Liar, Liar, Billionaires

Liar, Liar, Billionaires

By:  Lola Ben  Completed
Language: English
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She is feisty. She is crazy. She is versatile and that is one of the few reasons why Chloe Pepper is so good at her job. And she is back in town to mingle and dine with the NAG brothers until the famous billionaires are successfully jailed. ~ Three men, famous for their wealth and beauty. Three brothers not from the same mother with a bond so strong no one has been able to cut through. They are the NAG brothers and they are about to receive an unknown storm in their household in the form of Chloe Pepper. ~ Working undercover is one thing, surviving the fiery gazes and seducing gestures of the famous gorgeous billionaires is something else. Will Chloe be able to expose the crimes of these brothers without being caught in her surprisingly fitting maid’s uniform? Or will she find herself falling for the charms of one of them or… two or… three of them, hence jeopardizing her mission?

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Good story ...
2022-10-02 15:43:42
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Loved it Honestly🤣The belly was doing an awesome job of the Bean bag. God, it was Hilarious🤣. You have a great sense of humor here. Loved reading the first few chapters, The Plot is amazing, Characterization is good. Totally worth reading.
2021-05-11 23:48:41
82 Chapters
One- Hormones
Adrenaline . She was high on it and she was so close to nabbing her tar… “Ow!” Chloe howled, her flour-covered hand grabbing the foot that had just hit against an iron thing, her body struggling to maintain balance. A burst of maniacal laughter from afar off suddenly reminded her of what she was up to. Smirking to herself, thumping her hurting foot on the cold ground, Chloe's eyes waved towards the fat, bald man who was presently running the most distance he probably ever has, thanks to her. "Oh no, you don't." And… after that statement came; some catching up, grabbing, tossing, punching, groaning, pressing, choking, and finally… Chloe nabbed her target who she had worked for, for four freaking months. As she bounced onto the big belly of the man who had just been caught red-handed dealing with blood diamond- the ultimate evidence that she had been anticipating, Chloe took a second to rest. And, to be honest, the belly was being a good bean bag. Ignoring the groans of the h
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Two- Dibs
The atmosphere was different that particular day, it was not so hard for Nathaniel to notice. He was the calm, calculating one after all. He did his things with precision and made sure his environment moved according to his pace to any extent possible. So , yes. Something was different. “Are we done here?” an impatient Amir asked, his hand running through his head which did not carry much but just a layer of hair that was glued to his skin in all its oiliness, without stress. ” Are we going to talk about the fact there is no house help in this house anymore?” Gabriel returned, his child-like face molded into a sneer at Amir. “What happened to the one we have?” “Well,” Gabriel sat back properly as he answered Nathaniel. “, why don't you ask Mr. Pervert here?” On hearing the p-word, Nathaniel's interest was ultimately roused that he turned in his seat to fully face the culprit in question. "What did you do Amir?" "I didn't do anything nasty, I promise." He swore, his hand gr
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Three- Threats
Chloe had not exactly taken her time to study the huge house the previous day as she was more concerned with taping the rooms she could gain access to. The handle of her luggage held tightly in her hand, her eyes scanned across the hugeness of the building . Not sure whether to term it a mansion or not, she noticed how much the features of a regular duplex and a simple bungalow mixed to give the building a unique structure. Chloe certainly did not miss the huge see-through window to her extreme upper left which exposed what seemed to be a sitting room. If Chloe knew her Maths right, she had found two living rooms just on the ground floor the previous day. She just had to shake her head. 'Rich people and being ridiculous.' Taking a deep breath, she made for the entrance, recalling Agent Connor's advice. Be nice, he had said. He surely knew how disgusted she was to be living under the same roof with a rapist. But if he wanted her to be nice, she would be. Anything for the mission.
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Four- Strange noises and a warning
A week passed but Chloe was yet to make any discovery that could serve as a lead. Instead, the week was filled with chores and chores and a quiet house as the men were hardly around. But then, taking care of a huge house was more than she had anticipated. After her second day, Chloe just had to appreciate the fact that Lucille was employed as her partner. With tiredness coursing through her system as that particular day happened to be more tedious considering that she helped Madam Lugi, the head domestic help (she is mainly the cook) with the laundry. There were so many clothes enough for a community of fifty people to wear repeatedly for three years. Not bothering to take off her uniform, Chloe kicked off her shoe and jumped onto the amazing bed which she added to the list as one of the few things she liked about the house after she had experienced a wonderful night's sleep on it the first day. Gradually, sleep carried her, distant voices from outside her room entered her subco
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Five- Rejected
"Boy do I hate working from home." Amir stretched as he decided to take a break from the system in front of him. His eyes darting to the busy duo in front of him who had decided to ignore his declaration, he decided it was time to get something else done. He could maybe have some fun. Leaning back in his chair, his nose picked up the vanilla-ish scent of the new help, Chloe, which signed how close she was to the room. Getting up, he decided she would be his fun for the day. Or perhaps for a long time. There was just something about her that interested him. He was right. Chloe was standing in front of the small living room, her eyes trained on something ahead, a broom staying still in her hand. Scoping her, Amir could not help but appreciate how amazing she looked in the uniform. Not being too loose nor too tight, the black and white material sculptured her in the right places. “Eh- hem. Chloe?” It was evident she had been deep in thought as she appeared a bit startled as she tur
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Six- Apologies and Gorgeous eyes
"I don't think I can work under such conditions, sir. It is already quite strenuous on my mentality that I am living with a rapist. But him coming onto me, that's quite too much.""Pepper, I know how infuriating that can be, but you need to calm down and think with a cool head. You don't want to jeopardize what we have going here."Chloe shook her head unbelievably. He kept saying he understood, that he knew how infuriating it can be. But, he was not the one working his ass off because of some fucked up mission!“I don't even understand why I have to live with them. Whatever happened to sending a trained ninja-like agent to tape the house? It makes things easier that way. I wouldn't have to sit my ass here waiting for them to mention something related to rape or young girls."“Agent Pepper, you have to calm down. Yes, we could have taped the house but that would have done no good. That is why we need you to forge a relationship with them. A kind of relationship that would get you into
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Seven- Amir and his issues
Chloe looked at the little group that hovered over their laptops and she wondered why they decided to do their boring finances in the library. It was even more annoying that they kept talking at intervals. And it annoyed her even more when they were not having a conversation that could give her a lead.Raising the book in her hand to make it seem like she was still interested in its content, Chloe wondered how on earth Nathaniel's words of them being a family was going to work out.There is Lucille who is always either doing something in her room or throwing dagger glares at her whenever Nathaniel happens to pass by. Amir on the other hand could be in a corner of the house making phone calls with his women if he is not busy with work.Gabriel as usual is his quiet self. He spends most of his time in the library while Nathaniel was always looking so serious and having one call after the other most certainly about business.Chloe did not see how them being like a family was going to help
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Eight- A date?
Deep in thought, Chloe wondered when she was going to get that one lead she was looking for. Time was moving fast and having nothing to do but chores upon chores was starting to get on her nerves.True, it was part of her work so she had to be very patient and vigilant to get what she was there for. But, she didn't have all the time in the world to spend months in a huge house working her butts off. She had issues of her own to deal with.Her hand clenching the edge of the tiled surface, Chloe let out a swear word.Then, her train of thought drove in another direction.Recalling Gabriel's and most importantly Amir's words about Nathaniel liking her, she wondered if she wanted to use that channel to get what she wanted.Toying with real emotions was something that could become dangerous for her.She let out a huge sigh, nothing was clear to her anymore. Maybe that was because her reason for being there was not yielding results. Assuming she had gotten that one lead she was so desperate
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Nine- A distracting kiss
“How do you manage to make any dress look good?” Gabriel complimented from the doorway.“Oh, Gabriel,” Chloe said shyly as she played with the end of her curled hair.“I think the dress just happens to fit me. But, isn't this a bit too much?"She looked into the huge mirror that came with the team that had come earlier to take care of her appearance. The dress which was long and black with a bit of silver sprinkled at its silted ends, really took Chloe aback who was just expecting a regular-looking gown.“I think you look amazing.” Gabriel moved closer and stood just behind her to continue admiring her look. “I love how daring your eyes look, it suits your personality even more.”“But what do you know about my personality?”“I know for sure that you have a crazy side that you are managing to keep in check because of your job.” His hand came up to help adjust the strand that was resting uneasily on her shoulder. After, he looked at her image with a small smile that brought out his cuten
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Ten- Under his bed
Chloe hated the fact that she was finding it hard to get the feel of his lush lips against hers out of her mind. She hated, even more, the fact that it was the next day already.As she almost unconsciously recalled the night, Chloe turned on the tap of the wash hand basin and let the sound of rushing liquid ease her a bit.Nathaniel didn't come back after he left her standing in what one might as well call shock. Instead, after she had stood for almost an hour, he sent a driver to come get her and take her home.It was quite rude of him, but it was established that he did weird things sometimes.Sucking her lower lip in, Chloe got off the toilet seat and walked to the door handle where her smartwatch which kept vibrating was hanging.After she successfully connected her headset, she said, “Agent Pepper here.”“How did yesterday go?”“It was a short night. I noticed a few things though.”There was a brief silence before Agent Connor said, “Do tell .”“Well, Nathaniel Stone seemed to be
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