Love in another shadow

Love in another shadow

By:  dewamika  Completed
Language: English
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Alicia Perth has a special ability, she has high intuition to detect things. But great terror awaits her when she is asked by Detective Nicholas to help solve a murder in the dormitory. Stuck with two handsome men, Detective Nicholas and Ace Blake, the son of the CEO of Golden Group, will Alicia be able to see the truth behind all these incidents?

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275 Chapters
CHAPTER 1Golden High School. 10:00 am.A young girl was standing under an oak tree when she dropped the last of her cigarette butts. The girl was Alicia, Alicia Perth. Alicia's sea-like blue eyes looked down at her feet, which were wrapped in black ankle boots. The boots had stepped on the remains of a cigarette, causing it to crumble and mingle with the asphalt on the street.Alicia's hand held an invitation envelope with a rose gold logo on the front, while her other hand, wrapped in a colorful suede bracelet, squeezed her ashes backpack on her shoulder. The few people around her were now watching. Alicia caught the eye because of her beautiful face. Alicia had a uniquely American face, her eyeballs were large and beautiful, and her nose was sharp as if carved by a professional artist. So Alicia's appearance that day, successfully made a lot of boys around pull out their smiles.That tall girl ignored people's eyes, she honestly didn't care what others thought of her. Even if it wa
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CHAPTER 2"What... did you say?"Alicia and Brittany stared at each other. Alicia was quite surprised by the question asked by the stranger in front of her. She was suddenly speechless, her tongue frozen, not knowing what to say in response to Brittany. But Brittany frowned.Instead, Brittany hissed softly, signaling that girl next to her to keep quiet. She placed her finger in front of her lips. That girl with blonde hair also looked around, as if she didn't want her words to be heard by anyone else. "Do you have a weapon over there?"Alicia bent her forehead deeply and shook her head. Confused. "I don't-"But Brittany interrupted. "Have you ever killed anyone?"Alicia frowned again and shook her head quickly. She had no idea what Brittany was talking about and it brought out the puzzled expression on Alicia's smooth face. Now that Alicia had a serious expression, she felt very strange about her new friend.Brittany laughed amusedly and nudged Alicia's arm gently, "Come on, I'm just
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CHAPTER 3Golden High School.A male corpse was found with his body on his back, eyes widened, tongue sticking out and stomach area full of blackish-red fluid. The condition was so bad that some students who couldn't stand it immediately moved away and left the scene. The elites at Golden High School were already trying to block the horrible scene, they set up a blockade.Mr. Wilson arrived at the scene and held his breath in shock. He looked around and tried to shoo away the students, although that old man's words were just taken for granted by them. They were very curious, it was the first time they had found a dead body in school. This was an interesting crime to follow."What are you guys doing here? You guys should leave, stop filming!" The elites were asked to bring the kids back, but there were too many of them for Mr. Wilson to do anything else there.Shortly after, NYPD (New York Police Department) chief Paul Scoots, arrived with two other policemen and a young detective name
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CHAPTER 4Alicia does have strong intuitive abilities. Although she refused to connect with the death that had just happened, her intuition told her otherwise. Something inside Alicia's head forced her to come, so Alicia finally got up from the chair in the main hall and went to the dormitory hallway.Everyone seemed to be filling the hallway. From a distance, Alicia could find some students who were sick to their stomachs, or whispering about the incident. Although she wasn't really interested, Alicia ended up standing among the crowd of people who were watching the process of moving the victim with enthusiasm. They looked curious, worried and scared at the same time.It was a rare scene. However, it wasn't the first time for Alicia.A man with a black mustache approached Nicholas. Nicholas was still gently patting Brittany's back in the corner of the hallway. "Brittany, isn't that the James I know?""Yes, Dad. He's my boyfriend," Brittany said through tears.Paul Scoots lifted his c
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CHAPTER 5Hall room. 1:00 pm.After a long autopsy process, the NYPD and hospital forensic experts finally informed detective Nicholas of James Portman's autopsy results. A forensic doctor named Anna gave Nicholas a few written reports and he studied them quite well."The victim was pronounced dead as a result of his blocked cystic artery," Nicholas said after reading the report in hand.Nicholas' eyes looked around, the hospital was as busy as any other day. But Nicholas knew that after that day, his day would be more busy. James' death was no ordinary death. It was murder, and the worst part was that James' death could have been a case of serial murder.Nicholas kept all the reports well, then reported them to Paul Scoots as his responsibility. Nicholas had a good hold on the case. And after confirming everything, Nicholas managed to become the leader of the investigation of this case.After getting full permission from Golden High School to conduct the investigation, Nicholas was a
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Ace scowled and rolled his eyes lazily. "She already has a boyfriend, but still flirts with me. What else would you call her if not a slut?"He said that very casually, making Jake angry as he heard it there. His face was flushed with anger, while his firm hands tugged at both sides of Ace's denim jacket collar until the hazel-haired man looked right at him. They were now locked in a bitter stare-down. Neither of them looked like they were going to let up. They were both strong and principled."Hey, hey, what are you guys doing?" Nicholas stood up from his chair, spreading his hands between the two men in front of him. One hand held Jake, and the other held Ace. But both of them were determined. They were stubborn."You'll die if you insult Elena again!" threatened Jake. He pointed angrily at Ace's face."I'm waiting for you to kill me," Ace replied in a sarcastic tone.Seeing that the two men were not getting along, Nicholas pushed Jake a little harder. Nicholas tried to get them to
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CHAPTER 7The main hallway of Golden High School.In life, aren't we supposed to accept all kinds of realities gracefully? Including the death of someone we love.But James Portman's death is something different for a few reasons. First, he left under conditions that we all know, are very sad. Secondly, James' death happened on Alicia's first day as a new student at Golden High School. Third, how could Alicia's new friend, the one she met in the main hall, be related to the death that had just happened?How could this series of scenes be so coincidental? Everything was interconnected as if it was a fate planned by God.But, was all of this really just a coincidence?Alicia stopped her steps and observed the police line that crossed in front of her. everything still felt the same as the day James was found dead. But the difference was that there was no blood and no corpse. Alicia's sense of smell picked up the scent of apples mixed with lemon from the floor cleaner used by the cleaners
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CHAPTER 8Alicia didn't know how long that handsome detective had been there, finding her like a squirrel caught stealing human food. Nicholas didn't call out immediately, just stayed behind her while observing. From day one, Alicia had caught his attention. But today, Nicholas felt even more curious about Alicia.Nicholas gave a small grin, then pointed at Alicia's hand that was hidden behind her body. "I know you're taking pictures."Alicia tried to act as normal as possible as Nicholas' eyes looked at her suspiciously. "I'm just taking pictures like the other students, it's for social media."Nicholas knew Alicia was lying. Alicia's expression said it all. But Nicholas chose not to discuss it and instead changed the subject. "I saw you talking to Ace in the main hall. That jerk didn't say anything bad, did he?"Alicia shook her head and closed her mouth tightly in defense. But when Nicholas diverted their conversation, Alicia already felt relief. At least she didn't have to answer
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CHAPTER 9Golden High Hall room, 2:30 pm.It was like Alicia had no other choice but to follow Nicholas' request. After all, Nicholas was right about her curiosity about James' death. He wanted to know if all of this was a coincidence or if it all had something to do with Alicia's past."How did it go? You've made your choice, haven't you?"Alicia woke up from her reverie. She looked around, her hands rubbing her wrists awkwardly, before she finally said, "I don't have any other choice, do I?"Nicholas laughed softly. He nodded his head, agreeing with Alicia's words. Then, the man with the tall body pointed at Alicia. "But you won't be carelessly involved in the case. I'll be leading the case and you only have to make a move if I ask you to. Outside of that, you're not allowed to investigate separately. If it's an emergency, or it looks like you really need to investigate alone, you should call me."Nicholas' hand stretched forward."What?""Your cell phone. You need to keep my number
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CHAPTER 10Nicholas took note of all her testimony and now looked up. His eyes meeting Elena's, the investigation continued. "May I know, when was the last time you saw James?"Elena frowned for a moment, she rubbed her forehead lightly and the emerald bead glanced to the right. "When I came back to the room, I saw him standing in front of Ace's room." she bit her lower lip hesitantly. "He seemed nervous and in a hurry. I thought so."Nicholas frowned, then looked at Alicia. Asking her to do something about Elena. And quickly, Alicia nodded;giving a code that Nic didn't really understand.But Alicia took over and spoke soon. She cleared her throat and asked,"Elena, did you use Azature nail polish for your nails?" Elena raised one eyebrow. She felt confused, then looked at Jake who was also looking at her with the same expression. But Alicia pointed at Elena's nails. "Those nails. You used that brand of nail polish I just mentioned, didn't you?"Everyone in the hall suddenly looked at
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