By:  Essie Neh  Ongoing
Language: English
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With a father who is compulsive gambler and stinking drunk, Reine is constantly stuck trying to correct his mistakes. So when debt threatens to drag them in, she has no other choice than to leave the town she has known her whole life to the city, hoping to find a job.Her search is unsuccessful, but then she meets Jax, who offers her an insane sum of money to pretend to be his fiancée. It is with little hesitation that she accepts, hoping to guard her heart. Jax has been given an ultimatum by the board of directors; settle down or lose all he has worked for. When he overhears Reine’s conversation, he pins her as a golddigger, a thought further solidified when she accepts his offer to be his pretend fiancée.Both thought they would come out of the experience totally unscathed, but the more it goes on, the more attached they become to each other and the harder it is to let go.

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Silhouette is a romance novel focusing on the theme of finding love when you least expect it. Reine's father is a drunkard and compulsive gambler, so she has to constantly fix his mistakes. When a sudden debt is about to drag them in, Reine leaves the town to find a job. Although her search is unsuccessful, she eventually meets Jax. He offers her a great amount of money in exchange to be his fake fiancée which she accepts. But after he overhears Reine's conversation, Jax immediately regards her as a golddigger. Still, with time, the two start developing feelings for each other. Read the novel to learn how the story continues.

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22 Chapters
Chapter One
Silhouette One “You’ll always be your mother’s daughter, that’s for sure.” I looked up. It was my father who had uttered those words, of course. I couldn’t cou
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Chapter Two
Silhouette TwoI had never left my hometown. I had never had any reason to; after all there was everything I would ever need in it. A college, where I had gotten my degree, and a family business I had hoped to take control of one day. But things changed. And I didn’t know whether that change was going to become for the worst or for the better.
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Chapter Three
I had not been able to sleep after I had gotten my shower. I was a little too restless. So I had stalled a little after my long shower, then at about six thirty, I started getting ready. I knew it was going to be an early dinner so I tried my best to be done dressing on time.
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Chapter Four
Jax I stared at the board of directors in shock. The expressions of all their faces were stoic. I wanted to pretend that this was nothing but a really shitty joke. I shook my head. 
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Chapter Five
The ride to the restaurant was silent. Which was to be expected. We were two strangers, and with how we met, it was normal that we didn’t have anything to say to each other. The thought of dropping Reine off had crossed my mind several times. I could just tell her it has been a stupid prank. But the idea has dropped itself in my mind and i knew it would be impossible for me to ignore it. So I decided to go through with it. 
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Chapter Six
As soon as I got home, I called Dylan. He was my best friend, my advisor and the person who got me out of all the sticky situations I had a knack for putting myself in. We had been friends since childhood and I knew I could trust him with anything. And this whole situation was definitely one of those things I could trust him with. 
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Chapter Seven
  Chapter SevenReineI stared at the phone after Jax hung up. This man had a lot of nerve. I had wanted to cuss him out, ask him who he thought he was exactly. However, it would have been a dumb question. I did not know him well enough, but I knew that he would have given me the obvious answer to that question. He was Jax Coleman, and anything he wanted, he got. It was exasperating bec
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Chapter Eight
Chapter EightI stared at my closet the next evening, wondering what I was going to wear. I had no desire to wear something suggestive and give Jaz the wrong idea. But I couldn’t go to his place looking frumpy. I knew that this meeting was going to be the turning point in our relationship and no matter how much I was starting to not like the condescending attitude he had towards me, I had to admit I wanted to make a good first impression—or second first impression.If Sand
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Chapter Nine
Chapter NineJaxI watched Reine who looked like she was in a battle with her mind and I stifled a chuckle. She fascinated me. I enjoyed watching her fight whatever effect I had on her. The joke was on her though, because she had an effect on me as well. I was not going to push it though. I knew I could if I wanted to. And I knew that if I pushed it, she was most likely going to fall like a house of cards. But that would be no fun
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Chapter Ten
Chapter 10ReineI had not expected it to turn out like this. Sometimes, I needed to keep my mouth shut. I was too outspoken at the wrong moments. Exhibit A: right now. I shook my head and stared at Jax who was looking at me with a questioning look on his face. I sighed then shook my head again. With the little I knew about Jax now, I knew tha
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