Tearing Off My Skin

Tearing Off My Skin

By:  J Kaloko  Ongoing
Language: English
2 ratings
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It’s already hard being Black in America, but it’s even tougher surviving America as a Black Vampire.N, who is a vampire, has been on a long search finding the police officer who killed his family and cut off his tongue when he was young. He believes that the cop is in Virginia and goes on a grueling battle to find him. But he also falls in love, meet other unique Black Vampires like him, and leads a revolution to end police brutality and racism.

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I love this book so much!!
2020-12-10 17:44:14
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Really good book here
2020-11-21 05:47:56
22 Chapters
Night Watch
Tuesday, October 6th, 2026Albemarle County, Charlottesville, Virginia2:00 am
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It Hurts Being a Vampire
Meadowod Apartments at Norfolk, Virginia5:30 amN arrives back to his apartment with no one noticing him. His room is completely dark, but he likes it when it’s pitch black. Plus his vampi
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Breaking News
8:00 amNBC29 (WVIR)Breaking News!
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Night Routine
Flames burning, smoke flooding the atmosphere. Small eyes are awakening; a little boy wakes up witnessing a man wearing blue clothes killing his family. The shrieks and cries become silent, leaving his parents lifeless.The man wearing blue turns out to be a cop. He has a sinister smirk on his face, eyeing the little boy like a hawk. He walks closer to the little boy in a menacing way. He squats down to meet the same height range.
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Kalisha, Part 1
Kalisha’s POVWalking through an empty alleyway trying to get home after feasting on a human soul.Sometimes I feel bad for taking away a mortal’s life. Playing with God and death. But I only
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Kalisha, Part 2
Kalisha’s POVWe left the alleyway. Walking on the sidewalk as we continue to talk and head to my house.“I can’t believe I forgot to ask you this, but what’s your name?” I
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Kalisha's house
Kalisha’s POV“We made it to my house” I told him, flailing my arms around in excitement.He gaze his eyes at my house, he is surprised by how huge and nice my property looks. He stares at it fo
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Harsh Reality
Narrator’s POVWednesday, October 7th, 20262:30 am
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Kalisha and the girls
“Wake up! Wake up!” Kalisha shakes his body.“He no dey wake up. I hope he doesn’t have another nightmare.” Jymia mentions“maṣe yọ ara mi lẹnu pe Mo ni eyi (Don’t worry I got this)” Shani said with a smirk on her face.Both Kalisha and Jymia are worried about what Shani has in-store.Shani slaps him really hard. He suddenly wakes up, feeling the pain of her slap. He rubs his cheeks.“Ow!” He said.“e kabo (You’re welcome)” Shani said, still smiling gleefully.“Wake up sleepyhead” Kalisha told him.He is dazed, trying to wake up. He notices Kalisha with no makeup, a night cap, and a towel around her body.“Did you have another nightmare?” Jymia asks.“No. What time is it and what’s going on?” He asks.“It’s 11pm, it’s time for
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First Date
Thursday, October 8th, 20261:25 amNarrator’s POV
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