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Jemi held the lump in her throat trying to form a moan..was she beautiful the candle light bathed her in golden glory giving her the lure of Aphrodite. slowly Emma walked up to her, her fingers resting on Jemi's face. "you're cold aren't you?" the words couldn't come out, so she nodded. Jemi could swear she saw her smile. Emma's hands went down to her shirt, like a sorceress each time she touched the buttons, it flew open. swiftly she slipped to shirt down her hands, her pointy breast now on display, Emma placed her hands on them, squeezing and tugging with her fingers as she kissed her, teasing, testing her limit. Kissing her back Jemi wondered if this was one of those dreams she always had. with her hands resting on Jemi's taut belly, Emma's provoking lips went down to her neck. Jemi gasped "you kiss me there I'm losing control" she whispered hoping it sounded like a warning. seems like Emma wasn't heeding the warning or she was just plain deaf. nibbling, she bit it softly then sucked on it again. And all hell broke loose.

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The January wind blew fiercely, whirling the snow around pushing against every solid space helpless against the storm. The silence aided the howling, giving it the air of a hunted night.The road leading to the church was empty and snow deep. Wouldn't stop people trooping in at the first crow to worship God. But will they ever know?That a God will be within them, watching their faces with satisfaction. The only difference was that ..this was going to be a physical presence.The old houses each at the side of the snowed dirt road gave it all a grotesque image.A wailing voice was heard from the church, picking up the cue a man walked along the dirt road, the dark clothes he wore though in the night were traced out by the his left hand was a briefcase. He walked purposefully and increased his pace when he heard the jingling of the bell echoing with the wailing voice.He knew he had to be finished before the congregation began to troop in. They never came in ones, twos or
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CHAPTER 1 (shut your eyes Jemi)
"...........and as the house occupants, we had every right knowing beforehand there was going to be someone joining us, not just hit out of the blue" Emma fumed Dragging the garbage bag out the door.'Mmmm" came the reply... Emma looked up. Her eyes fell on the boy beside the bed, folding the heaps of clothes scattered on the floor. "You could just say you're tired of hearing me talk""You know Emma, this house got three rooms and we both know the reason you riled is the thought of fixing all these" he dropped a pile into a bag he was holding. Avoiding her blue glare"Don't" she pointed a nail at him "do not tell me that again ""Mmmmmmm"She let out a loud wail "I wanted it to be just us" she dragged her hair back, retying it into a ponytail. "Come on Emmy" Wills complained exhilarated "could we just focus on this. It won't be fair to her if she sees this... "He chose his words "mess" it came out with a chuckle"How dare you " she longed at him snatching her gown from his hands "I
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CHAPTER 2 (inevitable)
"Fairies are wonderful Jemi?""I told you, Sara, they are, just like you " she linked her Little hands between Sara's fingers. Tickling her little thumb.She laughed heartily "They are beautiful to rii?""Un-huh""I think you're a fairy Jemi" she turned holding her cheeks with her fragile hands."Hmmm, tell me why you say so princess" she held her hair back "You are pretty, and your hair is gorgeous," she gathered a bunch of her fro" Jemi chuckled "you smell of flowers and dirt sometimes""Wait till I gobble you yum yum yum" their laughter flowing through the wind, then it all got dark."JEMI JEMI, HELP ME JEMI, DO LET ME GO JEMI...JEMIIIIIII......""SARA!!" Jemi woke up in a glint, sweaty and flushed. She sighed recognising the room, Another nightmare, same agony, dropping her back on the bed she stared up at the blank white ceiling. sometimes she wished her life was that blank, nothing to think of, dream about, just flowing effortlessly through the joys and laughter, existing
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"Giovanni Antonio De Brescia and his famous painting two women had always had a controversial flair," the lecturer narrated "despite the many pieces other artists drew of women, Giovanni's art stood out due to the intimate position he painted them" The hall was still, and her voice bounced up the ceiling down to the floor. Jemi shaded on the jotter she had on her desk just to keep her hands engaged "Many people believe that it was one of the numerous time homosexuality have been pointed out, she looked over the class " but historians say that their relationship could be an amicable one". "Just girls being pals" someone snickered behind her. The whole class erupted in laughter. Jemi smirked to herself, the shape of a girl taking form on the Paper, countenance sassy, ready to challenge, Jemi recognized that face. The frown deepened as she crumpled the paper with fisted hands. She wasn't just feeling right
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April stomped in bringing the warmth everyone yearned for, after a long winter, the drizzles and heat were welcomed with relief, the white snow was being replaced by green shrubs and daffodils that Lit every corner with the beauty of a landscape painting.It was one of those times Jemi wouldn't mind sitting down close to the pond just at the back of the house and throwing smooth stones into the water and watching it ripple, seeming almost impossible due to the high expectations her Job had, working two shifts except on Saturdays and Sundays, it felt almost unimaginable to do anything apart from toiling her ass off and going to school.It was stressful but exactly what she needed, draining herself out to the bone each day was a success, and sleep was easier to come by, though the nightmare stayed, it didn't happen quite often.It was a food cafe and she served, which made sense since pancakes and coffee were the only mixtures she was good at. Time again, she found herself craving Emma's
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"......Trompe l'oeil has its origin traced back to the early Renaissance period as has famous artists weaving this technique into famous artwork, Artists like John F Peto, William Harnett, Cornelis, Norbet, and many others uses this Type of painting" Jemi straightened her shades, it wasn't sunny but it was needed, gazing intently at the elderly professor, vigorously gesticulating, yet barely making out his words ".....Trompe l'oeil is a French method of painting that translates to 'deceive the eye' in English, the main reason for this technique is to create an optical illusion of the subject existing, not In one, nor two but the three dimensions" She looked at her fingers, the words in her ears blurry echoes, for seconds all she could see were black dots, dizzy spells hitting her hard, she touched her temples, massaging. "....Note that this isn't a mural painting which is done on walls and ceilings, these are performed on canvas" 'Deceive
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"What's that?" Emma asked Jemi who had a hard-covered book on her legs close to the sitting room window Jemi turned "I got it from the shelf, I think it's Wills" she was back on the book. It was a quiet Tuesday afternoon and they were both in the Sitting room. it was weird for Jemi to be at home at that time, She had lots of questions to ask "What's it about?" "The Monalisa" "An Art piece?" "Yeah" She was trying to spark up a two-way discussion this time, but Jemi was just being Jemi. "You're home today, it's a Wednesday" "I think so" She wasn't going to be frustrated. "Why?" "Nothing really" she was sounding strangled. Prolly getting irritated, Emma thought. Emma went into the kitchen bringing out the last honey-flavoured twist, she opened its red pack with so much. reverence, it had been her favourite snack since the day she found it in a snack store, and right there she had always had it supplied to h
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Rain owned the next two days, pouring out from the sky like it had been held for a long time by some unknown force, the house deathly quiet and Empty, the day before, Jemi hadn't even stepped out of her room except to get a glass of water, her lips had looked cracked and sore, Emma tried her best not to inquire if she was feeling well, knowing Jemi, she would definitely say things that might spark her on or say nothing at all. So Emma had spent the day watching TV and reading more romance books, she had cooked some, then stacked up the already stacked freezer. It was a storm, sometimes she looked out the window, seeing water flowing down automatically made her grim, she needed a walk, her legs were itchy. She wanted out of this place. She missed Will, his presence occupied the house in a way nobody else's could, if he was present she wouldn't have been this lonely. Jemi was in her room mostly, if she hadn't known her, she'd have thought she wasn't even in, how did s
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Her eyes quivered opened, and shut immediately as a bright light burned her sensitive eyes, where was she? she squinted, heaven? very unlikely, couldn't be heaven, she lay still waiting for the first bout of hot larva on her skin, or was it, soul? when it didn't come, she waited for the wailing and gnashing of teeth she was always told sinners suffered after death. when the quietness and illumination persisted, she thought surprised, maybe she did make heaven after all. she almost laughed in disbelief. fully opening her eyes, it met the ceiling, she frowned, wasn't it supposed to be clouds? then singing angels? where the hell was the hallelujah? she felt the fluffy bed under her back. oh shucks, she was alive. what now? maybe weep. but this wasn't her room, she applied pressure on her wrists trying to sit up, but the stabbing pain hit her. she collapsed back wincing. she noticed the drip tube was connected to her arm by a syringe. she used her elbow, holdin
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What do you think of Jemi and Emma? Are they the definition of opposite attracts in your term? I should be sincere Emma's character gave me more heartache, how could someone be so sunshiny? I'm a grumpy person, I relate to Jemi's character more, realistic, after all we have all been hurt one way or another by people we hold dear, *quits being sentimental* Dragged behind recently due to work, this week I'll constantly update, thee views aren't much but one view means so so much to me and keeps me going, power of readers. More chapters to unlock, tell me what you think of my two main characters 😍 Or you can criticise them whatever, lol, or not, hoping you enjoy the book
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