Into Pieces

Into Pieces

By:  strangersnotes  Ongoing
Language: English
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"I don't think it's a coincidence."Those words were not an opinion rather a point measured with assurance. She didn't look at our differences but focused on what's our strength. She began playing with a purpose and I was just her card by mistake. But everything she did make me who I am today and so are the others. That mysterious girl can be sometimes unreasonable but all I could do was to trust the process.

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24 Chapters
As they said, we are the author of our own story. We are the protagonist in our life. We can choose to be strong, fragile, easy-going, or nobody. We are the master as we hone our strengths, understand our weaknesses, and conquer our fears to build our masterpiece, our better selves.I used to play a lot when I was a kid. I think that’s part of growing up. You will learn how to accept challenges, strategize, learn from your mistakes and failures, and celebrate winnings and success. Life is a game and every day is a battlefield.I was one of those random schoolboys you met in your school doorway, the guy who sat on a park bench, a customer wh
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Chapter 1
A For AmbivalentIt was Monday morning, and everyone knows what Monday feels like for a guy who lives alone in his apartment, passed the alarm, cold coffee brewer, bacon, and eggs waiting to get marry and a lazy guy on his messy bed. I can feel the hot sun rays peeking on my window as it reached my neck. I’m still in a long argument with myself if I should get up and make money or not since I need some break. I slo
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Chapter 2
A for AmbiguousFlashback10 years agoI was walking in the hallway carrying a sandwich bag and a can of soda. I was looking for a perfect spot I want to eat my snack with. I found a line of the empty bench facing the baseball court. No one was watching the practice game aside from a girl staring into the abyss. I never saw her before. Is she a transferee? She’s not focusing on the game, and I guess since the player made a home run, she didn’t even flinch. I took a seat, one bench away from her. I don’t want to be a nuisance since I think we want some time alone.I opened my soda and took a mouthful bite of my sandwich. This is what my high school life looks like. It’s not boring. It’s just peaceful like I want it to be. I have friends, but they’re not like those frien
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Chapter 3
B for BafflingFlashbackIt was 4:30 pm, and I’m supposed to be at home. This girl who showed up from nowhere dragged me into one of the empty classrooms. We were on the third floor, and the hallway was already emptied. No one was there except us. She found her way on the windows. I followed her, just like what I’ve been doing ever since she talked with me in the locker room. I was curious about who she was looking into below. I saw the bench where I was taking my snacks, the first time I saw this girl. You can also see the baseball court more clearly, and there he was. Jim, the baseball boy I said I knew earlier.“Are you…”She didn’t let me finish my sentence. She cut me off like she knew what I was going to say.“He’s not my typ
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Chapter 4
C for ComplimentFlashbackI’m on my way to school when I saw a girl around my age wearing our girl’s school uniform. She’s outside a car talking to two big guys wearing suits.“Could you please stop following me around? It’s so embarrassing when you’re tailing me the whole day.” Her sweet voice didn’t have any hint of annoyance. It was calm, and it was melodic.“I’m sorry, Miss. We just want to follow your dad’s order,” said the guy in his suits.She sighed.“Then please change into something casual. Your looks got my friends intimidated,” she requested.Her two bodyguards looked at each other like they’re talking with their eyes.
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Chapter 5
C for CuriosityFlashbackThree days had passed since the last time that girl named Rev and I met on our school’s rooftop. My days were back to normal, and I can enjoy my own time during snacks and lunch breaks. Now I’m here at the back of our school’s academic building. It’s pretty cool here. The air breeze is cold. I want to thank the tall trees for that. I think it’s nice to take a nap here.I knew she’s one of them, like those people who come and go. Temporary as what they called them. That’s because I have those answer keys Audi stole that our lives crossed each other. A weird girl who met a boring boy is not going to happen.“It’s just a coincidence.” I closed my eyes.
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Chapter 6
D for DesiderataWe were in that position for five seconds, but it feels like it’s been five years.“They’re gone,” she said as she stood up while fixing her skirt.My arms felt numb, and my heart almost went out of my rib cage. I sweat like an athlete running for 10 laps in hot noon. I can’t feel my legs, and I tried to stretch them, but they felt so soft and wiggly. This was the first. The feeling is unfamiliar, and I'm not too fond of it that I overthink it this much.“I’m sorry,” she said.She sat on the grass again and started to clean up the board. She flipped it and put the pieces inside it one by one. Her wavy brunette hair covered almost her face making it impossible for me to see it. I felt weird. It feels like if I don’t see
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Chapter 7
E for an ExcuseI thought I couldn't spend my Fridays aside from the arcade. I mostly spent most of Friday’s free time there until I have no coins to drop. I’m not really a gamer addict. At least, I want to do something fun, and the arcade is my word to describe it.But now, why am I here at the burger shop near the city sitting across a girl who looks stronger than I am? This scenario looks like a boy being bullied by some badass girl who wants to eat a burger, and he has no other choices but to buy her one or else his life would end up pure tragic the next day.“Here’s your cheeseburger extreme, beefy nachos, soda, and a milkshake.” The waitress made sure she served our order right.“Really
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Chapter 8
E for ElatedSunday for us is where we should spend our time together. My mom always cooks food, but Sunday is her exception. My dad and I decided to have barbeque today. We were having trouble with who should cook and who will set up the backyard.
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Chapter 9
F for FearlessThe good news mom announced yesterday made our simple barbeque dinner became a celebration. We called Jurien through a video call since she’s out of town. That made her extra happy. I never thought we would have another member in our family.I’m looking forward to it. Now they won’t have to call me their baby.I smiled while I was walking my way to school without even realizing it. That’s why some people who passed by looked at me like I never smiled before.“You look so happy today,” that voice wouldn’t get me surprised anymore.“You don’t look surprised? You’re getting used to my presence now, or you’ve been waiting for me?”“Why are you still following me?” I asked her.&ldquo
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