Luna Scarlett's Second Chance

Luna Scarlett's Second Chance

By:  Lovesickloner604.  Completed
Language: English
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"Will you let me love you, my scarlet wolf?" After fleeing her former marriage a bruised and battered woman, Scarlett's only desire is to keep her daughter safe. She plans to take them to a quiet place, as far from her abusive mate as she can get, but it doesn't take long for her to cross paths with Roman Collins, Alpha of the Ironclaw pack. A man who seems to despise her. Since nothing is binding them together she feels she will be free of him soon enough, but the moon goddess has other plans, and she'll find out that if she thought running from one Alpha mate was hard, running from another is even harder! To what lengths will Scarlett go to protect her child? What will she do when she realizes the bond she shares with this other male? And what will she do to the mate who beat her on a daily basis and has now sworn he will never stop until he gets her back? Roman never wears his emotions on his face, but the feelings he has for Scarlett are ones he cannot deny nor ignore. With both of them scarred from past experiences, will they be able to overcome their pain and be together, or will the mates and the past they run from catch up to them?

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Melanie Forbes
Great book! Highly recommend reading it!
2023-11-28 07:44:04
user avatar
Nelia den Boef
I am in love with this, stories written so well like this is what keeps me up at night because i just want to know more!!
2023-10-31 04:22:10
user avatar
Melissa Peters
love it so far.
2023-09-24 04:43:15
user avatar
Ashley Glaze-Tractman
It's been good so far. Not sure what days updates are. Appreciate the author's notes explaining what has been going on. After 196 chapters so far I'm wondering how many more until the story is complete
2023-09-20 08:17:11
user avatar
Oguego Juliet Nnen
a good start but looking at the almost 200 chapter is too long and discouraging to read
2023-09-20 04:31:34
default avatar
This is a great story so far!!!
2023-09-19 04:03:31
user avatar
so far it's a pretty good read
2023-09-13 23:40:19
default avatar
Moralee Corrupt
I read this book over the weekend. I love it. A werewolf alpha that isn’t controlling as our male lead?! Amazing. Roman is swoon worthy.
2023-09-11 08:13:20
user avatar
Alisha Bernico
I read this book for almost three days straight. The plot is fantastic.
2023-09-10 02:50:40
default avatar
Julia Chutaro
Great read so far!
2023-08-29 23:30:02
user avatar
Karen Jackson
absolutely loved this book I can't wait for the next one
2023-08-26 00:54:28
user avatar
Hi everyone. This is the author here. The book has been completed, just undergoing editing. Please remember to vote, comment and leave your wonderful opinions. xoxo...
2023-08-20 23:41:48
default avatar
April Dufresne
Who is she??? Obviously Roman loved her, what will this do to her and Scarlet?
2023-06-30 09:50:39
user avatar
Derena Marie
Thank you thank you thank you !!°
2023-06-23 08:54:09
user avatar
Sammy Ayres
great so far, I'm enjoying the read
2023-06-11 15:51:34
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268 Chapters
Chapter 1: "Mummy, will I ever have a mate?"
Scarlett's pov "Mummy?" It's nine in the evening and time for dinner when Maya looks up at me from her bowl of porridge. My heart melts at the way she says that word, like it means the world to her. It makes me feel she sees me as her source of knowledge, so when I look down at my daughter, with her light brown hair and deep blue eyes, a smile lights up my face and I pinch her cheek lightly."Yes, darling?""Will I ever have a mate?"I blink as a slightly amused look spreads across my face."Why are you asking about that? You're still so young.""But let's say hypothetically."My eyes widen and I chuckle."Hypothetically? Who taught you that word, Maya? it's a big word for a six-year-old."She shrugs."Mr. Marcus said it when he was asking Miss Sara a question in class today, he said hypothetically speaking..?"Another chuckle bubbles up from within me because I know the teachers she's talking about. They handle the grade one class at her school and Marcus is always making jokes t
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Chapter 2: "Take the car."
"Maya RUN!" Maya screams and goes bolting off the way she came but Hunter follows her, stumbling on his feet but still going after my daughter.No.I'd rather be dead before I allow him to lay his hands on her.I scramble off the floor and run as fast as I can to intercept him. He's still drunk so his steps are slow but he's almost at the door to her room. I beat him to it and slam it shut."Hunter, leave Maya out of this! She's never done anything to you, it's me you want to hurt."My husband grabs me by the neck before I can even realize it and hauls me up, choking me as he does so."You'll get your turn, stupid cunt. You think I don't see the way you dote on her, your precious daughter, while I'm made a mockery of by everyone around me. I'll kill her today, and then fuck your brains out, maybe the death of one child will get your body to bring out another, and if you still refuse, I'll kill you too."Hunter throws me with the strength of an Alpha and I crash against the wall, my b
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Chapter 3: "Hey beautiful, can i know your name?"
We drive for three hours before any thoughts start running through my mind. The first one that hits me makes fear race through my heart. Where will we go? I can't take us to my parent's pack. Hunter's pack is really strong and it'll only be a matter of time before he comes for me. He'll charge me with attempted murder and take Maya away from me before he kills me. My parents won't be able to stop him, and Hunter's pack will stand behind him. So maybe I should take us elsewhere. I have a distant cousin who lives a few cities away. My atm and one of my credit cards are in my pocket, and luckily it's the one Hunter doesn't have access to. I've been saving some money for Maya's education in case Hunter decides not to sponsor her schooling anymore, I'll have to use some of it to get us far away from him. Tears prick the back of my eyes and I blink them back, keeping my eyes on the road and watching as the clouds roll by, thick and heavy in the night. I've been living in so much f
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Chapter 4: "There's rogues at Joe's diner."
Roman's povA few hours earlier....."You're being silly Roman."My father paces behind his desk."Think of the pack, the wolves you have to protect. Are you going to leave them without an heir!""I'll do what I want Father."My anger gets the best of me and I squeeze the pen in my grip, keeping a hold on the frustration I'm feeling right now and reining my emotions in once more."I won't be forced to go on blind dates with someone I barely even know. I'll do what is best for me when I'm ready."My father is quiet and I know he's assessing me. We come from a long line of Alphas and even at sixty-two, I can still see evident traces of the man he once was. The man he forever is though the title he once held is now mine. He turns to look at me and I can see the stubbornness in his eyes."This can't go on for much longer, Roman. A pack needs a Luna as much as it needs an Alpha and there's nothing holding onto the past will do for you except cause you more pain. The blind dates are being
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Chapter 5: "Is this the Ironclaw pack?"
Scarlett's pov Why is he looking at me so much? I can barely pull my eyes away from his but if he had pulled his away from mine then we wouldn't be here, would we? What startles me the most about him is how huge he is. He's as large as Hunter, maybe even larger. I probably look like a younger sister next to him. "Who are you?" His voice sends a shiver down my spine and the pleasure that rocks through my brain is unexpected. I don't know what to say. "I... I... Actually..." "If I wanted you to stutter I wouldn't have asked a question at all. What the hell are you doing in my pack, Rogue?" The way his voice is dripping with disgust and hate snaps me out of my reverie. I take a step back before stealing a glance at everything around me and clearing my throat. "I am not a Rogue." "What are you then? I don't have too much patience and the little I have is already running out." Okay, who is this prick? Annoyance flares alive in my bones and I want to lash out at him. Ask him
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Chapter 6: "Stop saying that!"
"What is your name?" "Scarlett Johansen." "What pack are you coming from?" "The Greenwoods pack." The sound of his pen as he writes on the jotter in front of him, does nothing to quell my fear. "How old are you?" "Forty-two." At this, he raises an eyebrow. Like I haven't been lying to him all along and he's just noticed that I have. "Is there any reason why you're in my territory?" I avert my eyes from his and look around. There's something strange that happens whenever he looks at me. Something in my stomach becomes liquid and my mind can't stop bringing up disturbing images. It's shameful. If I blush, I'm going to slap myself right here and right now. "Well...... we were driving, and Maya said she was hungry so I drove to the diner to get her something to eat. I didn't know this land belonged to the Ironclaw pack." Alpha Roman chuckles and stands up so he can walk out from behind his table. "Now that you know it belongs to the Ironclaw pack, and you know I am the Alpha of
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Chapter 7: "Are you okay Alpha Roman?"
Roman's pov What am I doing? Scarlett's eyes are wide with fear and she's moving back, away from me. Fuck. ~I told you you'd hurt her~ I growl and push my wolf's voice out of my head. What the fucking hell am I doing? My word is a command that cuts through the air and stops her right in her tracks. I have to be more controlled than this. I need to get a hold of myself. But how can I when she's standing right in front of me? My second mate, totally oblivious to that fact because she didn't break the mate bond with her first mate. She’s running away from him and has somehow managed to get to me, and now she’s planning to run away from me too. How can I watch that happen? "Are.... you feeling okay, Alpha Roman?" Scarlett takes one step closer to me and I growl at her while stepping back to put some space between us. I'm acting like an irritable wolf who hasn't seen a female in years. When she says she wants to flee far enough that no wolf will ever get to her, I panic and re
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Chapter 8: "Mummy, see what i can do!"
This house is huge. That's the first thing I notice about it. Alpha Roman's beta takes us through wide hallways and past beautifully furnished rooms. The sunlight streaming in through the windows and the obvious wolf design incorporated into almost everything makes me feel a sense of awe. I pull Maya closer to me and I notice she's actually focused on something else, or rather someone else. The blond-haired man Roman says is his beta walks in front of us, but I notice the way he always turns back after a few minutes to shoot Maya a silly look. Sometimes he sticks his tongue out, other times he makes a silly face. Maya's look is neutral and I don't know if he's trying to make her laugh or loosen up a little. I'm pretty sure Maya's more on guard than I am, and that's scary. "Here are your living quarters, princess." I frown and open my mouth to correct him that my name is Scarlett, not beautiful or princess, but Maya beats me to it with a very uncharacteristic scoff. "My name's M
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Chapter 9: "The Alpha's fighting his father, because of that filthy rogue!"
~You can come to me Scarlett, I won't hurt you.~The voice sounds so far but it feels so near.~You're my mate, Scarlett. I could never hurt my mate.~My eyes snap open and I notice it all at once.Maya's gone!I get up and a second later I'm bolting out of the door.I'll kill them!I'll kill every person that has laid a hand on my daughter!"Maya? Maya, where are you!"A lady comes out from one of the rooms in the large hallway and I rush to her, grabbing her by the shoulders."My daughter! They have my daughter! Where have they taken her?"Maya's scream is like an electric shock when it wafts into my ears and I jolt away from the bewildered lady. My ears follow the sound of Maya's screams and my legs spur me on faster than they have ever. I take the stairs four at a time, slipping more than once on the tiles but running like my life depends on it."No! Cockroaches are gross! Arghhh get them away from me!"I see Maya, in her nightshirt and pants, her hair loose and unruly but running
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Chapter 10: "Scarlett!"
Roman's pov.My father is livid."What is the meaning of all this, Roman!"My eyes snap up to meet his and I can see the rage he's trying to control. I reply calmly."Of all what?"The rest of the council is behind him, and soon they all come into view. My father and his beta remain the tallest amongst them, and even though they're all aged now, the black ensembles and fitted suits give them looks of potent danger and power.I direct my gaze back to my father and I see the anger behind his glowing blue eyes."I heard you brought a Rogue into the pack, Roman. You're sheltering a rogue in our pack!"I lean back in my seat and place my clasped hands on the table."The issue of the female werewolf and pup now taking residence in the pack will be addressed accordingly, that isn't the only thing we have to cover today. And lest you forget, Mr. Kai, this is now my pack. I am the Alpha and I will handle the pack in whatever way I think is best."My father recoils into himself so fast that I w
Read more Protection Status