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For Luciana Brown, her life had stopped being life, five years ago she had stopped feeling, her heart was broken, because the love of her life had simply died and with him had taken her desire to live. That's why she had only dedicated herself to work and the company, her father had left her as the president, since she was an only child and these years she had been one of the best in the entire country, because that was the only thing she could do. be good, because for love, I had simply closed the doors. Santiago O'Brien, there is nothing more important than his four-year-old daughter, he had fallen in love, he had given everything of him, but in the end it was not enough for his wife, so one day he decided that the best thing was to leave, and He left him alone and his little girl, almost two years old, from then on he has dedicated himself to his daughter and the company that his grandfather had founded with great effort. He and her brother were in charge of making it bigger every day. He wants to always be present in her daughter's life, that's why she never separates her from him, she doesn't like having babysitters 24/7. Unlike everyone else, he takes his little Emily to work and meetings, which sometimes causes problems for him. And one day, thanks to that, he meets the most beautiful woman his eyes have ever seen, but with a dull look and a lonely soul. So it will be a challenge for Santiago to win her over, since her little Emily did it just by smiling at him. What will happen in the lives of these two? Will Santiago be able to heal Luciana's broken heart?

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Luciana woke up agitated after dreaming about Diego, who was the love of her life. For five years she had stopped sleeping, and although she often used sleeping pills, she did not want to depend on them.Diego had been her boyfriend since university, she had met him on the first day, he was the handsome, athletic type, with a beautiful smile and all women and even some men were in love with him, but Diego was different from the athletes whom She was used to dealing with him, he was attentive, affectionate, a gentleman, when he started asking her out she thought it was just a facade, but it wasn't like that, he was transparent, so much so that he fell in love with her after finishing university, Diego proposed to her, she had accepted immediately, they had been together for almost four years and she really loved him, just like Diego did with her, they were really in love, so much so that Diego gave her a period of six months so they could plan the wedding, but a A week before the marri
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Santiago couldn't stop looking at the beautiful blue eyes of the woman in front of him, who at first glance looked like a woman of class, the only thing he still couldn't understand was what she was doing on the floor with her little daughter.Luciana was very sure that the man was the father of the girl, if she was identified with him, even the mole on the left side was there, that man was very tall, dark-skinned, had beautiful brown eyes, black hair and a beard. days made him look incredibly attractive, Luciana did not know what was happening with her, since since Diego's death she had never paid so much attention to a man."Daddy," the girl said, taking them both out of the bubble they were in.—Honey, I've been looking for you everywhere. Why have you run away like that? You know you shouldn't do it, something bad could happen to you and you know I couldn't lose you — Luciana felt her heart melt when she heard it — And who is this beautiful lady? — The little girl ran into her fat
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—She's beautiful, right? —Ronald asked with a smile, while he looked at how Santiago had been staring at where Luciana had just left."More than that, she's perfect, but a little serious," he said, looking into the man's eyes. Ronald lowered Emily from her lap.—Honey, could you go get me a coffee? — Emily nodded when she heard her grandfather and ran out of the place in search of her grandfather's coffee, Santiago knew that he did not want his daughter to hear what he had to say — It wasn't always like that, she was a happy woman, she loved life and smiled at everything.-And what happened? — Santiago asked, very interested in what the man was telling him.—Love happened to her — Santiago knew that at that moment she was jealous and angry at the same time and he didn't know why, since it was stupid of her, he had known her.—Did she cheat on you? — Anger was present once again, as she thought about what the man could have done to her, but Ronald shook his head.—No, he was very in lo
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Luciana had decided not to go to work that day, she really wanted to be there for Irina and help her with everything regarding the wedding, she had been her best friend almost sister since she was a child, she deserved it.The night before she had had dinner with her father and her grandfather, who she informed that the next day she was not going to go to work because she would be with Iriana in the preparations for her wedding. It was a serious mistake, since the men who were happy to let her not go to work also began to harass her that she also had to look for a man in her life. Which made her get a little upset and go to her room. Her father had arrived a short time later and apologized, then he had said goodnight and left the room.Luciana knew that it was true that she still had a great love for Diego, he had been her first great love, but what no one knew was the fear that she had of falling in love again and losing that person she loved again, she simply couldn't. bear it.She
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Santiago couldn't control his heartbeat, what was wrong? He had only met Luciana yesterday and he was already crazy about it.—How small the world is, don't you think? — Luciana said, breaking the silence, he looked at her for a moment and then looked back at the road.-I think so. —He said smiling, she was staring at him and that made him blush.—I think one way or another she was going to meet you.—Yes, it was our destiny — Luciana blushed when she heard it and decided to look out the window. Santiago couldn't help but smile when he saw her out of the corner of his eye. She took a deep breath and spoke again."How is Princess Emily?" — Santiago couldn't help but look at her with great intensity, because of the loving and truly interested way he asked about her daughter."Angry because she didn't bring her with me," he said, laughing as he remembered her daughter with her arms crossed, angry because she didn't go with her father.—Do you always take it everywhere with you? He—he rea
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No one said anything after that, first because he had spent more than half an hour telling her about his life and second because there was little left to reach the place, so Luciana decided to admire the landscape. They both felt comfortable.In the distance they could see what a huge and splendid mansion looked like, the atmosphere was incredible, the mansion was surrounded by pure nature and of course the vineyard, Luciana understood at that moment why her friend had fallen in love with that place.The vineyard was located exactly on Long Island, New York, the property was like a business, owned by the Guiachetti family, which is in charge of the operation of the place and the production of the wine.As soon as they got out of the car, everyone was fascinated.—I love the place — Luciana said out loud — look at the big space to have the wedding, it's going to be fantastic. — Irina jumped with joy when listening to her friend."Luciana is right, this place is incredible," Santiago co
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