It's Just you and  me

It's Just you and me

By:  vaishali __  Ongoing
Language: English
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Two people who were pushed away from society during childhood as they belong to lgbtq community .. facing societal issue of acceptance they meet up and decide to stay together , let's see how good their child shall be , who was found in the corner of the road in a basket ... or the couple had to give away their child to an orphanage . will the child ever be able to love a girl , the girl who he thinks that she's the reason for his parent's death ?

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35 Chapters
Chapter-1 Acceptance
People chattering ---- He cannot live in this society …please Mr. either your entire family leaves or let alone your child , we cannot accept him for what he is , he’ll be a bad impression to our children .. Father- please sir .. he’s my child I cannot disown my own ..and I work here , I don’t have any one outside this town .. please I beg you .. I’ll keep my child out of sight of people.. [ the child hiding behind the walls inside the  house , gazing and hearing … ] Dear father ,       I am your child Rickz and always be yours, but I have to leave, please dad don’t search for me .. I don’t have a place here  I simply cannot accept and hear your insult …please  tell mama that her child will be safe , I’ll be calling you and be in touch .. from now on my education , my expenditure will be all on me .. I’ll learn to handle it .. just don’t stress , once I am settled I shall call you about my where abouts .
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Chapter -2 Wandering all around
Excuse me Mr. can I sit here please … Vickii- I was wearing mask , no I was not hiding but I have dust allergy , then a boy came …oh wait I guess he’s .well do I care ? I just replied – Yes yes please … Well this child was deeply hurt .. I could see that , I could help to ask .. ahem ahem Rickz- yes , you … Vickii—ahem .. y-yes , umm well can I ask you .. are you all alone here? I mean to say .. that you are too young and got down and no one is there nearby .. Rickz- umm .. I -I came all  alone .. well thankyou for asking me , can you tell me ..which bus goes to mainland city , umm can you please help me … Vickii- listen child … well first of all you are too young and secondly .. you are new and third you want to live in this new city all alone ? how ridiculous and stupid !!! Rickz- I know but I have no option of returning back .. I guess you know why! And I am sorry for disturbing you ..for my earnings I have to w
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Chapter -3 lets go
Rickz starts crying .. after all he had not faced this ..the harsh outside world . Vickii- its its ok .. hey buddy ..where are you going now ..i suppose you wandering no where.. Rickz- climbing the bus to way no where .. hmm you are right . I just want to go far away from here … Vickii – well will you come with me ? umm I have faced all of this and I don’t want you to face .. Rickz, ”What ? , well i met you just now !! you hear me ? , well why me?” Vickii- Ok ok wait … I’ll answer your all questions one by one !!!, well you also belong to my community ..and.. Rickz- And ? answer me , well one more question – why you want to help me ? till now except my parents no one was on my side ?? huh .. I doubt you … Vickii- listen kid .. you are all alone , new to the city .. how can you sure that people are accepting here .. just a mask .. well yeah it better than the place where you left I guess , but no drastic change .. and I work for
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Chapter – 4 “ Mr. Billionaire”
Hey , listen sis  .. he is coming , I need your help , don’t let any girl to talk or touch him , well please tell me how am I looking .. Well Yolanda , you look stunning , don’t worry , your sis Is always here ..Ash be flat seeing you today Yolanda- Thankyou sis .. Yolanda- hey , sorry for late intro, I am Miss beautiful , Yolanda .. well I am a model , and also own some shares of Ash’s company . I saw him once in a party  and I was just flat seeing him … oh god , well he is coming today ..and I would ask him to for date tonight , well he ditched me last time .. but I’ll try once again coz today I look dripping hot !!! Ash – make sure the security is tight  Edward , and yeah give these documents to Lexi … Edward (P.A )- Ok sir , sir you have a meeting today evening at 4.30 .. Ash – ok , remind me 1 hour before once again .. huh, today I am feeling weird , I don’t know what’s happening !!! Edward – Sir , p
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Chapter- 5 “ After party”
Ash , we are leaving .. see Vickii started to doze of a but huhh , so I need to take care of him … Ok fine .. call me once you guys reach home , bye my baby ash .. Yolanda ,” thank god they left , sis I guess its time for me to talk to my boy in my way huh” Yolanda just be careful .. you know right how’s Ash’s behaviour been changing from soft and tender to rude!! .. Fine sister .. so see you later … Ash ,”Mom and dad .. I guess you  should leave now … it’s already been so late” .. it’ll take some time for me.. I have to talk to some of my investors you need not wait for us .. John ,” I guess Ash is right sweetie , Vickii and Rickz have left just now … and yeah even Yolanda needs some private time with Ash isn’t isn’t” Rose , “ oh please don’t even utter that girl’s name here .. I just can’t handle her” Ash , “ Just ignore her mom, she’s just testing my patience level .. I’d better ignore her ..huhhh” well I h
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Chapter – 6 “ Help me please!!”
I am sorry sir , here your car keys Don’t be , not your mistake ..well did you bring the other car , well I am driving all alone tonight. Yes sir , sir Ma’am has told to tell you “ please call her asap once you reach home” Ok fine .. Car engine starts , Ash drove away .. Yolanda , “ Ash .. you can’t run away from me ..damn” Edward , Listen .. make sure this ma’am doesn’t follow sir .. or else I’ll sue you Ash , “ calling Vickii .. Hey Vickii .. have you reached can’t you call me once .. I got tensed ..” Baby Ash ..we reached home , and I apologise .. we were just to tired , well I suppose you are driving .. be safe and reach home dear Ok bye Ash just increases the speed and “ here we go my sports car” Woah .. its amazing driving all alone , stress free , girl free .. Hey , who’s there .. move you moron .. Continues honking the car… Aaahh … Car stopp
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chapter – 7 “ Scared ”
Yes Ma’am , but he’s in a hurry … mostly frustrated ,   Umm I expected that , well I have to apologise   Opens the door ----------------- Elena ,   “ Nurse , please take of the syringe .. and give me the updates to this patient ,”   Hey Elli , are you leaving me promised me that you shall play with me ..   Come , lets play some board games …   Elena , “ Sorry Avi , but I need to go on check for other patients .. well I   No , You promised me !!   Avi , I promise ..ok   Ash , “ uhh .. what a morning I got , urrgh ..   Calling Mom -----   Rose , Hey baby .. where were you , I told you to call  me !!   Mom ! , there is no time to talk .. I coming home .. can you please make my breakfast now …   Please hurry
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chapter -8 “Optimistic”
Ash , “ Hey Mom good morning .. I am really sorry , i came here hurriedly .. well I –a---- well is my breakfast ready ?   Yes , my baby boy ….   Well , rickzz shall be coming to office , so make sure you have lunch with her and ---   And I know , not to be too indulged in my office work and try taking 4 to 5 minutes nap … I know mom—     At office ---------------   Ash ,   Edward  have you found out about that doctor …well least I want her apology … well thanks to the other doctor who handled her .. but that doesn’t mean I just simply forgive her for what she did ------   Update me asap …   Vickii calling ,   Hello Ash , how are you child ?   I am fine god father , whatsup , you called  morning in office hours …   Oh oh sorry child ,
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chapter- 9 “Friends and party(1)”
At club ---   Hailey !!!! I am waiting for you girl …   Well I am just coming --- count upto 10 ..i’ll be there   Ash , “ Edward how’s the plan going … I prefer o mistakes ..”   All good sir … just go with the flow ---   Elena , “ call krystal ..she was like she’s gone introduce to someone special .. even she’s coming here tonight”   Uhh you know who’s that some one special gone be .. well I guess we should go in and wait – I don’t wanna be late darling   Ash , “ calling  Hey ass .. where the hell are you ----last time I checked 7ou were in Indiana …well well   Now this sudden party huh – I am coming … We need to do some catch up -----   Elena , “ Hailey …. Come na, see there are a lot of hot boys to catch up .. see right there –he seems cute isn’t it -----”  
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chapter- 10 “Friends and party(2)”
Fuck fuck fuck ….why the hell this happens to me?   Oh god .. I guess he know who I am … I could really see his smirk …   Krystal , “ gosh elena .. what happened why are your scared ?”   No no it’s just umm   Hailey , “oh god .. I was searching for you people .. where were you .. do you guys know I met one of the weirdest guy in this club …oh gosh---   Krystal and Elena were just looking at each others faces …   What ? why you guys are just looking at each other –   Elena , “ nothing Hailey darling .. come”   Ash ,” hmm this doctor is also here huh .. probably I should ask about that”   Hey ash what are thinking buddy , come let’s drink ….   Hhmmm yeah .. hey umm are those girls coming .. I mean its your night bro .. where is that john ,   Probably started
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