Living With The Bad Boy

Living With The Bad Boy

By:  Eunice Nwodu  Completed
Language: English
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Forget the riches and the popularity. Rissa didn't want any of this as much as she wanted her parents to be around the house. She spent most of her childhood surrounded by strangers who only work as staffs in the mansion. There was nothing she could do to prevent them from always leaving her. This was until her mother bailed someone from jail, a young offender whom they had forgotten. A boy who lost his parents at a young age and was left to face the world alone. After so many years, they bring him back into their lives to stay in their house. Mykel is all grown up now, has tattoos, a handsome face, and a clever mind. The first thing Rissa does was to hate him. She called him a jerk and berates him for being an ex-convict. All that changed with time after Rissa fell for him. But Mykel has a grudge that won't go away. A strong zeal to kill and his target was her parents.

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nice story
2023-03-21 04:46:10
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Stephanie Hill
So far I’ve enjoyed the read!
2022-03-19 14:11:15
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Ana Khan
so good 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
2021-07-11 21:03:22
user avatar
Eunice Nwodu
A big thanks to those paying to read this book😍
2021-06-20 03:14:00
65 Chapters
He's Released
RissaThe dining table got so quiet and lonely that I could hear myself chewing down the pancakes.  I thought I had gotten used to the loneliness. Why does it seem to affect me so much this morning??? Oh! Now I get it. Mom and dad promised to join me for breakfast since it's the first day for the semester.  I should have known it was a promise that they weren't willing to keep.  I don't blame them either. They're the busiest human beings I've ever come in contact with since 16 good years of my life.  They get so busy that they couldn't even give me a sibling. Not one, not two, none at all!!!  At least, I have my two best friends - Zoe and Alex to comfort me in that sad reality.  Oh! And my dog as well. Her name is Pineapple and she keeps me company whenever I get bored of my phone
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The Talk
RissaThe attention I received from the other students was one I couldn't prevent. I would have been such a lonely scholar if not for Zoe and Alex. They got closer and met the real me.The fun and crazy me.Our friendship became official last year and since then, we've become inseparable. We even celebrated our sweet sixteen party together. And so, my two besties were hanging around the parking lot right next to where the driver had parked.I quickly jumped out of the car and we engaged in a tight and cozy hug."You smell so good, Rissa!" Zoe beamed as her cheeks grew red hot.She wore an outrageous makeup on her face and it definitely wasn't the typical look Zoe used to have."Why's that on your face?" I asked as we skim across the parking lot to the school building."My sister's back from Canada and s
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He's a Korean
Rissa's p.o.vI entered the library holding my phone and laptop. I decided to watch some gymnastic videos after having 'the talk' with mom.I'm trying not to get worried about the room being cleaned. Maybe there's something she wants to store in there.Anxiety was eating me alive!.She sat by the other side of the desk where dad normally sits.She was in the middle of a phone call but quickly concluded with it on spotting me.I dropped on the leather seat and dropped the things I was holding."So, mom....what's going on?" I asked curiously.She leaned down and brought out something from the desk before passing It to me across the table.It's a photograph."Do you remember him?" She asked drumming one hand on the other.I gazed into the picture. It's a baby picture of me next to some boy!His hair is d**n curly and thick black
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His good looks
Rissa's povI kept staring as the car doors opened and some men stepped out. God! They're so huge. How's one of them under eighteen???I was yet to conclude when someone else came out of the car and he seemed to be the last.I was amazed by his black curly hair. It was really shiny like he shampooed it two four seven!I folded my arms. So, which of them is the prisoner or should I say, ex convict??I returned back to the chair when they started proceeding towards the house. I hurried up with the meal and the maid cleared the table."Where's my dad?" I asked her after she was done."He left for Massachusetts immediately he arrived this morning" She replied putting the plates on an empty stroller.My lips curved into a frown as she walked away. Dad traveled again and I didn't even get to spend time with him like I wanted.When will he ever be there for me,
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Not a brother
Rissa's pov: I folded my hands and stared as he carried pineapple in his hands. I just couldn't hide the feeling that I was greatly disappointed.I think getting rid of this guy would be a tough mission. He began walking towards me and I noticed his steps was like that of some rich dude. It vaguely reminded me of Lucas, the president's son."I think this is yours" He said calmly and I scoffed. This outrageous!I looked away and luckily, my personal maid was passing by carrying a basket."Vivian!" I yelled irascibly and she raced to us. "Yes dear" She replied cheerful as always."Take pineapple and give her a thorough bath. I want her scrubbed and washed with the best soap you can find! Then, dry her up immediately and give her a second bath! Do you understand?!" I rasped irritated.Her face dropped. I'm sure she knows I'm angry and def
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Can't Sleep
Rissa's pov: The photo was just enough to leave a grimace on my face. How long has mom been keeping disgusting photos of Mykel and I hugging??"Isn't it cute?" She asked grinning from ear to ear."I think we should burn it" I chimed and mom shot me a scalding look."I've been keeping these photos for more than 13 years now, not even you - Rissa will destroy them. Now sit down" She ordered and I slumped on the seat.Mykel had no choice but to sit beside me since there was just three seats at the table strictly for mom, dad and I.Our dinner was served and just as I was about to dig in, mom's voice emerged."So, like I said earlier, you both will be introducing yourselves properly. And I would gladly watch you two do it. We'll start from you, Rissa. Tell us your hobbies and favorite things so Mykel would get to know. And it'll be helpful for me too because I don't know those things".
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A Demigod
Rissa's pov: The school was heavily guarded with top security officers and marshalls. This was because the only kids that attended the school belonged to a wealthy and influential families.The principal wouldn't want to risk a student being kidnapped or attacked under her watch. Before a car drives into the school, it must be searched thoroughly and every individual would be scanned of weapons of any kind.My car arrived at the school gate before Mykel's. I refused to ride to school with him so mom had another car prepared for him.I'm trying so hard to accept the fact that he would be staying with us for months despite the fact that he is from jail.It's not a good thing, it never is.Probably, He's pretending to be quiet and self reserved but inside, He's a fire breeding dragon...        Mykel's pov: We finally passed through the check point and
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The Girls Taste
Rissa's pov: Mykel looked shy and nervous. The entire students around fixed their eyes on him like he was some alien or something.Alex and Zoe weren't an exception.Jesus Christ!! This is getting too much.If only they knew he has been in a juvenile detention center for years. They wouldn't even let him get into this school.         Mykel's pov: I summoned courage and turned away from the multiple eyes that had me roped.I needed to keep me moving. Otherwise, I'd go crazy. I bumped into a boy on my way in who had glasses on. He's hair was curly and thick and you'd almost think he's an Indian.My eyes dropped to his books that has crashed on the floor. We both stooped to pick it up at the same time. At least he's not staring at me like I had two heads."Sorry, I wasn't looking" He said, his hands shaking
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Sins Among The Wealthy
Mykel's pov: I was so glad that I wasn't classmates with Rissa. My classroom was right next to hers just like our bedrooms.My new classroom is quiet and we barely up to ten. Just the way I wanted it.I took a seat at the back row before setting out the contents in my schoolbag.Rissa's mom also mentioned getting a new cellphone just for me. As much as I would like being under her care, I would also want to return back to Korea.I can't stay here forever neither do I need to adjust to this life.Its not going to end and from the way I see it, Rissa's going to get me into trouble with her awkward hatred for me.I felt a tap on the shoulder and I looked to see who it was. Oh! Austin.What's he doing here??"Seems like we are both in makeup class" He chimed into my thoughts."Makeup class??" I asked curiously."Yeah...this class is made es
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Mykel's pov:"I'm serious, let's go" Austin groused persistently.The boys had already noticed my presence and they quickly stopped torturing the girl.She gathered her wears and ran off with tears allover her face. I sighed and took my coat from Austin.The boys started leaving and were practically hiding their faces.That's not usual. I was expecting them to pick a fight. Its been a while since I exercised my knuckles.We hurried up and left the place after using the restroom. Lunch time must be over by now. "Do you wanna know why they left you?" Austin asked sauntering behind me."They thought I must be the son of someone important so before they attack, they'd find out my background to avoid their father to loose their jobs" I replied and his jaw dropped."You're so smart, bro! That's totally the reason. This school is full of weirdos. Poor girl. Imagine what would
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