Is It Love? I: The Princess and the Hunter

Is It Love? I: The Princess and the Hunter

By:  Miss_Enitsaaaj  Completed
Language: English
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Rampage Kirk Boeneville, is a ruthless assassin and monarch-slayer hidden in the identity of the surname 'Berlouz'. He seeks revenge after the death of his beloved grandparents and mother who was bearing his sibling. He spent his life following the orders of his menace father, the embodiment of Satan. He was his father's favorite and his heir, but he loathes him because he was nothing but just his mere puppet. He then met Agape whom she said even a devil deserves to be loved and that she was even willing to love one for she wants someone like Hades. It gave him hope, he grew up in need of love, affection, and care. Alentis Agape Stravos, or also known as Agape Clive, flew off from Greece to the Philippines to distance herself from her strict father. She was the sweetest and the kindest, but touch her cake and you will meet the worst. She seeks true love that she never felt for years since the death of her mother. She met Rampage by accident, mistaken him as a PWD. She has the softest heart and cries easily over little things. And innocent. "We were just friends," they said to them. But with benefits.

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baguss baget cerita nya wowww :)
2021-07-31 16:30:34
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Angela Minggia
Great read....all 5 stars.
2020-08-17 21:26:22
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Michael Shelby
Awesome book u have going here. I love it ???
2020-07-01 08:45:36
125 Chapters
Chapter 1-A
"Welcome to Philippines, Miss Al---I mean, Miss Agape. May you like staying here." The chauffeur greeted with so much respect as he bowed 90° to the woman in front of him after he waited for hours in NAIA Gate 3 airport.Her stiletto made sounds with the fine tiles as the woman walks towards her chauffeur. She stopped right after him and removed her shades. She smiled widely and scanned the whole place. The airport was crowded and boisterous. This was the very first time she set foot in the world's second-largest archipelago, rich in natural resources, the country of paradise for her, the Philippines. This may be her first time, but she knew many things already about the said country. The house cleaners who raised her are Filipinas. Their stories made her want to see it right before her eyes. She desperately wanted to be here, and it happened.
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Chapter 1-B
*** CONTINUATION ***  @Academy of Elites  "This is the most well-known and prestigious school here in Manila, Miss Agape. Some of the students here are actors and actresses. And some are sons and daughters of a well-known (or) wealthy families. The securities here are tough and tight so it's safe. On a scale of one to ten, I'll give a ten." Manong Tinyong introduced. Agape was busy looking at the surroundings.  She was a late enrollee. She could notice the student's stares at her. Some are raising their eyebrows towards her as they scan her, buzzes of whispers and criticism. She felt ashamed but she shoved it aside and followed the directions that Manong Tinyong says. 
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Agape's POV "Good morning po, Miss Agape. I am Tinyong's wife." (Po and Opo - are words used to show respect.) 
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*** CONTINUATION *** Rossweisse Valkovich's POV "Ugh, STEM is frustratingggggg~" I groaned in frustration because of these freaking formulas. What's it's connection to photography!? Is trigonometry needed for photography? What about history? Sciences? THIS MAKES ME CRAZY! "Do you need help?" My angel friend asked. No other than
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*** CONTINUATION *** "N-No more cake? Why? Why didn't they reserve some for me? Why is this happening? No! I want a cake! Please give me a cake!! Why are you doing this to me?" "Bestie, it's okay. It's normal here. Sold outs. Better luck next time, okay? Hush. It's okay." I comforted Agape who's now whining for the loss of all the cakes. She was crying her heart out. Everyone's a heavy eater. Nothing to expect if it'll be out of stocks. 
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Agape's POV"Cakeu, are you sure you're not a PWD? You know, if you sit too much, your bones will be brittle. You should try to move more or take some walks and light exercises to warm you up." I said to Cakeu who's napping."I'm fine. Phoenix and Vaspe do it for me." He answered. Aww, the two must be really love him. They stayed by his side despite of his overf
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*** CONTINUATION *** "Hey, want to go in my place tonight? I want to throw a party and you're the only ones who are invited since you're the guys I know yet. Hehehehehehe." "REALLY!? DO YOU HAVE GREEK WINES!?" Rossweisse and Phoenix exclaimed in chorus. I blinked.
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Rossweisse Valkovich"Aaaaah~ This is the best wine EVER!" I chirped in so much satisfaction and gulped it straightly, bottom's up. And hell, I hereby announce that Greece is the land of wines!"Woooh! The best!" Toasted Bird, and serve another shot and drink. He's so noisy! He's already tipsy that's why.
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*** CONTINUATION ***  "I choose Pygmalion and Galatea," we nodded and listened to her, "Pygmalion is a sculptor and he hated women. For him, they didn't worth his time, and they didn't deserved to be wasted time of. He then made Galatea out of ivory. Galatea is prettier than any breathing women. And he fell in love in his own sculpted work. So, Aphrodite rewarded him after his sacrifice to her and brought Galatea to life. And they had a son which became one of the goddess's sacred cities, Paphos." She sighed, "I was just fascinated by th
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*** CONTINUATION *** "A simple and decent man with respect. That's all. I won't ask for more. For me, it will be a blessing. Especially if he's a daks. Wieee!""Pervert." They commented with glaring eyes. Well, except for Baby Agape who's supporting me. Hmmmp. I love Agape so much! 
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