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100 years ago, amidst WW3's nuclear bombing, a deadly virus was released in the atmosphere and nearly wiping out the humanity. It lives inside the human brain thriving on the empathy receptors, leading to irrational behaviour and ultimately brain death. To slow the damage, scientists created L.O.V.E, short for Living Off Vital Emotions, a nanovaccine that numbs the virus and switches off all strong emotions. As a last resort and with a dying planet, the Supreme Government created the City, a place to contain the infected survivors suitable for the experiment. Those in the first stages of illness became ideal candidates to receive the neuroinhibitor. Having their feelings restrained and their memory altered, those who come of age are designated a life partner through a selection process, thus preserving the humankind. A few decades after the trial had started, scientists had a major breakthrough. The nanites, which are highly chemically reactive organisms, are changing their bio-engineered purpose when dopamine levels are high. With a new generation of nanoids, stronger and smarter to fight the battle, the virus doesn't have a chance. Many attempts were made to create a man-made version of synthetic dopamine and each time the outcome was a disaster. Their goal is to create new generations, immune to the virus. These are called Purebloods, the offsprings of those who find pure love, the only cure to save them from a violent death. Running out of time, the Experiment entered in its final stages. To minimize the threats, the Colonies have sent their best soldiers to oversee the trial and protect its key subjects. If only things were going according to plan, or better... stay hidden. With Iron Guard, the resistance outside the walls, hunting the Purebloods too, will the trial save human race before it's too late?

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Get on this adventure with Tammy and Lucas as they go against society to find the truth.
2020-12-22 20:03:10
29 Chapters
Chapter 1
  Tammy   It was the Memorial Day. A sorrowful dent in the lives of everyone in the city. They'd all gathered round the fire that shot towards the sky like a mangrove shrub, keeping warm while paying tribute to the fallen ones. A canopy of dark shadows them all, displaying a ghoulish dance in the dim light. The guards were already in place, behind the shadows, watching from above the rooftops and ready to keep the order by all means. Tammy thought it unnecessary.She couldn't recall the last time there was chaos or even the slightest bit of disorder in the city. But the guards were a constant in the society, like stars are in the night sky.The day was beginning to darken and night was fast approaching. There was no breeze but the air carried a familiar chill. Tammy had a shawl draped on her shoulder even though she had on the sweater her grandma made her.With arms folded, she adopted the same solemn disposition as the body of peo
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Chapter 2
Lucas   I've been preparing for this for far too long. Hell, I've been waiting for it for half of my miserable existence. I can do it. It's a clean-and-clear job after all. How hard can it be? First, detect possible threats. Second, remove any obstructions that hinder a positive outcome two simple steps, no complications.   It's my first time here, but it feels like home in a wicked way. The twisted home away from home. I chuckle at the thought, yet the familiarity of it all makes it more real than it sounds. It's been only yesterday when I walked on these streets and now I'm here, stuck at their tedious ceremony. I get it, today is a big deal for them, but I wish the captain would have sent us a day after. Requiems are what I hate the most and, man, this one beats them all. Seeing them staring blankly and stone-cold, at what should be the saddest day of their freaking lives, is driving me nuts.   While we were still doi
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Chapter 3
TammyThe night seems endless, a never-ending waterfall of darkness and despair. How can she fall asleep when the guards could break down the front door at any moment? Tapping her foot nervously on the footboard, she kills the time by searching and counting all the black spots on the ceiling. By the time she reaches a few thousands, the sun has risen high enough to paint the plain walls of her bedroom in bright morning colours.This should do it. It's time to get up and face the day. Maybe they are waiting for me at the Institute. At least, Grace won't be there to make things worse.' Her voice comes out horse and tired, almost defeated.Avoiding her reflection as she passes the mirror on the dressing door, Tammy can almost feel the deep dark circles engraved under her eyes. She squints one of them trying to get rid of the sand-like feeling that is preventing her to keep it open. Then, she ungracefully t
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Chapter 4
LucasHer shocked face, when she saw me entering the class, was priceless. It's so funny that I get to be a senior again, but mission comes first, which means her safety is a priority. At least for a few months until the Selection finishes and, then, I can return home. But not before I have a little fun here, I grin at the thought.The girls here are something else, they like chasing the forbidden fruit prude by day and addicts by night. I mean playing with fire can be exciting if you know what you are doing. Apparently, the chemicals secreted during sex react with the nanoids in their bloodstream making them high, sometimes euphoric. At least, that's what Matt was intensively researching before the last-minute change in his mission. Too bad he was assigned to babysit a dude. I take my place at the back of the class. I can see she's still in awe. Breathe Tammy! The professor, a short man with an ugly moustache plastered
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Chapter 5
Tammy     By the time the morning classes had ended, she'd finally calmed her nerves, returning back to her normal self. She almost forgot about those crystal eyes piercing right through her, unravelling her deepest secret.   In Virology, Dr Shah even gave her extra credit for her paper on Viral Genomes, brightening up her mood. She could only hope that one day she will be chosen to be a part of his team. He is the head of the Biological Science Division, the research building where she has been spending countless hours.   Ever since her parents had been taken away, she promised herself to do everything in her power to find a cure, to do whatever it takes to stop the banishments. So many families have been dismantled or completely erased from history because their beloved ones got infected and exiled. She has dedicated her young life to the cause and nothing will make her change her mind.  
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Chapter 6
LucasI put my leather jacket on and rush after her. The others don't ask any questions and know better than to do so. I take my time while I pass Blondie's table eavesdropping on their conversation and picking up a segment of their sports tactics. Most of it is all jibber-jabber and worthless to me. I pull my hoodie over my head and continue my exit leaving their burning stares behind.Outside the weather couldn't be more perfect. The blue sky stretches as far as the eye can see. Its flawlessness is spotted by puffy cotton-ball clouds adding substance to its vastness. It looks like spring, with blossom trees and brighter green leaves, but it's hard to tell. Only the wind doesn't feel quite right, other than that the Nanites are doing a hell of a job. They erected the dome before building the city inside. At first, it was only a translucent shield meant to make the air breathable again and shelter the construction site. It was onl
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Chapter 7
TammyHer stomach ache has intensified ten times than it had been the entire morning. She wasn't expecting her day to be all rainbows and unicorns, however, she didn't imagine it will turn this bad. Meeting him was the worst thing that could have happened to her and only thinking about it is making her sick. She cannot believe what a condescending jerk he was, prodding her with his long fingers like she was a child. What's that supposed to even mean? Her subconscious demands with pouty lips. The dialogue in her head ignites the flames of her frustration, even more, her outrage fuming the whole way home.Who does he think he is?' she bursts out through gritted teeth as soon as the front door closes behind her. She fists her hands close to her body, striving to hold on to the little selfcontrol she has left. Her fingernails are digging mercilessly in her palms, while she channels all the anger out of her system. Closing her eyes she
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Chapter 8
LucasMy assignment surely is a rare sight. It's like she is purposely making this whole operation harder. At school, I don't see her very often, a few glimpses of her coppery hair, to break the dullness of the monochrome hallways. In class, she's always the last to enter, completely ignoring my presence. Then, within minutes before the lecture ends, she keeps glancing towards the exit. Is she looking for new ways to avoid me even more? The only other place where she dares to show her face is the cafeteria, but then she's always with Blondie. What's the deal between them anyway?Much to my annoyance, our table is getting more crowded. I know I am enjoying my senior days, still, Matt and Elias are having a blast. All these new chicks joining us, are giving me a headache.We weren't that lucky to have a normal high school experience, and they certainly are making up for it. Military school is not something you "enjo
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Chapter 9
TammyHer condition is getting worse, despite all her futile attempts to avoid him. Faith decided to act against her will, meddling with both her patience and her sanity. How can she forget about Lucas, when he keeps popping up like this? Especially now, that Sesh is spending so much time with his friend, Matt. Twisting the knife further still, his name has become a powerful weapon against her weakness, an ever-present sound on everyone's lips that's confusing her even more. If it's not about his looks, it's about his arrogant attitude, which, like a magnet, attracts vilifying rumours and lustful wishes. Her life has turned into a sinking ship, going down fast in nauseating swirls, and with ELISA supposing to be next week, she's on the verge of losing it.She has never been afraid of the test before, not like this at least. The symptoms are getting more obvious, impossible for her to ignore them anymore. Besides, deep down, she kn
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Chapter 10
LucasNavion is exactly my type of sport. It's fun, edgy and dangerous. It makes my blood pump like crazy, but what it's not going to kill me, it surely makes me feel alive. They should definitely introduce it in the Colonies. It might teach them a few things instead of just running after a ball.The try-outs were a joke, but at least we had some fun. We smashed a 30-minutes session in half the time and we still had plenty left to come up with a plausible story for why we were so good at it. Apparently, they dug the idea of us playing a similar game back in our city, and thanks to Elias, who is a master of improvisation, it could have been the best sport ever. The team is alright, not that I had high expectations. As I assumed they are awfully stiff, with few exceptions that are not that bad. I can't say that about the captain, though. Blondie is the worst. He's like a machine, a god damn robot, in the way he moves, talks and even
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