Love Is Blind

Love Is Blind

By:  Mylyn Alex  Ongoing
Language: English
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Aria's in love with Mikee, a married man and ten years her Junior. But what is this kind of feeling she felft for Morgan, Mikee's brother?

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3 Chapters
 "We can't carry on like this.""I know," he sighed, "but I can't just drop everything and leave. You know that." His hand reached up to my cheek and wiped away the stray tears which were beginning to make themselves at home there.To anyone on the outside, this situation would appear normal. A loved-up couple, spending the weekend away in a hotel room together, pretending that the rest of the world didn't exist until it came time to return to that world. This situation, however, was as far away from normal as you got.The man I was sharing a bed with, the man I was in love with, was a married man. To the rest of the world, he had hit the jackpot with his wife, but to me, it was just another heartbreak after falling for a man I could never actually have."If you really loved me, as you say you do, then that's exactly what you would do," I sighed, averting my gaze to the floor because the pained expression on face was too much for me to handle
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Chapter 1
"Aria-" Jaxon grinned at me as we both stood outside the entrance to my apartment, "-do I get a coffee, or at least a goodnight kiss?"If he thought that I was going to let him inside my apartment just because he gave me a sickly smile and used his sweet tone, then he had another thing coming. Jaxon would be going home alone tonight, mostly because I wasn't the type of girl who slept with a man of the first date. They had to show me that they were worth my time and that I wasn't making a mistake by letting them into my life, because that was a lesson which I had learned when I, finally, walked away from Mikee Barnes three years ago."You know, coffee is just the worst at this time of night, you'll never be able to sleep. And, as for a kiss? We both know what that will lead to." Tonight had been fun and I wouldn't mind seeing Jaxon again, but I couldn't have been happier that the evening was finally over, and my apartment had never appeared more i
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Chapter 2
The flight to Paris came a whole lot quicker than I thought that it was going to, so much quicker that I had convinced myself that time had intentionally sped up so that this date arrived quicker than it needed to.It felt like it was only yesterday that I was opening the envelope and reading the piece of paper with my name on it, when it had been a month since that day.Eve had told me that going was a stupid idea, especially since I was planning on taking Ellaine with me, and there would be no hiding that she was Mikee's daughter. The secret I had spent so long hiding would be out, and there was bound to be some heartache, but I had done what I thought was best for Ellaine and I would defend my decision not to tell Mikee until the day I died.But, I was still debating which was worse.The fact I was going to come face to face with Mikee again for the first time in years, the fact Ellaine was going to meet her father (since she had taken to asking where daddy wa
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