Chapter 215: "The package, Mira."

“Scarlett Collins here.”

The phone is like a violent radioactive device as I hold it in my hands. All I want to do is hurl it.

“Scarlett? Oh my god, I’m so sorry Scarlett. I told Tria, and she told our mum and she blew it up to the media. I told Tria to keep it silent, but I think she’s trying to curry favor with Mother and it’s just…. I’m so sorry”

I can hear the remorse in Aria’s voice.

The Aria Tyson I knew would hardly apologize in person, much less over the phone.


I blink, “I’m still here, and yeah, no problem, it would have gotten out at some point though I'd have liked it if it happened after the Crescent moon Jubilee, but there’s no problem.

Axios is her grandchild.”

“And so is Maya, but she didn’t make this kind of fuss. Her behavior isn’t acceptable Scarlett, I'm sorry.”

Genuine surprise flows through me because wow, this is really a change.

“It’s alright Aria. Should I expect her tomorrow then? You know her better than I do, is there anything I need to watch o
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Brooklynn Trivett
same here I'm over paying
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Mary Ann Byrnes-bradley
it was alright till I got to chapter 215, and no more chapters. What happened
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Lani Hernandez
I think I’m paying too much for a few chapters

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