In Love with a Devil
In Love with a Devil
Author: Ray

First Encounter

The school bell rang and the children ran out of the school. Lily Evan carried her bag on her back and came out of the class. She looked at the watch. "4 p.m. I've two hours to reach the home," murmured Lily when a hand hung around her shoulder. 

"What are you murmuring?," asked Elly who is best friend of Lily and they started walking in the lobby. Lily turned to look at her and with a broad smile on her lips she said, "Let's go and eat our favourite ice cream." Lily said excitedly. 

Elly agreed with her and they both ran out from there. "Ahh the math lecture took out my soul. Nothing was going inside my head. I'm going to tuition also but I don't think I can pass this class. What will happen when I grow up?" Elly worriedly said and rubbed her hands. 

"Aish….we are in sophomore year. Don't worry so much. I can help you if you want to." Lily offered her help. "No it's fine. I don't feel like studying that subject," murmured Elly. They both got into a bus and after 30 minutes reached the ice cream shop.

Ordering their favourite choco chips ice cream they both started talking about other things. "Did you watch that ongoing series on vampire?," asked Elly excitedly. 

"I don't watch shows. I only watch news," said Lily.

"You should watch that. Kaven, the hero is so good looking. I wish I could get to meet a vampire." Elly said joining her both hands and then sighed. 

Lily shook her head in disbelief. "Vampires don't exist. So, Elly, give up on your dream of meeting a vampire." Lily stated when the waiter came with ice cream bowls in the tray. He put the bowls on the table and told them to enjoy it. Lily thanked him and both girls started eating. 

"Lily, I've been asked out by Arnold yesterday," said Elly and giggled. "That's good. But beware of the guys. We are kids so let's focus on our studies for now," murmured Lily.

"Lily you are so innocent. You don't give a single glance to any of the boys. Why so?," asked Elly. Lily put the spoon inside the bowl and then said, "Elly, it's only an infatuation. I mean we are on a growing stage so it feels like good but it isn't. I've to become a journalist soon and then I'll meet the top journalist of Scotland." Said Lily and giggled.

"Your aims are always high," muttered Elly.

"Yes. Because I'm an ambitious girl. One day you'll see me reporting with him on the 9 o'clock show." Lily told Elly and put the spoonful ice cream in her mouth. They both talked for a while after finishing the ice cream and then left from there.

Both girls were frisking on the roadside pavement when Lily hit a boy in front of her. "Ahh, sorry! My mistake." Lily apologized and stepped ahead with Elly when the boy grabbed her school bag and pulled her back.

"Ahh," screamed Lily in a low voice. 

"Leave me." Muttered Lily. The boy was none other than Adam, the most notorious boy in the school. 

"How dare you hit me?," asked Adam in a groaned voice. Lily looked at him in disbelief and said, "I said that it was a mistake. It's not a big issue. Now leave me else…" 

Jack cut her words who is the friend of Adam. "Else what?" Asked Jack grumbly. Elly came forward and said, "forgive us. This won't happen ever again." Pleaded Elly and thought that way they wouldn't be hurt. 

Adam started laughing and his few other friends joined him. "So you want it this way," Lily stated and smirked. The next second she kicked at Adam's leg and grabbed Elly's hand, making her stand behind her.

"Lily," whispered Elly. 

"Don't worry. I learnt Judo...How could you forget?," grumbled Lily and hit Jack's shoulder. Adam tried hitting her but she held his arm tightly and in a second she back flipped him. "Ahhh," Adam groaned in pain. 

Lily took the chance and grabbed Elly's hand. The both girls run from there. "Catch those damn girls," shouted Adam and got up from the ground, holding his back. 

Lily and Elly reached the bus stop. She told Elly to get inside quickly. "You're not coming?," asked Elly with a concerned look. 

Lily looked at her left and said, "I can't. My phone fell back. Don't worry, get in," said Lily.

"I'll come too," murmured Elly.

"No, Go home. Soon night will fall," muttered Lily and pushed Elly inside the bus. Before Elly could ran after her the door of the bus got closed and the bus moved away from there.

After that she ran back and found her phone on the ground. She picked it up and was ready to run when she saw Jack was almost near to her. Still she tried running. The street was empty so no one actually saw them. Jack and Damien were behind her when she turned to the main road. 

Jack was inches away from her but her legs were giving up. She carried herself forward when Jack grabbed her by the bag on her back. She took off it when Damien pushed her. Since they were on the main road and many vehicles were running there. 

Because of the push, Lily's feet stumbled and she fell on the road. "What did you do?," shouted Jack at Damien. The people there shouted as a huge giant truck came towards Lily's direction. She got up from the road and was glued to her place. 

The driver of the truck tried applying brakes but it was too late. The other vehicles from the other side stopped as they knew it was going to be a big accident. Lily covered her eyes from her palms as she knew this was the end. 

Suddenly she felt an arm around her. The shouts of people stopped and she opened her eyes thinking she's dead but no, she wasn't. A guy who was quite older than her, with shiny golden hair embraced her tightly and the next second he put his hand on the truck. The truck slightly rose up from behind. 

The frictional sounds could be heard but for Lily those sounds were nothing because she was looking at the guy who was holding her.

The truck immediately stopped with a huge blow but Lily was only looking at the guy who just saved her. Her heart beats stopped and she forgot to take breaths when the guy turned his face towards her. She was immersed in his green eyes but soon she blacked out. 

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