LOVING YOU: A Second Chance At Love

LOVING YOU: A Second Chance At Love

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Three years… That is how long Eunice Tsui spent in a coma after the car accident five years ago. Now that she is awake, the perpetrator must settle his debts. She's returning to the country that never gave her a warm home, and this time, she's taking matters into her own hands. She will track down every rat hiding in the sewer and eliminate them herself. No more being pushed around or feeling unwelcome—she's taking control of the situation. However, her well-thought-out revenge compromises when Jullian Lopez keeps appearing before her. What will be his role in the stage she built for the culprits to gather around? EXCERPT: “Mommy, I missed you!” A four-year-old boy rushes to her side and gives her a loud kiss on the cheek. “How’s my baby?” With an unusually delicate smile on her lips, Eunice asked softly. “Mommy, don’t embarrass me!” Eunice raised a brow and chuckled. “And why is that? You will always be my baby. Besides, we’re the only people here. Why would you feel embarrassed if I called you my baby?” Jillian pouted, folding his arms as he looked past his mom and pointed at the man who emerged from her bathroom only wrapped in a bath towel, barely covering anything. “Eunice Tsui! Why does that child look so much like me?” the man inquired. Eunice rolled her eyes and retorted, “Jullian Lopez, stop assuming. We never sleep together!” Astounded, Jillian shifted his gaze from the two adults to the bedroom, which looked like a super hurricane had passed because of how messed up the bed and every corner of the room were.

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40 Chapters
I Am Back
Claire International Airport, P Country“Eunice, over here!”“Aunt Lhyn!” Eunice smiled upon seeing the forty-year-old woman waving at her in the exit lounge. She hurriedly approached her and hugged her tight; immediately, the two became emotional as moments passed.“Let’s go,” says Lhyn, ending the heartfelt hugs after five years of not seeing each other. She wipes her face and then tells her niece, “We’re blocking everyone’s way.”Eunice giggled and dried her eyes as well. Her aunt led her to the parking lot and helped her put her luggage in the car.“Your grandma is missing you so much already.” Lhyn is now in front of the steering wheel, maneuvering the car from the airport. Frequently, she would glance in her niece’s direction.“Aunt, you should focus on the road. I have no plan of leaving Earth at such a young age,” she joked, then swept her head to look at the lady.Lhyn chuckled and said, “You look even more beautiful as the year passes.”“Who do I inherit the good genes from?
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He is Gorgeous and So Fine
“Oh, hello, my dear cousin. I’m glad you made it.” The beautiful woman, none other than Leah Dela Cruz, smiled charmingly as she approached Eunice. However, her mom grabbed her by the elbow before Leah could extend her arms to hug Eunice. “What is the meaning of this, Leah?” Miranda asked her daughter. It appears Leah knew Eunice was coming home. Leah looked at her mom and winked. Miranda was unhappy with what her daughter had done. She pulled her daughter into the corner to question her. Leah smiled, but it didn’t reach her eyes. The facade of being the sweet lady she put on in front of her fiance had disappeared and was replaced with contempt. “I asked Granny to invite my dear cousin to my wedding, and the crazy lady jumped in joy.” “Are you out of your mind?” Miranda’s eyes wanted to pop out of their sockets. Hearing her daughter's reasoning almost caused her to pass out. It took them so long to kick Eunice out of the family, but her excellent daughter invited the bastard.
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Welcoming The Boss
Eunice took a long breath inwardly. Leah only misunderstood why she was in a trance, staring at Jullian upon meeting him for the first time. Leah always feared that every man would like Eunice more than hers. Thus, she secretly told others to spread nasty comments, and others would make fun of Eunice behind her back. Eunice has always tolerated Leah's slander, but her cousin is mistaken if she thinks that life will always go her way. "What's wrong if I stare at my soon-to-be cousin-in-law? He is gorgeous and so fine." Eunice knew it would infuriate Leah. "You!" Leah was irked at how shameless Eunice was. 'What happened to her? Why is she good at talking back now?' Miranda, on the other hand, almost had a heart attack at how Eunice spoke to her beloved daughter. Leah will soon become the country's princess after she marries a prince from the wealthiest clan. "You really are shameless! You were not disciplined properly!" she criticized her niece. Eunice curled her lips, tilting h
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Please, Don't Fire Me
"No, sir," replied Jay Torres, Christian's head secretary and second in command after Paul Hernandez shook his head. He then continued with his reporting. "Anyway, sir. I wanted to make sure because Director Lopez wanted to discuss the progress of the Monterraz sales. I heard they sold more slots of land, so the construction of the villas should start immediately. Now sixty percent of the estate has been sold." "Hmm. Indeed, it is an excellent piece of news." Christian leans back in the chair with a smug smile on his face. "However, they still didn't surpass the number of slots our boss has sold." "Of course, sir! The lady boss was amazing! Who can exceed her influence? The lady's connections are worldwide. Her business partners couldn't have the heart to reject her proposals when the recommendations were just right." Jay shut his mouth when his boss gave him a side-eye. "Now the lady is in the country. I want you to ensure that neither Lopez nor Dela Cruz can get near her." "No
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Seduce Him
SHANGRI-LA HOTEL After she freshened up and put on some makeup, Eunice exited the bedroom wearing a black knee-length dress that hugged her body, paired with a hot pink stiletto and a diamond jewelry set."Paul?" She saw Paul lounging on the sofa, discussing something with Kyline."Good evening, milady." Paul got up from the couch and greeted her courteously."Why are you here? I've already chosen Kyle as my bodyguard. You don't need to follow me around."Paul smiled nervously. He replied, "Er, Mr. Meier wanted me to bring over some documents for Miss Kyline since you chose her as your assistant, milady.""Ah, I see. How thoughtful of him then." Eunice commented, nodding. "Is that all?""Not at all. I'm here to escort you, Milady. President Meier booked a VIP room at Claire's Secret Garden."Claire Secret Garden is a lavish restaurant on the rooftop of this hotel. It was a glamorous venue where the wealthy and famous held parties and special events like weddings."Great. Then, please
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Who Are You?
"Jullian, you were so generous in helping my cousin. But I don't think she is qualified to be your secretary." Leah hurried to reason it out. Despite how annoyed she was that Jullian showed interest in Eunice, she pursed her lips with a smile. He had only met her once, but Eunice seemed to bewitch him already. 'She's really a witch! But if she thinks she can snatch Jullian from me, she is wrong! There's no way I will allow her to get close to my fiancé. Jullian is mine!' Since joining the school Leah attended, Eunice has been stealing everyone's attention. Even the boys she had a crush on confessed to Eunice, which is why Leah hated her so much. "Jullian, what are you thinking about?" Jullian did not reply but remained silent. It was the first time he had stared at her this long, and she could not hide her blushing cheeks. 'Perhaps my effort finally bore fruit!' She had regular appointments with the best dermatologist in the city to maintain a flawless look. Most of the time, J
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Protected By Secret Society
“So? What are you going to do next? You succeeded in making Eunice Tsui return to the country. All the pieces are in place as you imagined them. Will you maintain your charade as the fiance of that woman?”Larry had a broad smile as he teased. As usual, Jullian shot him a dagger look, his way of reprimanding him. But he is used to his threatening look; thus, he'll only ignore him."Oopsie, you were the only one who knew it was a fake engagement," he added, causing Jullian to sharpen his gaze.Most of the time, he hates how Larry's mouth runs. He seems to never be out of breath, as he never ceases blabbing every second.If it weren't for his talent as a computer genius, he would never put up with how noisy and nosy the guy was. Hence, Jullian stayed calm and ignored his taunt."Now that we speculate that Meier is protecting Eunice Tsui, I have no other way to get near her but through the Dela Cruz family." After a long silence, Julian spoke."Ho, ho… The wedding is just less than two m
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Do I Look Poor?
Most of the people in the elevator scowled in response to her boldness. One is daring to retort. "Miss Leah, we can share a ride since we will head to the same floor." The person who spoke is one of the secretaries assigned to the president's office. Hearing her excuse, Leah scolded her. "Who are you to disobey me? I am the future wife of your boss, the owner of this building! It means I have the authority to order you whatever I want! You had no say when I said I would ride this elevator alone!" The secretary and other employees from another company renting out the Lopez Tower felt annoyed at how bossy she was, even before she officially became Mrs. Lopez. The secretary, Laila, is now planning to draft her resignation letter and hand it over to the boss the day before his wedding. 'I would rather sell fish in the market than work with this woman!' If Leah were to become the boss's wife, Laila could already imagine how she would punish her and the rest of the Lopez employees if
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You Must Keep an Arms Length
Eunice walked up in front of me. Now, I had a better view of her entire appearance. Doing some math in my head, I swallowed as my eyes feasted on her physique, scanning her from the head down to her Louboutin stiletto adorned with genuine gemstones. My eyes then traveled upward to her white dress, which perfectly hugged every curve of her body with a blue sapphire chain belt around her waist. Wearing a pastel blazer does little to conceal her hourglass figure. After having had enough of her clothes, I stared at the jewelry set made of blue sapphire. The sizes were just perfect—not large or small. They were appropriate for her attire. With my observation, I realized that there was a more significant difference between Eunice and Leah. Leah loved wearing large stone jewelry in her daily outfit, which is why I didn't enjoy staring at her. Yet, Eunice exudes a unique charm, and anything would look good on her. And the purse she clutched was from a known brand and ornamented with ge
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The Chief Architect
I sat up and then stood on my feet. Dusting my bottom and smoothing my suit, I coughed to clear out my lungs, covering my embarrassment. Pretending that nothing had happened, I stretched my arm with a grin. "Good morning, President Meier. I'm sorry if I haven't sent out a notice that I will make a personal inspection today. I am particular about maintaining a safe and comfortable space for my occupants; thus, I want to ensure there won't be any mishap because of my negligence." "Even the floor, then?" Christian teased. I chuckled awkwardly when he ignored my hand for a handshake. I am aware that my explanation made me look absolutely ridiculous, and I was tempted to rip Christian's teasing grin off his face. It was apparent that he would continue taunting me. Indeed, his following words annoyed me. "How grateful we are to have such a thoughtful landlord. However, you were never this concerned about doing the inspection personally; you used to send out your men to do the job. Don't
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