The Exclusive Sxx Worker

The Exclusive Sxx Worker

By:  Blessing D writes  Completed
Language: English
10 ratings
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Amanda worked for money as a sxx worker in one of the biggest sxx club until she met a VIP, who turned out to be a charming prince and also her old friend.

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Enjoyed the story.
2023-04-05 11:47:13
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leanne laws
great read
2022-08-21 12:46:12
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Zeeshan Ali
x** friend
2021-10-20 02:18:01
default avatar
Thanks author for this amazing book. I couldn't just leave. I needed to comment.
2021-08-18 01:44:04
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Mary Jane
I love this book. Thanks author
2021-08-08 19:47:33
user avatar
Linda Passmore
life can change in a moment good story
2021-05-13 09:13:49
user avatar
Blessing D writes
Perfect, intriguing and nice work. you'll be shocked.
2021-05-01 20:57:06
user avatar
Jovie Fe Apangdan
the story is nice
2021-03-22 05:30:31
user avatar
Gloria Nkrumah
really loved it. I recommend this book it is very interesting
2021-03-18 01:25:12
user avatar
Ifeyinwa Celestina
it's nice but buying of coin isn't easy though
2021-03-17 00:03:23
56 Chapters
Chapter 1
[Exclusively His) (Mama Cassy's club)                 Writer's POV  The last teacher for the day walked out of the class, immediately the students started packing up.   Pink, packed her notes into her bag with a grumpy look on, a look she plastered on all day. Hung her bag across her shoulder, she went out from the class to the hallway.   Tess went after her, she has noticed her dull face and has made up her mind to talk to Pink after class.   She ran after Pink and met up with her on the hallway.    "Pink" she touched her shoulder.   "Yeah" Pink replied her so grumpily not stopping to spare her a glance.   "Pink, what is it? You have been so dull. Why are you like this?" Tess asked following Pink out from the school hallway and into the school field.  
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Chapter 2
  [Exclusively His] (Wads of money)              Writer's POV  Pink got a call from the cops after working her last part time job. She rushed to the police station immediately.    She bailed out Derek who was busy glaring at his classmates.   "Why did you get into a fight, Derek?" Pink questioned in annoyance.   Derek didn't reply her, he started going out from the police station.   Kelvin who has also been bailed out by his elder sister followed them outside.   "Derek?" Pink called again.   "Come on, Derek, your pretty sister is calling you" Kelvin said making Derek turn to look at him.   "You know I don't mind getting into a fight with you here, Kelvin, if I hear one more word from you about my sister, then I'm gonna deal with you" Derek threatened
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Chapter 3
  [Exclusively His] (First training)               Writer's POV  Pink got home later that day from her part time jobs, she is gonna quit three of her part time jobs after the month runs out and see if the nature of her new job will allow her continue with just one.    She had also branched to the building owner's office to pay up her debts. And she also shopped for groceries.    She went straight to the kitchen when she couldn't find Derek to prepare dinner. She hummed to her favorite song playing from the stereo box as she prepared dinner.   Few minutes to finish, she heard the door opening and closing, she figured out that it was Derek so she left the kitchen and rushed to the door but saw Tess alongside Derek.   "Tess?" Pink called, surprised. Although they all live in the same building, Tess has never v
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Chapter 4
THE EXCLUSIVE SEX WORKER (Acting weird)              Writer's POV  Pink felt so ashamed and mouth sealed when all eyes roamed her body.   "Are you still a virgin?" Kara suddenly asked her.   Pink didn't reply immediately but later mumbled a 'no.'   "So, who deflowered you?" Kara asked, her eyes roaming her body.   " was my first boyfriend, back in highschool. But I already ended things with him a long time ago,we only did it once" Pink explained.   "That means you're still as tight. Doing it once doesn't really change things. You need to loosen up a bit" kara said walking to a table there. She picked up a sëx toy and went back to Pink.   "Have it, pleasure yourself till you release up to thrice at most" Kara said handing it to Pink.   Pink collected it and kept
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Chapter 5
THE EXCLUSIVE SEX WORKER (Price)           Writer's POV  "Make love to me, I've been dying for a touch from you" she whispered.   Derek took a step back making her hand fall off his body.   "What??" He half yelled.   "If you really wanna know what she is doing, what she has been up to, Derek. I'll tell you because sooner or later you might regret finding out late" Tess said with a devilish smile on.   "But..." Derek whispered.   "I can't do what you asked, change the condition" Derek groaned lowly eyeing her.   "Why can't you?" Tess asked.   "Because, I have a girlfriend, I can't cheat on her" Derek replied him.   "Is your girlfriend more important to you then your sister. If yes, I'll take my leave now" Tess said fuming inwardly, at the knowledge that he a
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Chapter 6
  THE EXCLUSIVE           SÊX WORKER [Exclusively His].. (Anger, Pain)              Writer's POV Pink's eyes flushed open, she turned to look at the person holding her. She gasped on recognizing the man's face. He was the one that paid the highest amount of money last night and he had taken her away to a hotel. She slowly removed the man's hold on her body, then jumped out from the bed. She started putting on her clothes, quickly but quietly. After that, she picked up the small purse which contained her phone, she was able to pick it with her. Her eyes widened on seeing the time. 5:30 in the morning. "Oh shit! Shit shit!" She cussed lowly. She made for the door but stopped to look at the man who she had her fi
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Chapter 7
 THE EXCLUSIVE            SEX WORKER [Exclusively His] ..(Mr Reagan)        Writer's POV It's been a week now, a week since Derek left the apartment to stay with his friend.Pink has been staying alone in agony ever since, she heard that Tess just got home from the hospital yesterday night but she doesn't care. It's also been a rough week for her at the club house, as she always goes there every night to return the next morning - exhausted. Now, today is Saturday, a day the club gets more fuller. More lively, a lot of important wealthy men show up at the club on Saturdays. Mama Cassy had told her to come earlier than usual, so they could take their time in dressing her up. Pink has been the girl of the club ever since she started.So many
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Chapter 8
THE EXCLUSIVE                SEX WORKER [Exclusively His]..(Oral sêx)        Writer's POV  Immediately, he turned back and started leaving the clubhouse.Pink stood there not willing to move an inch. Most of the girls there turned to look at her, some felt disappointed,some just glared hard at her.Pink saw Veronica angrily storming out, back to the makeup room."You should go" a familiar voice said from behind. Pink recognized the voice to be that of Tess's."You are lucky you got picked by him. That prince is a rare gem, a lot of the girls here joined the club just for him, just to see if they could have a chance with him. You are really lucky, I repeat" Tess kept saying.Pink angrily turned to look at her."Back off, Tess" Pink said throu
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Chapter 9
 THE EXCLUSIVE           SEX WORKER [Exclusively His] ..(Pleasuring him)         Writer's POV Pink watched as Reagan found his way to the bathroom built inside the room.She gulped down the saliva that formed in her mouth. She is going to be taking him with her mouth, pleasuring him with her mouth.She drank up the water there, then stood up. Her palms started getting sweaty.Looks like she hasn't really gotten used to used to her job as a sêx worker.She walked slowly to the bed then sat down, waiting for him to finally come.She doesn't really know how things work around him. Mama Cassy had said that he has a different pattern.After the long wait, the bathroom door opened. He walked out only on short, a white towel with him in which he
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Chapter 10
THE EXCLUSIVE             SEX WORKER [Exclusively His] ..(Pleading)        Writer's POV Pink watched as Reagan took a pack of cigarettes, lit one, then started walking out, to the corridor she doesn't know exit.Immediately he was out, she rushed into the bathroom, had her bath, then put on her dress.She came out from the bathroom, dresses her hair then made sure she was okay to leave. But she had one fear in her, will he allow her leave?She doesn't know but she wanted to leave there. She can always come back once he request for her.She started approaching the corridor, she felt wind blow her hair up as she got closer to him.Her hand slowly opened the glass doors there, she stepped out to him.He turned slightly to look at her, the smell of the c
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