Don't Play Your Rock And Roll To Me

Don't Play Your Rock And Roll To Me

By:  Anya  Completed
Language: English
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Andy Williams is a nineteen year old Senior struggling to balance her school life, after hours job and moonlighting as a rock star. When her band is booked to do the end of term concert her cover is blown and she struggles to cope with the groupie, who just happened to be her Mathematics teacher, Miss Gweneviere Sheldon.Her English teacher, Miss Preston, offers to tutor her during the holidays and they start to get really close, perhaps too close? Uncomfortable with the situation Miss Preston calls everything off and sends Andy spiralling into a world of alcohol and drugs.Andys band tries to help Andy get over Miss Preston but ends up making the situation worse. Andy rethinks her actions during a couple of days in the hospital, she quits the band, changed her school schedule and starts extra Mathematics lessons to make up for lost time.She makes new friends, finds a new job. Her life seems to be back on track when a tragic accident happens on a school trip that leaves Andy temporarily paralyzed.She makes it through with the help of family and friends and reconnects with the band. With a little hard work Andy graduates and is free to pursue Miss Carol Preston.

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nice story ! do u have any inquiries that i can keep in touch with you ? I have sth to discuss about the book
2022-03-30 10:49:45
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Akashia Grei
Amazing! For readers who loves songs this is the story for you!😊
2021-04-14 07:14:57
user avatar
Penny Jamieson
great read. thou would of like a real ending with Andy Nd Carol after all that.
2021-06-26 14:51:49
user avatar
Tyler Glass
I love it other than the fact the main character wasn't able to get what she truly wanted. Also why do all of the women act the way they do? I would really like to know being a gold star myself I'm a bit confused. Thank you
2021-06-18 13:59:12
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School has always been the most exciting part of the day, there are so many things to do and things to see. Best part of my school is the uniform. No need to spend hours in front of the closet, trying to figure out what to wear. School uniform is straight forward, grey trousers, white button up shirt, and then the blue blazer, worn with or without the navy blue woollen pull over. Oh, and the tie! Predominantly blue with the white stripes across it, the school emblem sitting proudly at the bottom of the tie.Simple and easy.That is the mornings. Half way through the day I would normally put a finger between the knot and the top but
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I worked at a bar called Illuminate. It was in the centre of the nightlife district. There was another bar up the street about two blocks off but it was nowhere as busy as Illuminate. The streets were always bustling with life, be it cars, people and a sight that was becoming a bigger problem for us, police. Lucky for us, there was a parking lot behind the building where most of our regulars stopped, and a side street that had a gate at the end, marked “Private Property”. On the other side was a dimly lit alley, patrolled by the bouncer that stood guard in the darkness.   Illuminate used to be an old brewery and a lot of the old architecture was still visible, including the raw brick wall, b
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I woke up the next afternoon with a headache from hell. I barely remember what happened after midnight. I know we almost brought the bar down with our music. I lay in bed and kept my eyes closed, knowing for a fact if I open them, I might start to hurl.“Oi August! Your mom’s outside!” Someone yelled at me in my room.I finally got the courage to open my eyes slightly. My mom was not outside; she was in fact, in my room, glaring down at me. I held the vomit in while I stared at the imposing figure that was my mother. The pale look
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It was the first time in living memory that I was home before my parents. I thanked Claude and watched him drive off. I walked into my apartment and decided on a shower before anything else. When I was comfortable in my track suit I picked up my acoustic guitar and put a country music DVD on. I played along with the songs that I knew and made a point of learning the songs I didn’t know.I entertained myself in that manner or another hour or so until I saw car lights pull up into the driveway. I could hear my parents laugh rather tipsy while Gwen sounded completely drunk. I chuckled and put my guitar down.
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The weekend passed by in a drunken haze. I was barely sober when I woke Monday morning to go to school. The first thing on the schedule was English but I decided to skip class. I went to the library instead, put my head phones on and listened to rap music at top volume. The librarian gave me a stern look but I ignored her until the headmaster showed up and tapped on the maths handbook I was working on.“What’s your problem?” I said rudely as I ripped my headphones off.“Aren’t you supposed to be in Miss Sheldon’s
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I kept the bar open until sunrise the next morning. I barely had anything to drink; I was mostly entertaining the patrons with all kinds of CCR songs, and some improvised songs and sometimes just doing stupid songs like The Rattling Bog.My folks were really annoyed when I turned up at around seven am, but pleasantly surprised when I grinned at them and joined them for breakfast on the veranda.“Good to see you sober at this time of day.” My mother said to me.
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It was terribly hard to wake up Monday morning. But my father threw a rock through my bedroom window and that made me get the hell away from Dodge.I didn’t drive with music. I still felt sick from Saturday night’s party. I parked in my usual spot but the silence in my car brought curious looks, but I ignored them and put my headphones on my head. There was no music playing at all, I just wanted to lessen the noise level and keep people away.People gave me odd looks but it was only when I walked through the quad that the stares really s
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Next time I came to was in the darkened hospital room, with only the light from the machines. I was alone in the room. I tried to think back to how I had gotten there but really couldn’t recall. The door to my room opened and the silhouette of my father entered. He had his jacket thrown over his shoulders. He took a seat in the chair next to my bed and placed his big hand on mine.I squeezed his hand to let him know I was awake. He looked up and saw me looking at him. For the first time I saw my father cry.“I thought we lost you! And th
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 We drove home in silence, each with our own thoughts. We stopped at a red light and she turned to me and asked softly“Was it true? What she said about you?”“You already asked me that.”  I replied with a frown.“I know, I just…” she paused and looked away.
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Sunday was a quiet day. I stayed in bed most of the day, trying to figure out what I was going to do about Miss Preston. She wasn’t bad looking, she was nine years my senior, but she was also the maths teacher. Getting involved with her would really be the worst thing that I could do.For some reason I had been ignoring my phone the entire day, even my own parents’ texts went by unanswered. That was, until my father showed up in my bedroom giving me worried looks.“I’ve been texting you. You didn’t answer.” He sai
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