In Loving You

In Loving You

By:  Selene Souchon  Completed
Language: English
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Warren Laurent and Bella Price were high school sweethearts. Eventually, they got married for 2 years. Everything was perfect except that they had been wanting to have a baby. The moment that they were given the chance, a painstaking betrayal ruined their relationship and their perfect love story came crashing down. What if the cause of their divorce were lies, not betrayal? Will they see the truth and give each other a chance? Will it be too late to do so? Are years of relationship really worth nothing and could be easily forget by a simple mistake? Discover the heartwarming feeling of true love. Experience the bitter and painstaking feeling of betrayal. This book makes you feel like you were riding a roller coaster filled with different kinds of emotion as you read how Bella Price struggled in loving Warren.

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Authouress preshy
your book of wonderful dear ... keep it up ...
2021-09-25 10:46:18
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Christiana Cherry
nice starting.
2021-09-15 00:39:45
108 Chapters
Chapter 1
It's been two years since I married Warren. As time passes by our feelings for each other deepens. Warren is still the same as before we got married, he is sweet, charming, and humble. He is the man of my dreams and more than anyone could ask for. I am so blessed to have him. Although, he always insists that he is more blessed for having me.We have known each other since we were in high school. He’s a jock, I'm a nerd. It’s a typical love story like how you watch it in the movies or read in romance novels.I still clearly remember the day we first met. I was sitting at the school’s basketball court beside Ivy, who was my best friend up until now. Ivy had a crush on him and the reason why I was there with her was because Ivy dragged me across the campus so that she won’t look like a crazy stalker watching Warren practice playing basketball by herself.Warren is famous because he is rich, handsome, and kind. He’s a part of the basketball v
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Chapter 2
It's been a week and Warren seems to be ignoring me intentionally. He would answer my questions with a few words like he doesn't want to talk to me. He keeps avoiding long conversations with me and I'm starting to get worried. I always asked him what's going on and he always say that he’s just tired.He wasn't like that. He would always tell me everything that concerns him through dinner, but now he’s trying to close himself away from me. I am starting to get worried that sometimes I even think that maybe he's seeing someone.Warren is handsome and rich. Even if he’s married, I doubt that girls would mind that. What if a beautiful woman that is rich as him who had curves in the right places that meets every man’s dreams approaches him?I’m not special even if I caught his eye and he fell in love with me. I’m plain and boring. I’m from a middle class family in the society. I don’t even have blonde hair and blue eyes that
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Chapter 3
We ate silently, not talking to much and just savoring the food. The same hour after we ate our dinner, we flew to France using our private plane.I really didn’t like the whole idea of traveling into a different country without any notice. His parents might get mad at him and it might also jeopardize his company. Even though I tried to insist that we must stay, I wasn’t able to convince. I’m a stubborn person, but he’s much stubborn.We slept in the whole ride and rested a bit in our vacation house that we bought a year later after our honeymoon. Warren saw how much I enjoyed it here and he thought that the house would be a good investment.He’s right, we often travelled here during vacations and even during surprise visits. We like this place so much that maybe we could also grow old here. Just him and me. Our children would stay on where the company is and visit us during vacations with their own sons and daughters with them.I ne
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Chapter 4
We just arrived last night. Everything happened so fast and now I am back here again. We were gone for a month but it feels like we were only gone for a week.Warren is still beside me snoring softly. He always wakes up first before I do, but he’s too tired at our trip that he didn’t even noticed me getting up from bed. He would surely be surprised when he saw me awake.I yawned and got up to drink a glass of water and take a bath. We were so tired last night that we didn’t have the energy to change our clothes and went directly to bed.After doing my morning routine, Warren is still asleep. I went towards him and peered at his peaceful face. He still looks manly, but adorable at the same time when he’s sleeping.I went to the living room and took my phone that I left on the couch. The maids didn’t even thought of moving it to a different place.I turned on my phone which I found out was fully drained so I charged it up to open
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Chapter 5
The house is far from Warren’s company. We live in a secluded village far from the city, away from the pollution and the crowd, while the company is located at the main city where all busy people and the towering buildings are.The city is nice. You could not see any trash in the street even if people were everywhere. There were buildings, malls, restaurants and other things that our generation could offer. The best time to go there is at night where you could admire the lights in every building that were lit up to shine in the darkness. It’s like the place never sleeps.Despite all those, I still liked that Warren chose to build our house away from the city. We live on top of a hill where you could see the great view of the city at night. We were also surrounded by nature just like trees and small parks where children in the village play at afternoon.Because the place weren’t filled with too many people, we all know each other and it was easy to be
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Chapter 6
After spending a few hours in Warren's office I went to the cafe that I and Ivy agreed to meet. I already saw Ivy sitting in there waiting for me.I opened the door and was welcomed with an awful scent coming from the inside so I hurriedly closed it. Luckily, Ivy immediately saw me from the glass doors and went towards me."What's wrong?" She asked me worriedly."The smell inside is so awful, " I told her as I scrunch my nose. I feel nauseous because of the smell."It just smells like coffee inside. I thought you like cafes because you love the aroma of coffee?!” She asked, but I ignored her because I’m not feeling well. “Whatever, where do you like to go?" She asked me instead."I'm craving fries and ice cream," I told her like a child."I know the exact place where we can eat." Ivy pulled me and until we reached a fast-food chain.We went inside it to eat. I ordered fries, and float while she ordered a cheeseburger. Ivy is rich
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Chapter 7
I fluttered my eyes open but I can’t see anything clearly. My head is covered with a black cloth but I can make up two guys that were standing in front of me because of the light coming above us. They were whispering to each other, I think. I tried to move my limbs but I feel weak and sleepy. I think my arms and legs were tied. I looked at my side and saw someone whose legs and arms were tied on a chair and his head is also covered with a black cloth. He seems to be still asleep. I closed my eyes shut trying to fight off my sleepiness and focus on the things happening around me but it didn’t last long. I soon fell into a deep sleep**************I groaned and touched my head. My head hurts and I hear ringing in my ears. I fluttered my eyes open and blinked many times before realizing who was beside me. Instead of seeing Warren, I saw a different man. My eyes went wide and I jumped of the bed.Where am I? I looked around me to search for clues on where I a
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Chapter 8
I arrived home and I saw all of our maids outside the gate crying with their bags, "What happened?" I asked them."Ma'am please I can't afford to lose my job. I'm the only breadwinner of our family," Tonia pleaded."Why? What happened?" I asked again"Mr. Warren fired all of us. He just came home mad and started shouting at us," Jennie sniffed.I walked past through them and went inside our house. Everything was a mess. The couch is upside down, our lamp is lying on the floor already broken. A lot of broken glass are scattered across the floor. Warren continued to throw all of our things in the living room making me shriek because of fear."Warren! Please stop, please! Just let me explain!" I went towards him and hugged him, trying to calm him down.He breathed heavily and slowly tears flowed from his eyes. He tried to wipe them away and hid his face away from me. He keeps on removing my arms from his body. I also started to cry at his sight. I have nev
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Chapter 9
“Bella are you alright?” Tonia asked when she noticed me winced.“I just got a scratch. I’ll take care of it.” I smiled.I went to our bedroom and locked myself in there with the first aid kit. I did the same things he did to my wound. First, I blew it, cleansed it, wrapped it with a bandage, and kissed it a lot of times. My eyes welled up with tears again.'Come on, stop crying. You just cried. Stop it!' I told myself internally trying to keep my tears from falling. We were still married. Why do I cry like I already lost him? I wanted to lie and curl myself on my bed and cry my eyes out but I still have many things that I have to do.We finished cleaning everything at noon. If they weren’t with me I could have done all of this by midnight. They were so nice that they even cooked me dinner before they left. I wasn’t planning to eat. I don’t have the appetite for it but I feel bad wasting their effort so I ate it the
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Chapter 10
She's right, Warren would be happy about the news. I remembered the small talk we had about children in France. He also wanted to become a father. Maybe this would fix our relationship."Good!" She responded in a bossy manner and laughed, "I'll take care of everything just don't forget to choose me as his or her or their Godmother," she commanded again.She's a bossy person, but no one can defeat Warren's bossiness especially in his company. He inherited it from his father. He's father is kinder than her mother even though both of them never treated me nicely."Of course. Thank you!""Don't thank me it comes for a price." I chuckled at her last words and closed the door.I left the hospital and ate at the fast-food chain that I last ate with Ivy. I ordered the same thing every lunch for a week, float and fries. The two tastes good together. Now I know why I hated the smell of coffee and why I started to crave for weird things.After eating, I went to Iv
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