The Murder of a King

The Murder of a King

By:  Saheli Banerji  Ongoing
Language: English
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Alexander III, the greatest king of the world died mysteriously at Babylon on 11th June 323 BC. But prior to his death, there was a prophecy that predicted the end of the greatest civilization. The story begins when Cassandra, the seer daughter of the priest of Parthenon gurgles out a prophecy that predicted the end of the greatest civilization. She along with her brother, Argus, the male hero, and beloved Fabian are set to travel to Delphi, the place where prophecies are unveiled. On the long perilous journey, they meet many adventures. In one of Cassandra would be kidnapped and Argus would wage a war. After many more hurdles, they reach Delphi only to get a shocking revelation. What was that prophecy? What would happen next?

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19 Chapters
To Zeus,Father of Gods,God of Sky and Thunder,Mount Olympus.Greece. Dear Father,I beg in my epistle with a sedate and somber plea that after reading this, you would assist me in my task of justifying the 'sotto - voce' mysterious death of your son, Alexander, which took place nearly 2500 years ago. Nobody till the time being, has ever given it a thought that the one whose death gave rise to the Hellenistic civilization, new culture, literature, and politics, should at least effectuate a  relatively decent cause for his death. I am no Plutarch or Dryden or Aristotle himself to be an epistemologist of Greek lore or legend, but being a simple witted greek mythomaniac, I would create a new path en route to the factors that occasioned his death. A prophecy that foretold the gruesome co
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The prophecy
“Bravest strongest and arrogant Bashful proud but diligent The un-vanquished city shall be his grave None but a sacrifice to Gods could save The Slayer of Knots would die by, A disloyal Ganymede on day nine: The cursed city would weal havoc A Golde
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The journey begins
Thebes was a long way from Athens. It was once ruminated as a metropolis of social intercourse and trade. But all of a sudden, after the conquest of Persia, orthodox people denied the rule of Alexander. They kicked over the traces and rose in arms against his lately adopted practices which were so unknown to them. They feared that he was doing some crime by changing cults and forsaking their so ancient religious values. Chaos reigned freely driving its wild horses among unruly mobs pillaging and slaughtering without restraint. Thebes wanted to become free from the shackles of the united empire of the young Macedonian prince. In this formidable ambiance, the three young people galloped towards the chaotic city. 
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The Krakens
The great cloud of dust was approaching slowly. There were people upon horseback swords and sickles drawn, braided hair, and leather rags upon the beefy bodies.The Kraken!That's the term they used for themselves. Just like the mythological monster, who heaved havoc upon humans on the behest of Hades, these tribals too looted, killed, and waged battles with the king's men.Their eyes were flaming coals and their skin was tattooed.
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The House of Karmen
The journey to the lair of the Krakens was long and tedious. They passed many hills and valleys, barren lands, roads flanked by forests on both sides, and villages. At last, they reached a valley, with a very narrow pass where they had to snake through it. After crossing the pass, they found themselves on a wide-open ground with forest in the far backdrop.  Little straw huts were scattered everywhere. Women were tending fires in front of each house. Upon each fire was boiling little pots of porridge. Children were playing and the atmosphere here was different than any other Greek villages they had known. Each woman carried a dagger tied around the waist and each of the children they saw was lithe and strong. They weren’t delicate and childish like
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Argus and Selene
Argus was sitting on the terrace of the big fort. He could see the whole village from there. Hundreds of people resided under the shelter and protection of Karmen. Huts were made of mud and straw, wooden embankments, moats, and an enclosed area for training. Few people were practicing archery and some were wrestling on the mud. This place was different from the place he used to stay in. Parthenon was peaceful. Temples all-around full of scribes and priests. They had a training area but not many people opted to become soldiers in the King’s Army. But
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Death of Karmen
Argus’s heart stopped for a second. He guessed what could have happened. Both of them ran down the stairs towards the place where the shrieking was coming from. It was from the great hall.Karmen laid sprawled on the floor with a knife plunged into his chest. Blood was spilling from the wounds of his chest. Platters of food laid scattered everywhere. It seemed there had been a fight, a hustle maybe. Selene dropped down on the floor beside he
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The abduction
‘ They took Cassandra’, Argus repeated. He gritted his teeth and punched on the wall in anger. The hall shook. There was a pin drop-dead silence everywhere. Fabian was taken back to his chambers for immediate treatment of his injuries. His sister has always been his weakness. He loved her more than anything else in the whole world. It was not just the duty of a brother, but it was also a promise. A promise made to his mother. When his mother was dying, he swore to her that he would always be with his sister, protect her, guard her, and never lose her from his sight".
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The Plan
‘Friends! Listen to me’, cried the young man in white blood-stained chiton, whose sister has been forcibly abducted by the prince of this tribe. Everyone had gathered there to listen to what Argus had to say.Argus, along with Selene and a few others stood on a high platform in front of the fort, made especially for announcements and delivering speeches. Fabian has been carried to his chambers for rest and treatment. The corpse of Karm
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Where is she?
When Cassandra opened her eyes, she felt a sharp pain on the back of her head. It felt as if someone was hitting her head with a hammer. Her hands were tied and full of red welts. Her legs were bound too. She looked around. It was a dungeon. A smelly dark place with a  small flame burning on one end near the door. There was a small skylight above. The early morning light was streaking inside from it. 
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