Killer instinct- a tale of unspeakable horror

Killer instinct- a tale of unspeakable horror

By:  Martinah Goddess of Chiefs Nkadimeng  Completed
Language: English
4 ratings
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Petunia, a 19-year-old girl from a rural village in Limpopo province, moves to the big city of Johannesburg to study. She then falls head over heels for the popular guy on campus. Unfortunately, life in the big city is not as good as she thought. Will she be consumed by the glitz, the Glamour, and the dark side of the golden city?

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Loved the plot. It is not as dark as you expect
2020-12-07 21:45:10
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Gregory A. Coble
I got bored pretty quick with this book it was a waist of time and coins
2020-12-27 05:08:03
user avatar
Christopher Shaw
Nice to see a fellow South African on here!Awesome story,good writing
2020-10-18 03:24:09
default avatar
Didn’t meet the expectations had searched for a horror book and this was more of a bizarre love story
2020-10-27 08:53:55
33 Chapters
Chapter 1
I remember looking at him walk around on campus. Just staring at him, more like watching him. Like a movie. Wondering how possible it is for gods to walk among mere mortals. He was perfect, tall, and not too dark and oh my, he was just too gorgeous, sexy if I may put it and he had this walk of his that caught every girl’s eye. Okay, he’s not the kind of a guy that I can compare to the likes of John Cena or the handsome Itumeleng Khune, because he had his own unique perfection. Believe me; he looked like he had just walked straight out of a movie scene, a scene where a vigilante rescues the king’s daughter
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Chapter 2
Sitting there, I was already imagining myself in the passenger seat of his Mini, riding away to the beach, where he will be holding me tightly in his strong arms. Watching the sunset and him looking deep into my big eyes. There he will take me to a candlelit dinner, and he will make sweet love to me all night. Yes, I was imagining all that while still trying to figure out how to go over to him and say something. Anything. I wondered if he knew this. That some girls just block everything else in their minds and let him wander in it.If he did know, did that make him feel like he owns the world or something? Is that why he walks around the campus with broad shoulders and a creased forehead? Is his frown
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Chapter 3
‘I wonder how it feels to be Billy Anderson’s girlfriend hey Petunia, or Sharon’. Anna confessed later that afternoon when we were at our apartment doing our assignments. We were in our world now. We could talk about Billy Anderson all day until bedtime and there was nothing weird about it. We even had pictures of him on our wall. For real. You know how teenagers go gaga on super stars like Justin Bieber? Billy Anderson was our own Justin Bieber. We talked about him non-stop. He was the kind of guy who I personally fantasized about until the early hours of the morning. I always saw myself in his a
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Chapter 4
Sharon, the airhead 
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Chapter 5
He asked me out 
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Chapter 6
‘Hey, guys.’ I greeted Billy and Fabian.‘Oh hey,’ Billy responded,‘Done with your lecture already?’‘Yes. It was either quick or time flies.’ I chatted with him like we have been friends for some time.‘Okay...oh this is Fabian, my homeboy.’‘Hi Fabian, nice to meet you.’‘Hi.’ Fabian greeted me sharply and he didn’t even bother to look up at me. He looked less interested. But I was not that worried. I didn’t want to be his friend anyway. So, him b
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Chapter 7
Exploring the city nightlife 
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Chapter 8
‘I think your date has arrived, let me open for him.’ Anna said while shoving the last pictures into the rubbish bin.I took a deep breath while looking at this new girl in the mirror, a girl that my parents would hardly recognize, a girl that I always yearned to look like. She was a very beautiful girl. And that girl was me.‘Hello, how are you?’ That was Anna, opening the door for Billy.‘I’m good, is she ready?’ Billy asked from the outside.‘Just a minute, I will call her.’ Anna told him as she came to fetch me.
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Chapter 9
 When we were in the bathroom, Ntombi did lend me her powder but Lira had something else. I looked at her throw the powder carefully on the counter and she sniffed it, Carol did the same thing and Ntombi as well. I was stunned. Powdering their noses actually meant sniffing what looked like cocaine.‘What’s that?’ I asked with a scared voice.‘Come on now, don’t tell me you have never seen this! Coke.’ Carol exclaimed.‘Cocaine. I know what it is.’‘Then why do you ask? Come on and join us.’
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Chapter 10
Billy, the charmer 
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