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War is the hardest hours to fall in love in any humans life. Sora is a Japanese immigrant who falls in love with a foreigner, Jon. He leaves his country home but his love life is cut short when Jon dies serving his country and worst, Sora is pregnant.Sora has given up all hope to find love so he focuses on his family which includes his mother-in-law and his son.He has yet another package coming when a man of the hour, pops into his life and changes his way of living.Will Sora get the happiness he deserves or will fate keep playing games with him?

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user avatar
it's really nice
2023-07-31 03:19:06
user avatar
Rittah Paul
loved this book. it has been an amazing journey. emotional rollercoasters has been real and amazing. great job author
2023-05-10 16:30:52
default avatar
I loved this book so much I felt attached to all of the characters and I just wish it didn’t have to end. But I guess all good stories must come to an end. ...
2022-04-13 10:58:43
user avatar
I really love this book... are you the same author who wrote My Omega, that's one of my favorites. If it is you I'm so happy I found you here
2021-07-23 17:57:00
user avatar
Marsha Gaillard
I really loved this book. It took my heart thru every emotion possible. Sora had to be my favorite but Asa comes in a close second. If you want a spell binding story of love this book is it!!!
2021-04-04 14:13:41
default avatar
I love this book 😌.
2021-03-31 01:53:14
user avatar
Humairah Samudera
Oooh, my God!
2021-03-12 13:04:52
user avatar
Sakura Oto
Really make me having an emotional rollercoaster throughout the story. Really love it!
2021-01-09 22:20:54
user avatar
Nice to see something else on this platform. Wanted to read something new.
2020-08-15 21:35:16
user avatar
Please update more!
2020-08-03 21:51:01
default avatar
Jason Butler
The storyline is good but the spelling mistakes can make reading confusing. All in all a good read.
2021-03-16 17:57:55
user avatar
Keke Williams
Good story! Would have changed somethings but i basically enjoyed it
2021-08-29 15:12:25
56 Chapters
"I promise you when this war is over, I'm going to give us a grand wedding. One that will shock the entire world." My lover, Jonathan promised as he used his hands to exaggerate how grand our wedding will be."I don't need a wedding, I already have a mark. I just need you to come home no matter what." I said as I held my alpha's hand who smiled at me and kissed my lips."Of course, I wouldn't want to miss the birth of our little guy." Jon said as he placed his hand on my flat stomach and I cried but his hug assured me."Love please don't cry. I'll be home before you notice.""You're not gone and I already miss you.""I'm doing this to protect you and our baby. It must be the pregnancy hormone getting to you." He joked as I sniffled and cleaned my eyes then smiled."Must be. Promise me you'll write every time you get the chance to." I requested as I held his hand to my chest with his arms wrapping around me."Alpha's honour." He saluted playfully before we heard the announcer announcing
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Sora"Sir I'm begging you, I really need this job." I begged as I held my certificate in my hands with tears in my eyes."I can't employ you with just that. I know that omegas are now given rights but with your elementary school certificate, you can only get an underpaid job in a cheap restaurant." The alpha explained as I cleaned my eyes and bit my lips."I'll take anything even a cleaning job. I really need this job please.""Why not be a good omega and let your alpha do all the work." He said as I gulped, my tears escaping more as I cleaned my eyes."I'm sorry sir but my husband passed away two years ago." I explained as the older alpha frowned but it wasn't out of sympathy. He hummed in thought and sighed as he analyzed me.I felt self conscious on how he was shamelessly staring at me like I was naked and proud. His gaze was lustful and intense that I could hear his erractic breathing like it was a microphone even with the dis
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I breathed in and out as I stared at the new club that had opened in town. News about it has been that they were looking for people to work no matter their criteria or education.If I truly wanted to be independent, this looked like a good start especially since I was widowed and single.I sat nervously in the manager's office as he smoked his cigarette while making a phone call. When he was done, he dropped his phone and faced me."So any special skills?" He asked as he huffed out smoke, his eyes hooded and at me."Well I'm a dedicated hardwoker and I'm very good at multitasking. If you hire me, I assure you sir that I won't let you down." I said as I looked into his eyes full of a burning determination as he chuckled."I was talking with the boss and he said I should hire you. You can work as a waiter for now and if you are really as good as you say you are, I am sure you'll get a decent promotion.""Thank you so much sir!" "Don't th
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I groaned in pain as I sneaked into the house.I was lucky Edith was still sleeping so I checked up on Ren who I was surprised to see awake by 2am reading a picture book. He looked at me and stood up from the bed."Mommy." He said softly as he climbed down from his crib, a habit he formed when he started walking.I carried him as he pointed at the book, mumbling incoherent words in simple Japanese as I chuckled.I laid him on my bed as I looked at the treated bruise on my neck then my eyes trailed to the jacket. I took a whiff of it and blushed as I dropped the jacket and pulled off my shirt and the rest of my clothings afterwards.I took a quick shower and changed to my pajamas before hopping into the bed where I saw a sleepy Ren rubbing his eyes.I laid him on my chest as I sang 'Baa baa black sheep' till he fell asleep while he mumbled "bwack seep" till he snored softly. It didn't take too long be
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I overslept and when I woke up, Edith and Ren were gone. I was so tired to do any cooking that I had a rare treat of cereals and fruits for breakfast. I went to Edith's room and got the folder that contained all the bills we had to pay.She was usually secretive with these affairs being a dominant omega and elder as well as wanting to be incharge to take care of me.I knew she owned a little mart that she spent most of the day in until school was over for Ren then she'd take him to work and they'd have lunch over there and back home before I was home.I took all the unpaid bills that I could manage and kept the rest back to it's position.I needed to pay for the electricity and Ren's daycare fee.The pay I got from the days in the club could handle the electricity bills but Ren was my son so I needed to take care of his fees on my own.I sat down on a chair as I pulled out a newspaper looking for job offers.I circled the ones I
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Elias"For the thousandth time Felicy, you don't need to be someone you're not to impress my family." I complained in exhaustion as Felicy changed her gown for the fifteenth time."Your sister is Aubrey Greene; your brother-in-law, Markus York is an inspirational writer aimed for the disabled and weak masses. Let's not even start with your parents." She said as she decided to go with a purple sophisticated gown that hugged her shape."Just don't bitch about it when you're disappointed. It's annoying when you grow up with triplets and two sets of twins picking on you because you came into the world alone." I said as I shivered at the memory."You're just being ridiculous." She said as Asa came inside Felicy's room, standing between my legs as he ignored Felicy even after knowing her for a year. I remembered the day I was leaving for a week because of a business trip and left Asa in her care.I wasn't on the plane yet when Asa
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This is the pairing principal in this story.A-alpha, B-beta, O-omega.For the straight system for reproduction.A+A= A, OA+B= BB+B=BFor straight and LGBTQ+A+O= A, B, OB+O= B, O.O+O= OSora"Do you need any help?" Rico asked while I carried a few heavy boxes."No, I'm sure I can manage. Thank you." I responded politely as he smiled at me and walked away.I dropped the boxes in the store as I took stock the inventory, checking if everything was in order and writing down things we required.I smiled as I left the storeroom, locked it behind me then gave the key to Martini since he was our boss. He owned the restaurant and he made it a diversed place for anyone and everyone well most people."I'm so g
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Sunday finally came and I was really nervous.I don't know how Elias did it but Felicia actually permitted the play date. When I arrived she was leaving and Elias said one of his siblings invited her over for girls outing.Since Felicia loves the glamorous life, she decided to go but I had a feeling he had a hand in this."Sora." Asa said with his eyes fluttering as he handed me a crayon colored flower."You're really qute the artist." I complimented as his cheeks flustered."But not more than me mommy!" Ren shouted as he hung on Elias who supported him with a hand."You are both artists and very talented ones." I said not wanting to pick any side as Ren giggled."So ready to go?" Elias asked as he packed the last thing Asa would need for a picnic at a popular forestation park for the public."Yeah!" Ren shouted as he ran towards the door while I
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"I'm so sorry I'm late." I apologized seeing I was an hour late as I quickly took out an apron and put on."What happened, you're usually early?" Ulanda asked as she quickly shoved food trays onto my hands since it was the morning rush hours."Sorry my son is sick so I had to get him drugs and stay with him till he slept. My mom begged me to come to work so she could look after him." I explained as I headed towards the door."You better get on the move ladies! It's a battlefield out there!" Swanti shouted as we laughed.Morning rush was no joking matter and the worst time of the day but it was the most profitable. It also had everyone exhausted when the restaurant was almost empty.The guys started joking around then one final customer for the morning rush stepped in making Ulanda and Min ho shut up as they opened their mouth in disbelief.I walked up to the lady whose sense of fashion was amazing.She wore a grey suit with thick sneakers, c
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"How's my superstar doing?" Katty asked as the makeup artist pulled away for Katty to examine my new appearance.Katty kidnapped my time in the restaurant the whole of last week for some intense training.I always thought models had it easy but Phew! Was I wrong?I stared at myself in the mirror in disbelief. I wasn't able to recognize myself much as I had a more masculine appeal even though it was soft.I was dressed in a suit teens these days called "Pussy wetter" and I could confuse myself for an escort."Beautiful but could you restyle his hair so he looks wild yet dignified like Jason Momoa. Make it curly." She demanded as the hair stylish nodded with joy and got to work on my hair."What exactly am I doing?" I asked again as she sighed."Porsha remind me to get Sora an assistant because I can't be doing everything." She said as Porsha, her black American assistant with a very attractive figure raised a thumb and continued with
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