The Misadventures of Anastasia Collins

The Misadventures of Anastasia Collins

By:  Miszy  Completed
Language: English
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Anastasia Collins has always been a fanatic of mystery novels since forever. Solving cases, codes, crimes, riddles–heck, she even joked sometimes that maybe she's a detective on her past life. Contrary from that, her real job is far too different because she's actually a registered nurse. But atleast, both job has a similarities right? Giving a helping hand to the people who are in need for their services. That idea alone–can already make her feel contented of what she has in her life right now. Not until one day, on her way to the hospital, a car accident happened. *** Imagine, you thought that you died and already asked for forgiveness for your sins but then you found yourself on an absurb place and realize soon after that you were transmigrated inside your favorite mystery novel book. Sound like a joke right? But unfortunately, its real. And here's the catch. You were transmigrated as the murderer or what she used to called the 'evil-villain' of the story. Sounds fun right?

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Well-written description of the setting of your story. I am easily hooked with Anastasia's character as well. Keep it up dear ???
2020-07-20 17:35:08
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Alphabetical B
Your book is amazing, I just have to leave a review before I continue reading it. It’s a misadventure indeed??. ❤️❤️❤️
2020-07-19 22:54:44
user avatar
Michael Shelby
I just have on expression to give u?????
2020-06-30 18:42:14
user avatar
Rehana Siraj
omg. the first chapter is so smooth and cute. everything is described so perfectly and easily that even I found myself near to Anastasia ??? and the last line is the chapter that's what make the story more intriguing
2020-06-29 22:50:53
user avatar
Rehana Siraj
omg. the prologue was superb. and the end line is just amazing and it almost gave me a attack?? will surely read the chapter now. wanted to give a comment for this amazing prologue .
2020-06-29 22:31:29
67 Chapters
Chapter I: Doreen Garcia
The first thing that Anastasia saw when she opens up her eyes is a huge mirror and her own reflection looking straight at her.'Where am I?' She's certain that this place doesn't look like a hospital. And certainly, it's not like heaven or hell even. But what she's really sure of is that... her reflection is far too different from her original face. What happened? As far as she remember, her car was hitted by a truck and based on its speed, there is no possiblity of survival. So why the hell is she still breathing like nothing happened at all?"Lady Doreen? The chauffeur that would bring you to the party will arrive soon." Anastasia was interrupted from her dilemma by a woman who is dressed like a maid.But what did the woman just called her? Doreen? Since when did she change her name to Doreen?"A p
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Chapter II: The Party
Anastasia is now certain on three things. First she is currently inside a book entitled 'Book of Murder'. Second she is now looking straight at her favorite character Detective Alice Potter and lastly she is currently breathing as Doreen Garcia, and its not very amusing at all."Lady Doreen are you alright? You look pale." Señorita Laura was the first one who notice her mental break down."I-i,..yes im fine. Just feeling...a little dizzy." She said earning a concerned look from the married elders."Do you want to rest? We have a guests room." Señior Victor offer but she just shook her head and thanked them."Thank you but I think im fine." She declined politely."Maybe she just lack sleep or probably hungry. That usually happened to me." Alice suggest and Anastasia stop herself from idolizing the woman. She cant believe that her idol is actually in front of her."Maybe yo
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Chapter III: Alice Potter
"Detective Alice, Inspector Sachi assigned you to another case.""What? But my current case is not yet done." Alice ask in confusion and frustation. She investigated so much for this case. But now they wanted her to just discard it?"But the victim's relative wanted the police to stop investigating." Her assistant said."Why?""We don't know yet. But you know we cant take an action if the relatives doesn't want to. For now you should concentrate on another case." Alice cant help but to sigh. She almost have the culprit. She just need more evidence to catch the murderer but now it is back to zero."Fine. As if I can do something about it. Anyway give me the details of the other case." Alice instructed and the assistant immediately obliged."There's a man found dead at the Loire River and the police already started the investigation. They concluded that the cause of death i
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Chapter IV: The Murder
"What?!" The four women blurted out in unison."L-lord Jeremy found dead at the bathroom." The maid uttered again, stuttering.But before they react, Señorita Laura suddenly collapses on the floor."Señorita Laura!" Alice immediately catch the old woman and Anastasia help her to lay her down."Señorita Laura wake up!" Alice tried to shake her but the old woman is showing no response.Anastasia check her pulse and sigh in relief when it is still beating, but incredibly fast."Don't worry, Señorita just fainted because of too much emotion. Maybe her system doesnt take the information well. She will wake up later." Anastasia assured since after all, she's originally a nurse. Alice looks relieve."Detective Alice, I think they need you there. Let me take care of Señorita." Madame Leticia offered and Alice thanked her, knowing that they will really need her at the
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Chapter V: Investigation
"Let me come with you.""No you will not.""You're not the one I am talking to.""Who said I was talking to you?""Then why are you answ-""Both of you, can you please be silent for once?!" Alice uttered in annoyance.But that's understandable. Afterall its still early in the morning, still raining heavily outside and still having their suppose to be 'peaceful breakfast' when Lady Doreen(Anastasia) and Prince Alistair started bickering at each other again.It started when Alice announced that she will going to continue the investigation later and probably needed to see the body again so she ask Señior Victor if she can go to the basement. Then Anastasia ask if she can come with her but the prince contradict it and that's how they start arguing nonstop.And Alice have enough."How about both of you will come with
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Chapter VI: Who's Next
"We need to go back." Alice instructed with urgency and the rest immediately followed her."What are we going to do now?" Anastasia ask anxiously, knowing that there was a possibility that someone will die again. And who knows when the killer will probably attack again."Lets talk when we're already complete so the others can also hear it." The detective replied instead.After going through on so much stairs, the four of them finally arrived at the ground floor.Alice approach the maid who was passing by and ask her if she can call the other guests since they are going to talk about something important. The maid immediately obliged."Whats with the sudden call detective? And why the four of you look so dejected. Did something happened?" Madame Leticia instantly ask when she arrived. The other guests are behind her."Please take a sit everyone we're going to discuss about s
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Chapter VII: Nicholas Montenor
Anastasia learn that the man's name is Nicholas Montenor when Lord Gilbert introduce him to the other guests. She also learn that the Montenor manor was just a few kilometers away from Señior Victor and Señorita Laura's mansion. And finally, she notice that the man was very touchy and quite obsess to Doreen Garcia.And it is somehow alarming given the fact that she's trying to stop herself from punching the man who keep on touching her."So the two of you we're really dating. I thought its just a humor." Madame Leticia said.Nicholas smiled and put his arms around Doreen(Anastasia) making her gasp, not in surprise but in annoyance."Yes. Ofcourse we are. Right my lady?" He said then look at her, waiting for her response. Anastasia just fake a smile and deliberately change the topic."Earl Monte–" she stops when the man gives her a loo
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Chapter VIII: Poisoned to Death
Madame Irene was dead.Once again, they're too late to stop it.Detective Alice sigh, close her eyes tightly and hands coming up to rub down her face from too much frustration."Detective get a grip. This is not the time to mourn and cry." Prince Alistair remind behind her."I know." She said before walking straight to the lifeless body.Alice wear her gloves and carefully place her hand on the body's wrist, checking the pulse. She sigh once again when she realize that they were really too late. The body's temperature is starting to get cold means the crime happened about an hours ago. Also, based on the body's posture, it is no doubt that the culprit used a poison to kill the victim.Alice scan the room and notice the bottle of wine and a shattered glass on the the floor."The victim was poisoned." She announced.Madame
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Chapter IX: A Painful Night
"So you were saying that Madame Irene ask you for a bottle of wine?""Yes detective.""What do you think is the exact time she ask you that?""Around 8-9 in the evening we think." The maid answered.That's how the conversation is going when Anastasia arrived at the living room where Detective Alice is currently interrogating the two maids. She silently sit on one of the chairs and listen to them."B-but I swear we delivered the wine unopen and safe. W-we really dont know what happened." One of the maid defends."Detective, I assure you that our beverages including wines are safe." Señior Victor informed and the detective just nod her head at him in understanding.As much as possible, Alice is trying not to suspect the married couple that she known for years and treated like a real family. She hope that her trust for them will not be wasted.
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Chapter X: Its You!
Anastasia heaves a sigh while staring at her reflection from the mirror. As expected, her eyes is so red and swollen because of too much crying from yesterday night. And now she cant face the others with this sight. Grabbing a towel, she decided to take a bath for the meantime to refresh herself and do the other morning routines that she always do. After that, she goes back to the mirror to check herself and huffs an annoyed sigh when she notice that the redness of her eyes is still there.  No choice. She doesn't want to show herself in this state but she also doesn't want to starve herself to death. So she look for the bell that Señorita Laura told them to use if they needed something. It is a bell that is connected to the servants room in case the guests called for them. As much as possible, Ana
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