Born By Power : Chaos And Apocalypse

Born By Power : Chaos And Apocalypse

By:  David Ekeledo  Ongoing
Language: English
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Power bound to your destiny, you can't escape from... Doing the impossible to survive... And still they say it is all coming to an end... But deep know it is all getting started... They say...Existence is triggered. Triggered by a force aligned with Chaos. The Force Of Sentience, the Force of Essence, The Force Of "The Spark." And just a being possesses the power of the Spark, the Celestial...John Ozais Screeman. John's desire for more power sends the world on a whole new path, a gaffe that is set to ruin existence. After releasing a high demon from hell, John realises more had been done than what he thought he performed. More precisely, the penning down of the prophecy which shall unveil the end of the supernatural race and rain chaos to the mortals. Evil triggered by the prophecy rises one after another in its various forms in accordance to the fulfillment of what has been written, what fate hath made so. Demons, raging from the depths of hell, mutants and Vampires rising, magic turning against it's host, powers at it's verge, Realms collapsing and realities wrapping turning to chaos. All hope and faith of the supernatural, fall upon the shoulders of John Ozais. Like they say, with the Spark, comes life but what they were never told was... Before Life,...comes "Chaos And Apocalypse."

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Nihc Ronoel
I couldn't wait for white-haired John to unleash his powers. I read the prologue and it made me continue to the next chapter. Just one note on some typos, starring should be staring, as well as starred should be stared. ?
2020-11-22 19:00:27
user avatar
I've read only two chapters from this book, started the third already, and so far, I'm loving it! Keep up the good work.
2020-11-03 04:52:57
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Belle Cassy
Nice story! I love how you describe things. ❤? Added to my library. ❤?
2020-11-01 22:41:05
user avatar
Awesome plot
2020-11-01 04:57:07
user avatar
Rachana Sahoo
Loving it?❤
2020-10-12 21:55:24
default avatar
Theophilus Tetteh
Good book to be read
2020-09-10 03:54:59
user avatar
There is a pull to this.... Keep the pen bleeding.
2020-08-13 05:27:24
177 Chapters
Disclaimer This is a work of fiction. All the names of characters, locations, items, places, events and incidents in this book are produced by the author's imagination and used in a fictional manner. Any resemblance to any person by name alone or facial traces, living or dead is purely coincidental, hereby, no part of this book is to be reproduced in any such forms; Manuscripts, books, phonorecords, cards, disk, films, tapes or trailers without an official request from the author.© Copyright Notice.CHAPTER 1 "I was said to have been born with metaphysical abilities in the year 1994. One my late mother addressed as "The Celestial spark." Although at my nineteenth birthday, I happened to come across a note she left behind before her uncertain death which occurred not long after we moved to Venezuela from New Orleans. Precisely four years ago. In her note, she stated and in her voice ringing in my head, it was read out :"Dear John, do not hate me for this. Forgive me for hiding the
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CHAPTER 2 Seeing Beyond"John Ozais Screeman!" The angel called as he turned to me. His bluish ocean eyes were the most unique thing I think I had seen in the past years of my life. He had what seemed to be like a helmet or crown, I couldn't tell, over his head, perhaps a halo, and on his knuckles, he had some golden jewelries and armors over his arm and his legs."Who are you?!" I squinted at him, with a straight up face.I awaited his response, staring daggers at him. He spoke suddenly, clearer at the moment. His voice sounded fiercer than thunder and wild creatures."I am Raphael." He responded as he raised his (left or right?) shoulder up. At effect, his back absorbed the wide wings. Perhaps I was sure I wasn't hallucinating. If I want to leave this place alive, perhaps I should be as friendly as I can. I said to myself. "What is this? Am I dead?!" I asked, glancing a whole hundred and eighty degrees and back. "Listen to thy words before thou speak, you shall receive image
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CHAPTER 3SEEING THE CONCEALEDThe search for Maria wasn't long as Khloe displayed a sort of ability leading us to the exact point where the girl was.I was stunned after realising that I was standing before the club that had been placed in my head. Not actually before it to be precise, just by the road side. Not a big deal but it felt strange."Juan Sebastian Bar?" I read the bold bar name written above the door, glanced at our surrounding and back at the door where the bouncers stood. "How are we getting past that door?!" I asked Khloe with my arms folded on my chest. I turned around to no answer rather Khloe was already heading towards the door, walking drunk-walking. I realised she had taken off her jacket and all she had on was her sleeveless thin shoulder cloth with her jeans of course."Dang it!" I banged the car's door hard and laid by the car, just waiting to see what she had to play off."You know what they say about big boys like you two?" She started off, seductively s
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Chapter 4 Azazel's GripA new set of images and clips, reinstated the street. And it was like I was in the images I saw. And suddenly, I watched myself, in a desert, from behind me, I stared, unaware of what was going on. I couldn't hear any sound but at least the video could supply enough answer to why I do see pentagrams, demons and so on.I saw as my hands were stretched apart and the desert sand rose from the desert waves, surrounding me. coat blew in a western direction caused by the anti clockwise wind force.Suddenly I saw as the earth cracked from a large radius and the sand sank into the burning inferno that was being raised from the depth of the earth me. The cloud darkened and the inferno which was before me, made way for a horned beast that looked exactly like the one I have been seeing. Already clothed in a black garment, I studied him closely, he possessed the pentagram on his forehead and his skin was bloody. He walked closer to me and his burning feet sank into
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Chapter 5Discovering The Hidden First Person NarrativeJohn I was awoken by the rays of sunlight fashioning itself directly to my eyes from the open curtain of the room I was in. The bright light made me squint tightly. I couldn't even tell if it was morning or noon. I took my leg down and about to stand, I felt a pang on my chest which cleared as sudden as it came. I exited the room and made my way to the living room where Maria, Khloe and Pete were. I stared at Maria as her pink lips touched the apple in her palm and she took a bite out of it. I snorted at her before looking around in search for nothing specific actually.  Khloe walked up to me. She was the helping hand I needed. She held to make sure I didn't stumble and fall. It felt like I lost my stamina.  "Pete, this is John, the one I told you about, John, meet Pete." Khloe gestured with her hands in an air slice hori
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Chapter 6Discovering The Hidden Khloe's homeBasement Khloe made her way down to her basement where Maria, Pete and I were.  "I dozed them off!" She informed, rubbing her hands on the top of the silver handrails as she bounced down the stairs making her brunette hair swing forward. She didn't seem so cheerful after all. "Khloe," I called. "A....Are we going to talk about wha...what happened...back there?!" I stammered, trying to detail a bit with my hands which of course didn't make any progress in my speech.  "There is nothing to talk about, I realised I am a siphoner, I siphoned your powers, and now it's developing." She grinned ironically. "That's all, you see, nothing to talk about." She added before she slammed her palm on her jean. Maria and Pete looked away with obvious mifset of not interfering. "So, why a
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Opening Scene ;Sight catches a glimpse of Azazel in the desert where he was raised from the forever burning inferno, by the hands of the beholder of the spark, John. Repeatedly chanting words which were inexplicit to the ears. The desert sand rose, forming a desert storm. The skies darkened and it was seen and heard, seven lightening struck in the misty, dark and heavy clouds. Four horses were seen galloping across the heavy clouds as their hoofs spark fire upon the empty air. None had a rider. One was red, and it had on its body parts, signs that if they were put together, they meant famine. And the second horse was black, and in its eyes, it had the definition of plague, suffering and envy. And the sky made way for the third as it hit its hoof and neighed, raising its front legs up before setting fire as it rode down to the earth. The pale look in the pale horses' eyes called out death. And lastly, a white horse with a glorious rider, bright and he was war.Fire suddenly was raised
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CHAPTER 8Running From The Unknown 14 Days Later. Things get really tense after the voices Khloe heard and the confusing information Maria's mother shared over the last few weeks.  Almost three weeks and still no sight of Ozais. At least not yet. And same has been with the Horsemen which Azazel raised. Everything might look calm, but trust Fate, if something goes too smooth, their is a really rough edge coming. Night,Eregdrix. The darkness overwhelmed the city of gold as it turned out to be the depths of night. At most corners of the realm, there were bright lights fashioning there rays and at a few, and the rest, darkness fell upon. The Palace wasn't excluded. The sound of a ball bouncing and hitting a surface attracted a creature which sight saw through. Through its eyes, the edges were rough and shaggy. It made no sound, rather it liste
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CHAPTER  9What Azazel Brings  "9PM" Khloe's mobile device spelled out as soon as she pressed the power button. She stood by the street, beside a restaurant that was engulfed with light internally. The glassy windows exposed the internal features of the restaurant. Unused chair fitted into the tables perfectly. Tables arranged neatly, dressed like souvenirs, food servers and attendants, dressed neatly. Although she made eye contact with an unusual figure. His eyes were as red as they could possibly be, his face, crooked like, hands...pale. Maybe it was just her ephialtes. Khloe quickly blinked and looked away from the attendant. Taking a glimpse back at him, she saw everything was normal. The strangest of all was that face was the one that made the call across the street before she arrived here. Her brows slowly knitted together as she took a closer look, trying to observe more about the restaurant. It wasn't so long before
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CHAPTER 10The Battle Venezuela,Caracas.Gateway To Eregdrix. Continuation From The Previous Chapter  The Blade is Referred To As "Him", having no specific name yet. His breathe summoned what only a demon can control, His mind channeled the deadly embodiments of hell, his life force brought them to him and his flesh and power led them to destroy what their prince has brought upon the earth, with the order "Destroy Evil With Evil!" Light fades His closed eyes gazed upon the heavens as he took his breath in and out. His lips smooth and fresh, his hair like a baby, the skin of his palm soft and the flares emitting from his body, were the flares that called the hounds. He stretched forth his hand and a with ease, the way parted for him. The hounds were accumulating, getting in their pack, using the shortest cuts of streets. Jumping over
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