MEGAN'S BEST DEAL: Once Betrayed, Now Desired

MEGAN'S BEST DEAL: Once Betrayed, Now Desired

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She has someone to get rid of. Megan Zendel is betrayed by her boyfriend and now she wants revenge so when Leonardo Valenti offers her a deal to be his fiancée for a year so she can make her ex-boyfriend jealous, she agrees to it. Unknown to Megan, Leonardo also approached her with an ulterior motive. The condition of the deal is that none of them must fall in love with each other. But what happens when love gets into the picture of their deal and Leonardo's motive is exposed?

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Everyone always talks about how their relationship is the best and how their partners treated them better than any other person would or how being in a relationship always makes them feel butterflies in their stomach. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for Megan Zendel, a twenty-five year old interior designer, who has been considered a remarkable beauty among her peers. With her long black hair, meadow green eyes, pointed nose, bow-shaped lips, and her five feet eight height together with her slim but well-shaped structure, she could easily pass as a runway model. Despite her beauty, it seems like her boyfriend _ Brandon Keller still doesn't give her the attention she wants. Megan didn't know what to feel again, he always gives excuses like this anytime they want to meet. Recently it has become worse, 'I am sorry I have a business dinner this evening I won't be able to make it.' 'I have to go on a business trip I would be very busy, don't call me.' 'I just got an important contra
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Megan could not believe what was happening between her and this handsome strange man, he obviously knows she finds him attractive and is using it to taunt her. She does not know why she is behaving like this when she has a boyfriend maybe it is because Brandon is not paying much attention to her. "I can't believe I met Mr Valenti in person." Her secretary, Julie gushed sitting on the chair in her office after Mr Valenti left."Do you know him?" she asked and she mentally slapped herself for asking that type of question, of course, Julie literally knows every famous person on the internet, sometimes she even behaves like a stalker. "You mean, you do not know who he is?" Julie looked at her like she had gone mad."What?" Megan asked when she kept giving her that look. "You only told me that he was an important and influential person, you never really told me who he was, and stop looking at me like I am the dumbest person on earth. It's not like it is even that important" she said."Ts
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It has been five months since she started decorating Mr Valenti's house and more offers have started coming in since then, so her team has been extremely busy, including her. Today she was decorating the living room and the dining room, she was supervising them in bringing in the pieces of furniture, and after today she would be 95% done. Mr Valenti is coming to see the house next week, he hasn't even come to check on the house or the progress since she started four months ago. However, since the last time she and Brandon fought, he has now had time for her, he still hasn't introduced her to any of his friends but he has been regularly taking her out more often than before and he has also apologized for not having much time for her and of course she had forgiven him instantly. She couldn't believe that she felt insecure for a moment. Her phone rang, she took it from her pocket and checked the caller and she smiled. She picked it up and moved to a corner. "Do you miss me that much?"
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"Aargh!" Megan screamed as they both fell into the pool together. She could not swim, as she opened her mouth to tell Mr. Valenti, water filled her mouth. She struggled for breath and to stay afloat but she only drowned the more. A pair of hands wrapped around her waist and lifted her up and out of the pool. She was on the floor coughing and when it finally subsided, she looked up and he was looking at her. So he was the one who saved her, of course, it would be him as they were the only ones in here. His body was wet, his dark blue suit was soaked and his hair had fallen over his head. He was still looking like a Greek god. She wondered what she looked like. He crouched down to where she was sitting on the floor. "Are you alright?" He asked. "I'm fine." She told him while avoiding his eyes. She could not believe this happened to her client. How could she be so reckless? She questioned herself. He stood up at his full length. "What the hell were you doing walking around the edge of
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"What did I always tell you about pools?" Julie yelled at her and smacked her in the hand."Ouch!" Megan whined, pouting pitifully, lowering her gaze."You know you can't swim but decided to explore near a pool. You should have called me to accompany you."She glanced at Julie still pouting. "You were busy, so how could I disturb you when I'm the one who sent you on the errand."Julie placed her hand on her head and sighed. She crouched down to examine her bandaged leg as Megan was sitting on the bed in the private room that Mr. Valenti, placed her in. "Does it hurt so much?" She asked worriedly and looked up at her.Megan shook her head but still answered. "No. It does not hurt me so much as when it freshly happened. But I can still walk out without a wheelchair. With some support though.""A wheelchair?"Megan nodded." Leonardo made me use one when we arrived at the hospital.""Leonardo? "She gasped with her eyes wide she stood up and sat on the bed beside her. "Are you on a first-n
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After what happened in the hospital hallway. Julie took to her car and drove her home. As soon as they were inside Megan's house and she had settled down. Julie made a hot cup of coffee for her with enough cream. Julie handed the cup to her and she took it from her."Are you okay?" She asked. Her face was a mask of concern.Megan could only nod, she held the hot cup in her hand relishing in the distraction that came from the hotness of the cup."I knew that guy was a bastard and a good-for-nothing man. He had always been an asshole." She knew Julie was saying all those things so she would feel better. It helped though.However, she was too embarrassed and ashamed to even utter a word. She had just finished defending him a moment before that happened. How could she be so stupid and foolish? She lowered her head."Just say the word Megan and I will kill him. I will inject him with arsenic. Jail is not a problem for me to go to if my mother receives all my savings."Megan raised her head
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The taxi stopped in front of the large and beautiful Italian restaurant. Megan paid the driver and got out of the taxi. The taxi sped off leaving her standing there. It has been a week since she saw Brandon in the hospital with that mysterious pregnant woman. He only called her once and she did not pick up, he did not bother to call her again, nor try to visit her since a week ago. How did she date that asshole for four years and think she was in love with him. Her leg has healed almost completely. Leonardo Valenti invited her for lunch at this nice Italian restaurant to apologize for what happened in his house since she said it was his fault. She felt sorry for blaming him now she has no choice but to accept his invitation for a meal together. Julie had strictly warned her not to drive, therefore the reason for the taxi.Megan was wearing a white blouson dress and a brown coloured trench coat, she wore a white sandal heel and carried a white purse. Her hair was in a messy bun. The he
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She was lost for words at his statement. Like? How? If he likes her then why can't Brandon also like her like this? "I don't want to talk about this." She said when she got herself back from his raw confession. "Alright. I won't pressure you now but that doesn't mean I will stop trying." His eyes held an unspoken promise. "Are you ready to go?" She stared dumbfounded at him. What was wrong with this man? Why was he so straightforward? Why was she reacting to his words and why did it feel like there were butterflies in her stomach? Her heart was beating fast. "You will have to not bother trying at all because you still won't get me." She tried to discourage him. He was handsome, rich, and sexy. He was the perfect candidate to use to make Brandon jealous as Julie had said but she did not want to use him like the way Brandon used her. He could find better girls than her who would love him and not use him for selfish purposes.That would simply make her to be like Brandon. Leonardo Vale
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As soon as Megan confirmed that Leonardo had left, she went outside and hailed a taxi. She got inside and gave the driver Julie's house address. It was already approaching evening when she arrived at Julie's house. Megan wasn't even sure if she was at home, it was Saturday and she could be out partying or having fun. She rang the doorbell for her house and in a few seconds the door opened and Julie was there in a baggy white shirt and pink shorts.When she saw her it was as if a dam opened and tears streamed down her cheeks. "Julie..." She cried and ran into her waiting arms. Julie held her there and let her sob till she calmed down. "What happened Megan?" She questioned curiously after her cries had reduced."He- he embarrassed me. I saw them in the restaurant I went to with Leonardo. He denied me, oh God." Her sobbing increased again and Julie took her to her comfortable sofa. She sat her down and Julie sat beside her. "Calm down and tell me what happened."She slowly took deep br
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"What the fuck!" She screamed out. Brandon was sitting on her couch. She held her chest, he scared the shit out of her. He looked so relaxed like it was his house. How the hell did he get in and what was he here for? He did not bother calling her or texting her, now he is in her house. To do what? She thought he was a robber or a stalker with his all-black outfit. "Where have you been Megan?" Megan blinked repeatedly. Was she dreaming? Or has Brandon simply run mad? "You really have the balls to come to my house. How did you even get in?" Then she remembered she had told him her password before. "Were you with that man I saw at the restaurant?" He scanned her body to her face looking disgusted. "Did you sleep with him? You are still wearing the same clothes from yesterday and your hair is messy." "Are you sick in the brain? You must be mad from what I am seeing. After cheating on me, you are asking me if I slept with a man when you made a girl pregnant while dating me for what
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