Chapter 9: "The Alpha's fighting his father, because of that filthy rogue!"

~You can come to me Scarlett, I won't hurt you.~

The voice sounds so far but it feels so near.

~You're my mate, Scarlett. I could never hurt my mate.~

My eyes snap open and I notice it all at once.

Maya's gone!

I get up and a second later I'm bolting out of the door.

I'll kill them!

I'll kill every person that has laid a hand on my daughter!

"Maya? Maya, where are you!"

A lady comes out from one of the rooms in the large hallway and I rush to her, grabbing her by the shoulders.

"My daughter! They have my daughter! Where have they taken her?"

Maya's scream is like an electric shock when it wafts into my ears and I jolt away from the bewildered lady. My ears follow the sound of Maya's screams and my legs spur me on faster than they have ever. I take the stairs four at a time, slipping more than once on the tiles but running like my life depends on it.

"No! Cockroaches are gross! Arghhh get them away from me!"

I see Maya, in her nightshirt and pants, her hair loose and unruly but running
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Ma. Angeli Bianca Rizallosa
why blame the weak sheesh
goodnovel comment avatar
Maureen Jane Van Wyngaardt
that is so awful. why do they have to fight. can't they sort out things with discussions

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