CHAPTER | Thirty-Five

Tyrell meets Bree, a free spirited tattoo artist that was raised by Marcus Lowell - the President of The Snakes, when he is told that he is needed to go to his motorcycle clubs rivals territory to help fight a fight that involves both his motorcycle club, The Devils Crow, and their rival, The Snakes. Tyrell is depressed, Bree Pierce, however, makes everything feel that little bit better, they fall in love and find a home in each other. When the antagonist of the story is found, both The Snakes and The Devils Crow discover that his plan all along was to break them all, he burns down Bree’s salon. As Tyrell’s job is done, he returns back to his own territory, leaving Bree. When Bree was young, she had trouble with her mother and her father had left due to unknown reasons, now, she does not see her mom but sees her dad every so often, though, their relationship is rocky. Bree’s parlour gets rebuilt but she decides to go back to Tyrell, to the Devils 

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