Kane, A War Between The Tribes

Kane, A War Between The Tribes

By:  Tyra R.  Completed
Language: English
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Chieftain Kane's not a fighter, But he's about to have the fight of his life. He has to fight his enemies to save the Sung tree from their grasp. He has to fight to be with the woman he wants. Who is to be chieftess of her on tribe and not sure if she wants a mate But the connection they feel for each other is undeniable. Now he has to fight within his own tribe. Their's someone in his tribe working against him undermining he's every move, he has no idea who. As war brews on the horizon, Kane's mother goes missing. Kane set out with his brother Kai a ruthless warrior and Mera through the Skyy Forest to sneak into enemy territory to save his mother. Who and what he finds there gives him the shock of his life.

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10 Chapters
A choosing ceremony
   I gazed off into the horizon. The moons are high in the sky this morning. The air is cool, a light breeze touches my indigo skin. I raise my face to receive the blessings of Netta, the goddess of my lands. I close my eyes and inhale deeply.
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The Meeting
    I walk into the sacred garden with Kai and Dunn by my side in search of my father. He’s standing by the Sung tree with Zoe and Guii admiring its beauty. Pink petals fall to the garden floor around them. My father grabs one, hands it over to Zoe who looks at the pink petal puzzled, as if he doesn't know what it is.  “Amazing isn’t it “ Kai says, 
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     “How idiotic is a choosing ceremony,” Mera thought. 
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Becoming chieftain
   As I stood there watching her go, I knew I wanted her. There was no other reason for this Ceremony to go on. I surveyed the great hall, I noticed Dunn standing with a big bellied Siva.      I walked over with my head down trying to avoid the stares as I
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A Nest Full of Vipers
   I awoke to the sounds of banging. I looked around the room and noticed I was still in Kai's rooms. There were wine bottles and glasses everywhere. I lay on the floor propped up against the wall by the fireplace, my head spun. I could barely make a coherent thought.   
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War council
  I sit in the council room surrounded by my war council and the other tribe's leaders. This Meeting is not going as planned. There's arguing between Kai, my father, and Zoe.  Dunn and the Rector are trying to calm things down. The surrounding soldiers are on high alert. Guii’s in the corner talking in hushed tones with one of his men. Mera at the other end of the table, watching everything with a look of irritation. I ignore it all. The background
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Golden eyes
  I watched as he lay there on the stone altar, his body glowing, his tattoos a blaze as the light shone around the room. His brother, Kai, and a soldier guarded his body both stood in front of the altar with their weapons drawn. I felt an intense need to go stand beside him and hold his hand.  The look he gave me before closing his eyes keeps replaying in my mind.  
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A walk among the trees
  The power from Sung surged through me, my consciousness connected to Sung. I felt and heard all things throughout the land. All the trees felt alive. I felt their consciousness brush up against mine, wanting to let me in on their secrets. Brightly shining lights flashed across my mind showing glimpses of the past. Showing things I have never seen. I knew these were the memories of the trees. I reached out with my mind in search of the oldest tree in Sung; I needed to know what it knew. My mind searched through hundreds of trees with thousands of years worth of history until I saw the history of how my tribe came to be. I sat and w
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  I’m standing among the trees again, there’s fire everywhere my body is ablaze, I could feel the scorching heat on my skin. The flames danced all around me, taunting me, wanting me to come and play. The flames began taking shapes, forming into the ones I love. Kai stood with my mother, father, Dunn, Mera, and Siva.  
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 I try to rise, but I’m in pain. I turn over to my side and knock a tin cup over. The Gallery is dark, a few candles flicker but not enough to illuminate the entire room, I try to pull my body up again and my arms tremble, my elbows bend. I fall flat against the stone altar. I let out a breath of hot air and closed my eyes. 
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