Last Drop Of Love

Last Drop Of Love

By:  Rose blaze  Completed
Language: English
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Triffany never expected her life will change after an unpleasant encounter with a stranger she never knew, this wasn't the life she dreamt of, force into a marriage she did not sign up for but will things really go well for her after getting married to a wealthy man who has no love for her.

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the story is good
2022-10-22 18:37:21
147 Chapters
Chapter 1
"Damn it."Triffany sat down at her room desk going through her laptop, with disappointment on her face."No hope this time?" Tanner her little brother who sat behind her asked her. Triffany shakes her head without looking at him. "What do you do now?" His little voice sounded soft."I'm confused too." She touches her forehead as she spins the chair around to look at him. Just then her mother came in with a glass of water and some vitamins."Triffany, here your vitamins," Laura said, paused and looked at her daughter's worried face. "Still the same news?""Yes, mom... I'm not going to gain any employment, ten applications yet no good news." Triffany gave out a heavy sigh.Don't worry you'll get one soon." Tanner comforted her."How long is that soon?" Triffany asked searching their eyes for an answer but they both kept silent. "I guess it would be long." She rests her head on the desk.Just then an email pop-up as Tanner pointe
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Chapter 2
Gabby Zack, Carlos junior sister sat down in the poolside of Carlos mansion with Carlos friends, wearing her bikini suit eating watermelon as they gist."So who's in for a hot female gist," Gabby asked as she sat up."Gabby we've heard a lot already." Eric one of Carlos friends told her. "And it's high time you start having female friends.""Hey!" Gabby raised her hand to silence him. "Pork your nose in your business. Female friends my butt, they are all backstabbers, I don't need any friends."We've also heard that countless times." Garret chipped in with a smile, he loves teasing her."Gabby they don't ruin your friendship, you do," Eric told her with a straight face."Eric, you've said that countless times too." Gabby sigh and relaxed on her sit."Girls are just tiring to talk to." Blake shakes his head."Blake are you indirectly saying something offensive to my ear." Gabby glare at him."With all due respect miss, I'
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Chapter 3
Glommaly estate.Carlos Zack arrived at the company and was guided through the hallway let to his office. His grandfather was waiting for him.Philip his chief assistant handed him a file. "Sir that's the total name of people who brought in their application." He told him as they enter the elevator."What about the once who placed for a position as a secretary?" He asked elegantly."Here." Philip hands him another file.Carlos looked at it. "Four people.""Yes sir.""Have you sent the disqualified emails already?" He asked in his deep voice."Yes sir."Carlos closed the file. "Bring me their resume, let me take a look.""Okay, sir I will."The elevator opened and they stepped out. Philip stopped at the office door.Carlos enters the office to see his father standing at the French window. "Chairman Zack." He greeted.Ethan Zack turned with a smile. "My son."They both sat down. "What bri
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Chapter 4
Hospital.Carlos Zack arrived at the hospital and went to the ward the staffs were in, immediately they saw him they both sat up."Sir.""You should both rest, you can lay down." He told them."Sir, we're sorry." They kept apologizing."I understand, you both should just focus on getting better, in other to leave here immediately." He told them."We will."Carlos put his hands into his pocket. "So what was the medical report?" He asked."Our bones are okay, luckily we would be discharged in a week." They told him."I'm glad it was not a serious injury.""It isn't." They both respond."Alright then, you should both rest now." He turned and left the ward and hospital.Shanne drove him to the construction site where he met the person he placed in charge. "What is the cause of this damage?" He asked in a deep indifferent voice."Sir, it due to the heavy engine and the survey we did recently was ca
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Chapter 5
Club party.Gabby Zack was seen dancing at the party when a guy came behind her and placed his hand on her butt, she turned to see who it was."Hey!" Gabby smiled while dancing, she was enjoying the attention already."You're beautiful and hot." The man behind her told her with a smile on his lips.She laughed, knowing he was flirting with her, she also knows how to flirt, let the game begin. She looked at him. "You're not looking bad yourself."He saw she was interested. "Do you want to go to some quiet place let's chat things out?" He asked her.Gabby leans close to his ear. "Like drinking and being playfully rough?" She asked with his hot breath close to his ears."Wow, I love this girl." He lifted the corner of his lips."Bad girls?" Gabby asked giving him a wink." with brains." He said with lust in his eyes.Gabby noticed this, he was someone that could keep her from getting bored. "Let's grab a
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Chapter 6
“ Why are they making me remember the horror that occurred this afternoon." She said and sat down. "Dad, mom, that was an incident and the news will die soon." She told her worried parents.Trevor looked at his daughter with a worried expression. "Triffany Joey, your life just took a new turn." He told her."What turn?" Triffany looked at her father.Trevor let out a big sigh. "I dealt with the press in my line of job and I'm assuring you this will not die or stop here, all-news station is reporting this. A bigger issue is coming ahead and it has to do with the heir of Glammaly estate."Triffany seems so relaxed. "I don't even know him, whereas I have rude people. I'm going upstairs." She said and left for her room.Her phone was ringing and she picked up. "Hello, Nick.""Did you see the news!" Nike asked without hesitation.Triffany rolled her eyes and sat on the bed, seems everyone is aware of the news. "Yes, what's the big deal about it?" She asked lazily. Why was everyone concern
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Chapter 7
"What! Chairman." Carlos looked at him stunned, he was not expecting these words from his grandfather."You can call me grandpa now, we are alone," Ethan told him gently."Grandpa I can't do that," Carlos told him hastily."That's the only way, Carlos."Carlos furrowed his brow and looked at his grandfather with deep eyes. "How can you ask me to marry a girl I've never known, I don't know her name or location, or family background even before now. Why would you come up with this conclusion?. I can't propose marriage to her, I already have someone else." Carlos told him.This was the first time he spoke back at his father, this was the first time he wishes to go against Ethan Zack's word.Ethan looked at him. "The company comes first Carlos...I've spent my life developing that estate and if your parents, my son haven't died he would have managed it at this my old age. You have to take that place Carlos, you have to preserve it this way." Ethan told him.Carlos scoffed in his heart. "I
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Chapter 8
Triffany Joey visited Nick and Allison in their apartment, she was dancing to the new song beat her favourite musician just released.Allison came out from the kitchen with the chips she just made and looked at the happy Triffany. "Gosh! Triffany, how will you be so carefree with all the news airing these days." Allison told her.Triffany was still dancing to the hot beat of the music. "Which news?" She asked."Unbelievable, Triffany be serious for once," Allison told her." will be boring if I'm serious," Triffany told her with a smile and a wink.Allison sat down looking at her cousin, she doesn't believe this, everything that has been going on now, Triffany felt so relaxed. "Have you thought about what could be of you? Huh!" She asked her."I'm fine, let the rich deal with their issue," Triffany said lazily."Which you're included in.." Allison added."Not just that." Nick came into the sitting room. "You both got to see this!" He exclaimed.He turned on the TV, where
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Chapter 9
"He's with them, come pay your respect dear." She told her daughter.Holding her mother's hand they both walked into the sitting room, thoroughly they look all rich and mighty but the gaze in their eyes made her at ease.She bows and greeted them respectfully. "I'm Triffany Joey." She also introduced herself.Ethan Zack looked at the young lady with smiles in his eyes, he asked gently. "How are you doing?"Seeing his smile made Tiffany's bad imagination disappear, if they were here to send her to jail for throwing money on their son, they won't be smiling at her now. "I'm okay." She told them.Then she got her boldness back but said gently. "Until I saw the news, can you please explain it to me?" She asked and sat close to her mother.She but it was her right to know what that news means, what marriage? What lover? She hands out.Ethan looked at her with a gentle face. "I was just apologizing to your parents about it, but just as it was said by my grandson on the news, we are in suppo
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Chapter 10
Glammaly estate.Ethan Zack arrived at the company and went to Carlos Zack office, Carlos was standing and staring out of the big French window.Ethan looked at his grandson who seems so lost. "Carlos." He called out.Carlos was still facing the window without turning to see who it was. "Chairman Zack, I heard you come in."He then turned to face him. "About the production, I'm still on it, it's going smoothly." He told him.Ethan looked at Carlos, he was a little thin now and looks so dejected. "Carlos come, have a seat." He told him to feel pity for his son.Carlos obediently sat down, Felicity brought coffee for them and left the office. "Everything is ready and there won't be any mistake this time in the production." Carlos continues.Ethan felt pity for his grandson. "Carlos, I know you are capable of that. But you're losing yourself. You are not looking bright." Ethan told him.Carlos scoffed and looked at him with his eyes darkened. "Marrying that girl, I don't even know nor wa
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