:  Meenah  Completed
Language: English
296 ratings
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The story of a young woman named Melissa Brooks who has been through enough problems in her life to last her a lifetime. She applies for a job as a personal assistant but she was offered a job as nanny to the billionaire’s daughter instead. Javier Edwards was in desperate need of a nanny for his nine month old daughter, Lucy who has proven to be a handful. Fortunately for him Melissa happened to be there when his daughter was throwing one of her tantrums and she was able to calm her down when nobody else was able to. He made her an offer he knew she wouldn’t be able to refuse.What happens when they start having uncontrollable desires and feelings for each other? Will Javier be able to look past all her flaws and past?Trigger Warning: This story contains abuse.

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Abisinuola Odu
good writing and amazing characters. I like it
2024-02-20 02:31:00
user avatar
latasha Williams
really like this book I wish it was a part two
2023-09-22 00:57:30
user avatar
Queen Harvey
Good story and great read
2023-04-11 12:31:36
user avatar
Joule's World
Wonderful book. It's a reflection of serious trauma that people go through in real life and overcome with love. Well-written book Meenah! You should, however give warning in chapters where abuse comes up.
2023-02-06 12:53:44
default avatar
Very, very very fabulous
2022-07-21 21:43:56
default avatar
Educative, entertaining, inspiring, touching Expository
2022-07-21 01:50:53
user avatar
Zalun Anna
I do luv this story...........
2022-07-19 00:23:10
user avatar
Hello everyone, Thank you so much for reading my book. If you enjoyed this one then please check out my new book ‘It all started with a cookie’. I update new chapters everyday. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Thank you ...️
2022-05-01 12:50:18
user avatar
Truly enjoyed reading this book.Few things I feel should have been included was how come Mellisa's father suddenly have a change of heart and started liking his daughter and went to an extent of crumbling down Anthony's business??A little bit more about Jojo twins.Felt the ending was a little rushed
2022-04-18 07:51:38
default avatar
This book is awesome
2022-03-23 11:15:00
default avatar
i enjoyed the book. it was uncomfortable on the abuse part, I would suggest PLEASE put trigger warning on each chapter if any. especially what is happening. kindly EDIT.
2022-02-26 16:12:52
user avatar
Dikeledi McKay
Yeah, she deserves a happy ending. Melissa had it rough but at the end it all worked out for her, two beautiful babies and a wonderful man for a husband, not forgetting her other baby, Molly.
2022-02-04 22:02:16
user avatar
Lumina Summers
the worst thing about this novel is (95%) of this story is the fl and ml talking with themselves in their minds I hate this not enjoying it so confusing they start talking to themselves anytime so lame
2022-01-08 04:10:22
user avatar
Christy Love's-Tim Melvin
I really enjoyed reading this book and I can’t wait for another one thank you for writing this book
2022-01-05 13:28:08
user avatar
Tithe Chi Daniel
well am enjoying it so far
2021-12-21 19:18:32
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52 Chapters
You can do this, Melissa. Just get in the damn building and get it over with. I am standing outside Edwards’ Enterprise, and I have been trying to get myself to just go in there and get this interview over with. I don’t understand why I am so nervous. I mean, it is just an interview, right? 
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Chapter 1
Have I mentioned how adorable this baby is? If I haven’t, I am going to repeat it. She is so friggin adorable that I never want to let her go. Her mother must be so proud to have her. She must be thrilled to have this cutie as her baby. Looking at her now makes me remember something I never want to remember again. 
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Chapter 4
Melissa’s POV   
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Chapter 9
Melissa’s POV  I was brushing my hair when Lucy
Read more Protection Status