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Sebastion Jones is a 28-year-old CEO of the company which he inherited from his father at the age of 21. He studied, worked and arrived where he is now, with perseverance and at the expense of his youth. Theodore Hanson is the youngest son of a wealthy family, who puts money in his account and kicks his ass when he confesses to being gay. Both are lonely. Both are very different, and yet they have so much in common. When they meet, Sebastian feels an enormous desire to help the boy, and Theo only wishes that Sebastian was gay. As circumstances brought them closer, Sebastian felt confusion set in. That kid messed with him more than he wanted to believe. He had been a womanizer, not a gay. What he felt for the kid was nothing more than affection, he thought from the height of his heterosexuality. What will happen when you bring together a loner who lives surrounded by gold diggers and a boy who is desperately looking for someone that loves him?

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Great story. I really enjoyed it.
2023-11-20 07:13:39
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Bernette Johnson
I really enjoyed this read hot spicy and a twist everytime u think it's one thing it's not
2023-09-18 16:27:07
88 Chapters
Chapter 1
Being the CEO of the company his father had created was something Sebastian Jones truly aspired to. What was not in his plans was to have inherited the company and the position, at the age of 21, during his junior year at the prestigious Cornell University, where he studied Applied Economics and Management.Having to split his day between the company and college, left him zero opportunities to attend parties, drink nights and hook up with his friends. Little by little, even his friends, he had to give up. The day only had 24 hours, unfortunately.It took him a year longer than planned, but he managed to finish college at the age of 24 and now, at 28, he's the youngest CEO in Forbes magazine.In the first year, he had to fight with the Board of Directors, very focused on defending the shareholders, but he managed to show maturity and commitment to the company. He managed to impress them and secure his position, but it turned a 21-year-old into a 30-year-old.Now, after 7 years at the h
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Chapter 2
Theo was a loner, not by choice, but by circumstances in life. He was the son of wealthy people and the youngest of three brothers.When, at seventeen, he told his parents he was gay, they didn't twinkle an eye. They let him finish high school and put $500,000 in a bank account, under his name, with free access to it. He could pay the tuition, housing, food and staff, and live happily ever after, so they told him. They told him to manage the money as he pleased, and on his 18th birthday they told him goodbye. That was a lot of money in the hands of an 18-year-old, but they just didn't want him to corrupt his brothers.The half a million was mainly used to clear his parents' consciences. Deep down, they didn't want the press to accuse them of being sufficiently homophobic to exclude him from the family's, exclude the youngest son from their lives, with one hand in front and the other behind, sleeping on the streets. He'd get the education they'd always wanted and the money to start hi
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Chapter 3
At 7 PM sharp, Alex walks through the office door, ignoring Sebastion's deep sigh of displeasure, for once again enter without knocking.- Get your ass up, it's time.He even tried to protest that he had work to finish, but ended up being pulled out of the chair, seeing his coat tucked into his arms and pushed out of the office, making his secretary gaze at him and raise an eyebrow.- Have a nice weekend - Alex shouts, without giving Sebastian the opportunity to say the same or even hear any reply.Alex charges into the elevator, taking it directly to the underground parking lot, and to his car. Sebastian protests again, but Alex ignores him, again, saying that tomorrow he can take an Uber and pick up the car.In less than 20 minutes, both were at the door of the compound where Sebastian lived. The concierge opens the door for him with a smile.- Welcome Mr Jones. Arrived early today.Sebastian responds with a “thank you” but continues on his way to the elevator, pulled by Alex.When
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Chapter 4
When in the morning there is a knock on the door, he looks around without knowing where he is. When Nancy walks in, with a T-shirt, some underwear, and a pair of jeans she's just bought, he reaches for his wallet to pay her.- If you're thinking of giving me money, I warn you as I cut all your clothes, new and old, with scissors and you'll have to return to New York naked.He raises his hands in surrender. He knew that woman was scary and probably already had the scissors in her pocket.- Breakfast is ready. It's 10 am. Come eat. Then you can go back to sleep if you want. - she says as she puts the clothes on the bed. - I hope you slept well.- I sleep wonderfully well. - He says, smiling.Nancy leaves and he gets up. He takes the towel and clothes and leaves the room to go to the bathroom.He does his usual business, takes a shower, brushes his teeth with the new toothbrush that has been strategically placed for him to see, and goes to the kitchen.The house smells like bacon, eggs,
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Chapter 5
Sebastian looks at him, holds out his hand and introduces himself.- Hi! My name is Sebastian Jones.The boy looks at him with wide eyes.-Sebastian Jones? The CEO of Salvato inc. Sebastian Jones? That Sebastian Jones?Sebastian chuckls.- Yeah, that Sebastian Jones. Since you know who I am, you have an advantage. May I know your name?- Theodore Hanson, but I like Theo better – he replies, grabbing the hand that Sebastian held out, and shaking it.- Hanson? From the Boston Hanson family? – he cannot resist doing the same as the boy.Theo smiles when he sees the joke.- Yes, from that family, but I'm not from that family anymore.Sebastian doesn't understand and raises his eyebrows..- You know Mr. Jones… – Sebastian raised his hand.- Just Sebastian. I'm not working, we are not business partners and you don't work for me. Sebastian is enough.- You know… Sebastian, I thought you were older.- A lot of people think that. It doesn't matter, I feel terribly older anyway.Theo giggle.Se
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Chapter 6
- I hope the restaurants I used to know still exist. says Sebastian, in an attempt to lighten the mood.- I don't know, I don't know anything outside Cornell University. I haven't left Cormell since I arrived 2 months ago.- Have you been in the dorm for two months? And you didn't leave campus? Jesus, it must have been really boring.- Ya! But it's okay.- What do you like the best? American? Asian? Italian?- I'm not weird, but I miss Asian food.- Asiatica will be then. – He says starting the route out of the University. – Let's see if Jon's Asian Cuisine still exists. It's not far from here.They followed a short distance in silence. When Sebastian stops the Tesla, he unbuckles Theo, runs out of the car and, like the gentleman that he is, opens the door for him.- You don't have to open the door for me. I'm not a woman or we're on a date.Sebastian laughs, takes Theo's hand, who blushes, and leads him to the restaurant, which, despite not being fancy, does a very good job of servin
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Chapter 7
Theo kept open his heart to Sebastian, and told how after 3 days he agreed to date him, and that he made him feel happy and loved for the first time in his life. He said that the first time they had sex was wonderful, that he did everything to make Theo not feel discomfort or pain. That he introduced him to his parents and that they endured him. And he said that he pressured him to come out of the closet, especially in front of his parents.Theo is silent and Sebastian asks if he wants to choose or trust his selection.Theo asks Sebastiam to choose and he calls Lei, points out a number of plates and turns his attention to Theo again.- Am I to understand that your parents did not accept the fact that you are gay very well?- It was more terrifying than that. When I told them, they didn't react. My dad continued to look at me as if I were saying I was going to spend the weekend out, and my mother simply resumed reading the documents she had in her hand. They continued to talk to me as
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Chapter 8
Sebastian doesn't tell Theo the plan, but when the car pulls out of the restaurant's parking lot, it turns into Downtown Ithaca.- Where are we going? Theo asks, suspiciously.- Let's go to William's house. I want to introduce you to him and Nancy. I'm sure you'll get along fine. Don't be fooled by their age. William's a young spirit, and Nancy, damn, she's the best, but if you step out of line, she's scary as hell.When he stops the car, Theo hurries out and shoves his hands in his pockets. Sebastian chuckels.When he knocks on the door, it's Nancy who opens it.- Boy, I hope you have a good excuse for not having lunch at home – she says very seriously, then looks at Theo and, with the kindest smile in the world, says – hello, you must be Sebs' new friend. Get in.They enter and William appears at the entrance to the living room.- Come over here. I want to meet your new friend.- William, Nancy, this is Theo. I won't tell his story, because only he is free to tell it, but I need to
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Chapter 9
Sebastian was on his way to New York, casually smoking a cigarette. He felt rejuvenated.When he said goodbye to William, he stuck his finger in front of his nose, saying "if you don't come through this door next Friday, I will send the entire football team to break down your door and drag you here completely naked" .Just remembering it, Sebastian couldn't help but laugh. But what kept him smiling all the way was the message he received last night from Theo when he arrived at the dorm. “I just got to the room. No incidents along the way. I'm going to take a shower while the jocks remember your threat. You have to send me your mother's phone number, so I can thank her for your existence. Thank you for everything".Sebastian immediately responded to the message, “This is my mother's number. You can thank her whenever you want. When you get out of the shower and go back to the room, let me know”.Theo's answer made him laugh out loud "Yes mom".Sebastian was almost driving on autopilot.
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Chapter 10
Sebastian puts the phone down and goes to the fridge. What could he do that was fast and beautiful? Shrimp Scampi, of course. He took out the ingredients and in 20 minutes he had the dish assembled on the island like a professional.Take the phone, take the photo and send it to Theo. “Shrimp Scampi. It smells wonderful. I'll do it for you." The response was almost immediate. "How delightful. If it tastes as well as it looks, you'll have to make a pot of it for me.”Sebastian puts the phone down, picks up his fork and starts to eat, but before he puts the food in his mouth, he stops and thinks. “What is wrong with me? I look like an 18 year old. Frankly Sebs, to help and support the kid, you don't have to drop your age down to his." Sebastian puts the food in his mouth and chews in annoyance. When he finishes eating, he picks up his cell phone and leaves it in his room. Go back to the living room, pick up the laptop, and connect to the office.He only read 2 pages of a document before
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