The Island

The Island

By:  BigMAC77  Completed
Language: English
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Finding out you've been adopted is stressful enough but finding out that your father is the dead billionaire Benjamin Moore is mind-blowing in itself. Couple with the fact that you are part of a triplet separated at birth and with secrets and conspiracy emerging on your late father's private island, the final blow will take your breath away. NOTE: NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED. This story contains sexually explicit and graphic depiction of sex and a bit of incest. If this is not your cup of tea, please move on. My hope is that you readers enjoy my writing in its entirety and not base it on just its sexual nature.

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One of the best I have read.
2022-01-18 06:17:18
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Aliy Abdulfatai
I think this story is pirated if this person isn’t the real owner of the Book. I read this book more than 8 years ago on a website.
2023-08-23 00:03:11
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Despoina Evangelou
really love reading your book. I like that we see the story mostly through Mark's eyes. Would like to read more stories from you ...
2022-12-25 20:17:37
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Despoina Evangelou
very nice. Interesting with big chapters, plot is good , descriptions are detailed when needed without getting boring.
2022-12-09 03:37:25
95 Chapters
Henry looked at the pile of paperwork on his desk and rubbed at his eyes. It had been a really long day, and only midway through what was bound to be a long week. It had begun with his friend Benjamin's death two days ago, and since then the Island had been a hive of activity getting things prepared.In a couple of days time Benjamin's children would arrive on the Island, having just found out that they were triplets given up for adoption, and they'd be meeting here for the very first time. On top of that he had a burial to organise for Benjamin on the Island. Add in organising supplies and planning for every contingency, and it was no wonder he felt exhausted. It was two in the morning and high time he had some stress relief.He got up from his desk, winced at the pain in his back and moved to the door of his office, part of his home on the Island upstairs from the clinic, and headed for the exit, moving quietly down the stairs as was his habit. Once outside he s
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The phone rang on Mark's desk. He frowned, not needing the interruption. For the last three days he'd been working twelve hours trying to get the recommendation done for his company to purchase EDIT, an electronic records management application and he was nearly there."Hello. Mark Whitney, Business Strategy Team. Can I help you?" He replied, the standard answer whenever an internal call came through to his desk."It's Reception. There's a Mister Yousef here to see you. Says he's a lawyer."Mark frowned. "I don't have him in my diary.""He says it's urgent that he speak with you," The security guy at reception stated."Em, okay. I'll be right down.""Cheers." The other end of the line went dead.Mark headed for the elevator, the frown still creasing his features, wondering why a lawyer would be coming to see him. There was nothing legal he was involved in at work, he knew he was a pretty well behaved guy, and he kn
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Mark Whitney smiled. It had been an epic weekend so far.Spring Break with his buddies hadn't really been something he was looking forward to, particularly as their destination was Myrtle Beach. Not exactly Cancun, Miami or Acapulco, but then, they weren't there for the sun. They were there to party.Party they had, Mark wearily observed. They'd arrived on the Friday morning, got drunk and partied with some chicks from University of Phoenix all night, but Ant had been the only one to score. Or at least, he was the only one who claimed to score. If he actually did, Mark knew it would have required some divine intervention.Once they'd slept a few hours they hit the Myrtle Waves Water Park. Mark had felt too tired to do much but lie around with his shades on, admiring the ladies that passed by in their swimwear, but Ant and Sam had immediately hit the slides. It only took half an hour for Ant to return with a limp. Sa
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 Derriere's Gentleman's Club, the sign said outside."This place looks like a dive," Mark muttered quietly. Still it did offer fully nude dances and you could bring in your own booze."Come on, losers," Ant grinned, a six-pack tucked under his arm. "Let's go see some shaking milk-bombs and wide open tampon-tunnels!"Mark shook his head at Ant. Sometimes the guy could be such a dick, but his vocabulary for slang terms when it came to the female anatomy was inexhaustible."Dude," Sam said. "If you call them that in front of any woman you're never gonna get laid.""I do fine, fucktard," Ant grinned. "Come on, let's go."Mark followed Ant and Sam into the club, paying the steep twenty five dollar door fee. The club looked a lot better inside than it did outside, and there must have been a hundred guys in the room, with a bit of a relaxed policy of und
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Mark, Ant and Sam arrived at Club Boca but had to wait in the queue. The time passed quickly with Sam repeatedly reminding Ant not to be a total dick and Ant repeatedly quizzing Mark about the lap dance. Since he cleaned himself up in the bathroom at the club, Mark hadn't said a word about it to his buddies. He'd also ditched his boxers in the restroom waste-paper bin and ended up going commando. There was no way he was going to tell Ant that story.At a little after twelve they were admitted to Club Boca, a large place focused around dancing and drinking, with DJ's playing a mixture of mainstream dance and latin house music, and Mark immediately picked up on the cool chilled vibe of the place. Ant and Sam hit the bar while Mark went looking for the girls. The guys had caught up with him again by the time he spotted them, so the three of them walked over to join them."Hey," Mark smiled as he approached F
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It was still dark when Mark awoke, sensing a slight movement in Juliette, a slight change in posture, in position, and he knew that his own body had responded. He could feel his breathing deepen, matching hers as his cock continued to grow, nestled between the lips of her pussy, inching forward as it became thicker and longer in the darkness.Without asking he knew she was awake, lying there with her head beside his, experiencing the same exquisite physical and intimate sensations he was.He felt her neck stiffen as the tip of his erection glazed her clit, and hearing her exhale was a wonderous sound in his ear. Mark turned his head and gently kissed her, a soft, tender brush of his lips on her jaw.He felt her hand grip his a little tighter as he brushed his lips a little further along the line of her jaw until his breath was on the soft, sensitive skin below her ear.Felicia moaned softly as he held there, breathing on her with a tender i
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"Is everything okay, Mark?" The old lawyer asked as Mark stared at the photographs on the table. "You've gone a little pale."In a voice barely above a whisper, Mark said, "Oh, fuck, please let this be a joke."Mark was reeling, the instant recognition of the two faces in the photos making him feel nauseous, excited and angry at the same time.It was Maddy and Charity, the two stars of his own personal spank-bank, the sexual memories that came back to him every night when he lay in bed, his eyes closed, stroking his cock. The two hottest women he'd ever encountered and God, or Fate, or Destiny had decided to fuck him up and reveal they were his sisters. He cursed the part of himself that was excited at the thought of meeting them again. He knew that he couldn't have known they were his sisters, that there was no possible way he could have known, but still he felt disgusted with himself, the strength of the social and legal taboo so str
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Mark nodded, breathing a sigh of relief as the old man turned his back. The message had been a spur of the moment thing, and the wording impromptu, but he wanted to get a message to them if they remembered him. Telling them he wished he knew he had sisters would remind them that none of them knew they were related when they'd met before, and adding that he was looking forward to meeting them for the first time tomorrow was something he was rather pleased with. A hidden message saying don't admit that we've already met. In the event that one or both of them didn't remember him then the whole message would seem quite sweet.Mark smiled, his stomach still doing flip-flops, but nowhere near as bad as it was a few minutes ago."Mister Whitney?"Mark turned, hearing a woman's voice from beside the car. "Hi?""I'm Raven, your driver for today, sir." Raven turned out to be a short-haired dirty-blonde woman in her mid to late twenties, dressed
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Mark waved farewell to Raven once the flight crew had loaded the bags onto the small private Jet, and he turned towards the small lounge in the Executive Privilege Airlines building. He looked up at the sign. "EPA? Someone's got a sense of humour."He opened the door into a brightly llit reception area."Mister Whitney?" An old black man with wrinkles on his wrinkles asked from behind the receptionist desk."Yes.""Can I see your passport please?""Oh, yeah. Sure." Mark handed it over to the man who gave it a cursory glance and handed it back."If you'd like to go into the lounge, sir, your aircraft will be ready in ten minutes."Mark nodded and entered the lounge, seeing a woman rising to her feet. Shoulder-length blonde hair framed a pretty face with a pointy chin and eyes that missed nothing. A charcoal gray business suit covered a body that Mark could see was in great shape. For
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As soon as the aircraft levelled off Jasmine unbuckled her seat belt. "Fancy a drink?"Mark shrugged. "Sure.""Well, get comfortable. We're going to be here for a while. How does a Mojito sound?"Mark gave her a thumbs up and unbuckled his seatbelt, then reached down and unlaced his new boots, bought earlier that day, then slid them under the seat. He pulled out his phone and checked his emails while Jasmine was in the galley.Nothing from Sam, but an email from Ant, so he opened it up.Hey fucker,Sam says you've fucked off on a business jaunt for a week. WTF, dude? We're meant to be poon hunting this weekend! Anyway, where the fuck are you? And how much dick are these director fuckers gonna make you suck?Ant, Esq.Mark shook his head. Ant had the subtlety of a wrecking ball somet
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