Legacy: The Forgotten World

Legacy: The Forgotten World

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My name is Gwenn and I am a queen to an empire, an empire which is unnatural. I became one of them to help my people defeat our enemy only for me to realize that I am not just one of them, I was more. Prophesies foretold my coming, I am the reincarnate of a queen who was almost a goddess. If only that was all, then I would be at ease but with great power comes great responsibility. I have to battle the taint. He was awakened the same time the former queen was awakened in me. This time he doesn't want to fail and he is willing to go to the extreme. Last time he made my husband kill me. This time... Heaven have mercy on us all.

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77 Chapters
Trisha knew that she was going to die that day. She just didn’t know that it would be her husband, her king who would be the one to do it.  “Yama.” Trisha said with tears in her eyes as she was unable to move on her husband sword which was sticking out of her stomach.  “You might be my Alal and an almost goddess but it doesn’t change the fact that you are still my subject.” Trisha husband and the current King growled out as he twisted the sword in her stomach. “It was the right thing to do.” Trisha said as blood bubbled out of her mouth.  “Right or wrong, it doesn’t change the fact that you are trying to bury Magic. Yes it corrupts but it is beautiful too.” The king yelled in the face of his queen, his eyes red but not from tears but from too much magic.  When it is too much in some one and the person keeps taking more than he can in his capacity, it corrupts the person and rules him from the inside out.  “It i
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GwennI have an issue with snakes. The first person I ever love loved and wanted to be owned by saved me from a snake.  The person who got to own me was nothing but a snake.  Rushing back to Northshore to save his pathetic excuse of a life should show how much of a great person I am, not only was I trying to keep him alive but I was also trying to make things between us work.  I guess I shouldn’t lie and say that those were the only reasons I was rushing back to Northshore. It was about time that I hold Arius, the snake who supposedly owned me and also popularly known as the acting king of Northshore, to his word.  He said that getting married to a noble foreigner would be enough to give the help Dar needed from Northshore. The only noble available then was me and I fit all the criteria that was how my arranged marriage occur, an alliance was formed between the empires of Dar and Northshore. An alliance that is prac
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“If you know what is good for you, you better not let that hand drop.” I said calmly even though I was anything but calm.  No! I cannot be tied to a man who will physically abuse me, I would rather die than be my mother. My mind screamed out but none of this showed on my face. What showed was the calm fury I was holding to with all my might. I cannot return to the scared little girl I was, who was afraid of my father return whenever he would travel.  Arius breathed out as his hand hanged in the air for a while before he dropped it by his side and not towards my direction as he had earlier intended.  “Why on earth will you try and insult the council? Do you have a death wish? They are the most feared group in this empire. Not even the warriors. They can make and unmake. They can break you with a thought and not lose sleep about it. You must have a death wish. There is no other explanation for your actions.”  Arius gripped his hair in hi
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  I have been lenient with Arius, too lenient. The black eye he spotted was not enough to reduce my anger. I was not going to take trash from his sister!  “Can you believe that this is the person who is expected to give us new heirs? What a joke.” Vala mumbled into her cup as Arius rubbed his brow but he didn’t say anything to stop her.  “Yeah, you want to know what a bigger joke is? You going to be someone else wife and mother. What are you going to teach your children, how to leech off their uncles?” I asked, talking into my goblet too.  At my words, the room went quiet and then exploded into a flurry of activities as Kastav, the brother I am worried about rushed to hold his sister, while his sister shrieked and gripped the table knife and came at me.  “The next time you grip a knife to face me, I will take you up on that offer.” I stared at her in the face.  “You think that you are amazing and that you
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Noble women no matter what empire they belong to are nothing but thorns at the side of an outsider. I had watched what Dar women did to Themis who was not a complete outsider and heard stories too, I even joined in the disciplining of some of the errant women who were below Themis in status and still thought that they could circulate rumors to tarnish her image.  Now if that was the same people I had to deal with here, I would not have minded. I would have breakfast with them while counting each snide comments and when we are done with our breakfast, I would have them whipped for each foul word that was said to me or about me.  But I couldn’t do that to princesses, not when their brother who happened to be my husband will have my head if I hurt them.  I got to the same room as yesterday, the one where the meal was held while silently cursing the fact that I couldn’t have meals with my escorts from Dar.  It isn’t done, I was told by
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I needed an escape so when I saw a garden behind one of the courtyards, I thought nothing about it as I hurried there. The serenity was amazing, I sat under a tree and that was when the tears started. Homesickness. I was just here for barely a day but I was already feeling home sick because this was not the way I had envisioned my life to go. I thought that I would be beside my brothers, we protect Dar and then after a while, I would settle down with the person who had my heart from Childhood, Baxter, the Master healer but it didn’t happen that way. You would think that after years of watching life present lemons for me, that I would be used to the idea that I should expect the worst from life. I thought the worse would be getting married to a weird set of people but it apparently is not. The weirdest thing is getting married to someone who is not your choice only to discover that
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AriusGwenn was crazy, totally and completely crazy! When Faye distracted me from my sparring session with my brother, Kastav which Gwenn accused of wanting to kill me, I actually thought that maybe Gwenn was wrong about who was going to kill me, it was not going to be Kastav but rather Faye. Well that was my thought until she started to talk about my wife who have a death wish. On getting there, the brat with no self-preservation in her actually turned to greet me with a smile on her face. “Gwenn I know that you are angry but this is a little bit out of hand, don’t you think?” I approached her and the council members who were strangely not doing anything to harm Gwenn, I had been on the receiving side of their wrath once, although it was a long time ago, I still remember the hopeless feeling that arose from that experience and how my father waged a war on the council. Kastav mother, after being punished was sent away fr
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Arius“You requested to see me, my king.” Soren, the twin to one of the sixteen commander asked after he bowed when he let himself into the hall which I used for official business. Each king decorates the hall to suit his taste but my father decorations were still on the wall. I was not going to do anything about it until it is declared that my father is no more and the people responsible for his demise are brought to justice. The king was wasting away, everybody knew it was only a matter of time before he dies. “Yes I did. You are second in command to your legion right?” I asked Sorens who nodded. “Yes my king, I am the one in charge now since the commander died.” Sorens explains. The right thing for me to do will be to promote Sorens to be the leader of the of his Legion so he would be a commander like his brother has been for the past two years but I am known fo
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GwennI thought that I was ready for anything, I thought that I was ready to take whatever the oath was but I was ill prepared. “My queen, please wrap yourself up in this.” The Mareikura which was assigned to me said as she presented me with a thin like shawl. This Mareikura was respectful, I learnt that the trait of Faye was only a characteristics of her as a person, not her friends or the position she held which was a good thing because if there was more than one of Faye in existence at the castle… well when I return, let’s just say that a lot of maidens would have either lost their jobs or their lives. Depending on how annoying they were to me at first glance. “Okay.” I replied in a tiny voice as I took the shawl and wrapped it around me, not like it helped to hid anything since the whole of me was on display. The Mareikura, held me by hand into another chamber and this ch
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It’s been two days since that weird pit incidence. Two days since I have been down but according to Arius who spent the entire time with me, I was recovering faster than any commander he has ever seen. He makes it so hard to hate him, who could hate someone who ignored his supposed mistress to take care of a woman who don’t like him, a woman who would do anything than to be in his company. He was being the perfect husband and I hated it because it couldn’t be real. I was not strong enough to complain about it, two days ago but I was certainly strong enough now. While lying on my bed, watching him as he goes about mixing the herbal drink which was created to make an individual gain his strength back, I grew more incensed at his actions. “Stop it.” I tell him. He glanced at me with question. “You don’t want it, it is the best way for you to gain your strength,
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