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Latent Memoirs

By:  DarkLigthe  Ongoing
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Lorraine Samantha Red Woodwords had a simple life in her hands for years. A life without knowledge of the past, yet full of happiness and freedom. What if one day, a catastrophe explodedesiress before her eyes? Fate was kind not until an unexpected collision happened and everything turned into extreme pain and anguish paired with complication. Was the collision really unexpected or was it meant to be? Can Samantha stand all the excessive violence but still let her heart desires?

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22 Chapters
Chapter 1:
Author's note: At first, you'll see the story as one of the typical stories with kidnaps and chuchu, but don't judge. Try reading it and you'll see the twist, it's worth reading. You'll see a violent act of love:) I wasn't forcing you though.Lorraine Samantha Red Woodwords' POVWe just finished our shifts from the resto-bar where we had been working for the past years. The three of us were walking home but what made me curious was the surrounding's aura. There were no cars running causing traffic, the restaurants closed, the company lights turned off, the TV advertisements of different companies were not showing and all you could hear was the cold breeze of air.The deafening silence, that darkness, the lights, it reminded me of all the painful horrors of my past. The memories of that night, the worst night of my life. The night when I was left alone that I wanted to end my life. Thankfully, before I became insane and kill myself t
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Chapter 2:
Samantha Red's POVCapo Cole brought us to an unknown place in the middle of the forest. As of now, we're living in his mansion as servants, respected servants.It's been two weeks since we're here and I could say that we're really lucky to be bought by him. We never experience any pain or mistreat from him, he respects us all, he gave us proper meals and treatment. Today is Monday, and all of us were gathered in the kitchen. Every Monday, we'll have a nice breakfast with everyone, so we'll have the privilege to interact and socialize with others."Lesha can you please hand me the pork?" I requested looking at Lesha. She's also a maid here but assigned to do the laundry, I also considered her as one of my friends, nice and trusted."Here you go," she handed me plate smiling."Thank you," I grabbed the plate and put some pork on my plate. Haliyah was seating beside me while eat
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Chapter 3
Samantha Red's POVI slowly opened my eyes and rubbed it with my hands making my sight clear. I woke up in a very exquisite room, a room that symbolizes wealth and power. "Wait, what happened?" I nervously looked at my body to see if I was naked or raped but thankfully, I wasn't. It was when my heart came to appease. I breathed heavily.I removed the duvet covering me and stood up. The room was like a famous 5-star hotel, it's really elegant and unique, the interior designer gave a lot of effort for the room. The bed was eight inches thick, there was a semi-living room with a huge TV. I entered a door that I think was the bathroom, it was classic, there was a bathtub and perfect shower room. I saw a handle beside the human size mirror, out of curiosity I pulled the door, and there I saw a walk-in closet with a tantalizing glam corner. I was eager to know more so I went inside and saw the most fashionable
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Chapter 4
Arrow Blacks's POVI was just about to go to my room when I felt something strange. It's like there's something about to happen so I decided to go back to the living room. I was right. There goes Samantha silently walking out of the door trying to escape. I knew she would try but I wouldn't let her.The sight of it angers me to the extent, her leaving me and disobeying me makes me want to lock her in her room that I already did.Her, denying my demands triggers the sleeping monster inside me, especially, when she denied my proposal. She was strong enough, brave enough, to provoke me. It burns my temper that I wanted to strangle her just to make her acknowledge my power over her.I walked out of her room and headed to the lower part of my mansion or should I say the dungeon where my torture room was. It's where I bring my enemies to make them experience hades. Unlocking the door, I entered. I grabbed the handcuffs an
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Chapter 5
Ashton's POVArrow called me to get his woman from the torture room where he showed no mercy. Pity started coiling my heart upon laying my eyes on her bruised face, she wasn't supposed to be treated this way, she was supposed to be treated nicely, like a queen. I brought her to her own room and treated her long painful lashes and the wound on her lip  I bet she suffered hell in Arrow's arms. She lost a lot of blood and energy for the last two days but, hopefully, she'll wake up soon. I sat on the chair beside the bed reading some books waiting for her to wake up."Doctor?" She hardly opened her eyes with her talking barely due to the wound on her lip that's really painful."How are you, Samantha?" I set the book on the table as I stood and went close to her bed."I am okay. Thank you for treating my wounds and for carrying me up in here," she whispered lowly, while she forced a half-smile
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Chapter 6
Samantha Red's POVFive dull days passed by and I jist stayed in this room alone. Ashyy would always come every other day just to change my bandages and give me some fast healing meds. I haven't seen the monster for almost three days. The last time was when I felt his presence on my bed sleeping with me.The lashes seemed to be healing so fast and that's because of Ashyy's help. I tried my very best to finally stand and walk again, thankfully, I succeeded. I need to regain my strength in order to win against the monster who's bossing me around.By the time my feet touched the floor, it was amazing. It feels like I was brought back to life. The elegant ambiance made me interested that made me roam around this house especially in his room. Everything was perfect. The bathroom, the store-like closet, the mini office, and the overwhelming balcony view. I went to his closet and looked at his expensive clothes until my eyes caught somethi
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Chapter 7
Ashton's POVI was about to go upstairs and meet the council when Sam bumped into me. The fear evident in her teary eyes told me she's really going down, it happened 'cause she already found the truth. The secret that we're trying to hide the most but now it's revealed. Terror and panic strucked her, I assume, with the way she acted, it looked like a traumatic experience, a hurtful past that caused her to pass out.I carried Samantha to Arrow's room and settled her there. Her face was in distress, her hair was a mess, her lips were dry, her eyes had dark circles. Such angelic face, sadly, it was turned into a pure disaster.Arrow needs to know that her woman already knew what he was, so I headed to the meeting room and whispered it to Arrow."Meeting adjourned. Do take care of your work properly. I don't want to hang someone in my torture room again, I'm tired of it," he said with a bossy tone then everyone went out
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Chapter 8
"We live to love, just like we love to live." -DarkVergentAshton's POVArrow's intention was reasonable to me. She wants to mold and insure her woman the way she wanted her to be but it's just that he pushed it too far. His way, it's bizarre but it's pure.Forthwith, I was here seating beside Sam's bed while watching her eat food. The sight of her was so lenient because of the distress clouding her. Her face was sad, her lips were dry, her eyes were despondent and reddish due to crying so hard, her hair looks like a bird's nest. Her life excitement and happiness departed from her. The emptiness inside, I knew she's feeling it, not only the voidness but also the misery.As her friend, I pity seeing her like this deadpan and gloomy. I wanted to bring her back the way she was when I first met her. She was pained at that time but she's cheerful unlike now, she looked like a living corpse."Hey, Sam, yo
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Chapter 9
"The past never defines who we are because we are more prior than our actions." Samantha Red's POV"Hey, you're here. I thought you ran away already. Arrow will slaughter me if you do." I was also alarmed when he suddenly talked."You also scared me," I reacted."Uhm, Ashyy, how did his parents die?" I asked, I knew how painful it was to lose your parents."You should ask him. I have no right to interfere," he answered shaking his head and smiled innocently.I just pouted out of disappointment. I didn't get the answer that I want. All the things present here hid a lot of secrets, how rare.~I was eating my dinner here in the dining room alone since Ashyy went home to the West because of her woman. I was just wondering what the two doors contain? Why did Ashyy keep me away from it? My gut keeps on telling me to discovers what's inside. I knew
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Chapter 10
"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is misery and today, it's a gift that why it's called a present"Samantha Red's POVI ran back to my room and changed into something comfy. Jeans and a tank top suited my taste right now, and after that I ran down the stairs not wanting to be damned. I saw Shadow waiting for me rather than Arrow."Let's go to the rooftop, Mrs. Smith." Then he leads me to the stairs. There was an elevator, but they kept on making me walk this long way of stairs.We reached the rooftop and my jaw hanged open due to shock. He was staring at me with no expression but his eyes seemed to have something but I didn't want to care.I went close due to the big amusement, it was my first time to personally see a real helicopter. I was so amazed that I couldn't prevent my self from smiling. I bit my lip as I never expected that it was this big."Come, I will give you a tour aroun
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