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Santo Rosario Santo may be different from other mafia men you've heard of, maybe he wasn't as ruthless or cold hearted as he portrayed himself to be, maybe he wasn't the demon lurking in the shadows or the booggey man everyone was afraid of.. but he did have one thing in common with your cliche mafia's.. Dominance, possessiveness And when he meets Sunny Lockhart a cherry nurse that seemed to light up the room with just one smile, Santo becomes obsessed wanting to posses her both emotional and physically And he'd go to any extent to get what he wants. Part one of the series; Lussuria

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"Three nights ago, two shipments were stolen from me.. twenty of my men dead, a very pissed father on my neck.. I haven't had the best week. " Santo leaned back into his seat and looked at the man opposite him, Russo...Russo was supposed to be his partner, he was supposed to be loyal, but you know the saying; 'when you give a kid a ladder he aims to build a castle' that's exactly what Russo was trying to do and Santo saw right through his fake smile and false obedience."No trace were found capo," Russo replied. His voice held no fear to it, no remorse, nothing, he was pretty confident that nothing was found.. ("boss")Santo's fist clenched to think he trusted this bastard. It angered him He stretched his hands to his side where his brother Rico stood... Rico stepped forward and handed him a file, Santo placed the file on the table in front of him and slid it towards RussoRusso eyes shot to the file and back at Santo as if he was asking for permission to look at the content of the
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Chapter one
"My mommy looks just like you,” the little girl said just as Sunny helped her lie down. A subtle smile appeared on Sunny’s lips. “She’s very beautiful, just like you.”"I'll come after two hours to give you your meds... Till then rest and please oh please don't ring the bell again.. there's no monster under your bed, certainly not here in the hospital," sunny said and the little girl nodded.sunny chuckled before lightly tapping her head.. "Goodnight," sunny whispered before walking out of the hospital room..A small yawn left her lips, and she felt her eyes close for a secondIt was currently 1am in the morning.. Sunny's still thinking why in the world she agreed to do a night shift.."Try not to fall" Judy, her co- worker, said chuckling in the process"No promises," sunny replied, leaning against the wall... She looked at her friend and a sad smile fell on her lips..Judy was all dressed up, ready to go home, while she was gonna be here all throughout. She wouldn't be able to leav
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Chapter two
Sunny couldn’t determine the duration of her unconsciousness, but she regained consciousness in a hospital chair. her head ached severely, almost drawing a scream.Immediately, she grasped the back of her head and quickly surveyed the room. The men were gone, the blood everything..The room door suddenly opened up "Dont pick a night shift if you're gonna fall asleep," judy said as she stepped into the room... “The Martin’s kid said you never gave her medication”Upon seeing her, Sunny’s expression turned pale as if she had witnessed a ghost, causing her to swiftly flee from the room without acknowledging Judy’s attempts to get her attention. she ran up to the receptionist"Did anyone leave the hospital last night?" Sunny asked, but immediately shut her eyes, realizing how stupid she sounded. Of course, lots of people have left since last night till now The receptionist glanced at her "We don't exactly hold the patients hostage sunny," the receptionist said with a bored tone "I mean
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Chapter three
Sunny became frozen, her breath became caught in her throat, her living room suddenly turned hot, and she felt a mix of shock, fear, and anger.She believed her encounter that night was just a dream for weeks, but it was real, unbelievably real, and he had the nerve to enter her home.“Who exactly do you think you are?” Her voice held more fierce than she thought it would. Even the stranger on her couch was taken back by the sudden boldness..“Me?” He pointed to himself mockingly. Instead of calming her down, this only served to agitate her further.“After trespassing in the hospital, now you’ve invaded my home, who the fuck do you think you are?” her voice raised a pitch higher, this made a ghost smile appear on the stranger’s face.. “wipe that smile off your face, you bastard”Alright, I admit that I may have exceeded the limits with that.As soon as his face turned into a frown, she knew exactly what he was thinking. Leaving the couch behind, he leisurely moved towards her.Despite
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Chapter four
With a long deep breath, sunny jolted up from her sleep, her head spun because of the rush and the unfamiliar room did not help, nor did the unfamiliar voices coming from outside the room help to stop her thudding heart, her eyes scanned the dark blue walls of the room, the big bed which she laid on was placed at the centre of the room, a big dressing mirror and what looks like a walk-in closet.Her eyes landed on the door, and she bolted for it. As she was about to grasp the handle, a passerby’s footsteps resonated in the distance. silenceWith a gradual twist, she prayed in silence for the door to yield. Closing her eyes, she swiftly swung it open upon hearing the small click. A broad smile formed on her face as she cautiously stuck her head outside, scanning for any sign of others.When she saw that the coast was clear, she immediately ran out, looking back, sideways hoping the heavens would help her. She could see the front door, freedom, she could smell it,But then ...“She’s aw
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Chapter five
She froze.. everyone froze.The only sound that could be heard was the groan of the injured. As tears filled her eyes, the gun slipped from her fingers and fell to the ground, coinciding with Santo falling on one knee.His hands clutched his side where the bullet entered "Get her out of here!" The boy she had saved roared before bending to santos aid "I.. " sunny stammered, trying to explain herself, that she didn't mean to shoot. the men didn't give her chance as they gripped her arm and dragged her towards where she ran away from She looked back again, but this time, she reconnected her eyes with Santos before someone threw her into the room and slammed the door in her face. It's been an twenty minutes and sunny had stopped crying her eyes out with the fact that she has just taken a life, she's a nurse, she's meant to save one not take one, the thought alone made her sick to her stomach.She hadn't stopped pacing the room since they dropped her here. Her nails we
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Chapter six
Sunny wasn't a second late. Santo had effectively induced fear in her, and being at the receiving end of his gun was the last thing she wanted.Food had already been served by the time she got there. Santo, his brother, and Rosa were already in their seats, but they hadn’t taken a bite of their food. The dining area was quiet as they began eating. Sunny's eyes trailed to every one of them.Upon closer inspection, she realized the uncanny resemblance between Santo and his brother, although it wasn’t overly obvious. Santo and his brother shared the same dark colour of hair... their eyes were the same, their The face structures are identical to each other.But one thing was different It was the look in their eyes Santo's brother had that calm look in his eyes, the kind, soft look that could calm anyone down As she glanced at Santo, his eyes presented a stark juxtaposition. They projected authority, strength, and the depths of his experience, yet within the hardness was an undercurren
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Chapter seven
It has been two days since Sunny’s life drastically changed, leaving her with unanswered questions and a new living situation. Well, this.Lying on the bed, her gaze directed at the ceiling, her mind wandered everywhere except the present - to the hospital, Martin’s kid, Judy, her cat, and her beloved sitcom. she missed it all..A deep breath left her.A soft knock on the door caught her attention, and as it swung open, Rosa appeared. Her arms crossed against her chest... an incredibly short but sexy red dress clad her skin. She’s effortlessly sexy.“Do you know what this room smells like?” Rosa said, making sunny sit upright. "Bondage and sorrow..” a small smile appeared on Rosa’s face as she spoke “come on.. I’ll show you around”“Are you allowed to do that?” sunny asked as Rosa walked away..She quickly jumped out of bed“Well, never know until we try... ora lo faremo?” Sunny rushed to her side (Now we’ll we?)“Isn’t santo gonna be mad?, you let me out without his permission ” sunn
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Chapter eight
Sunny observed the helicopter’s journey above vast seas, admiring the sight of mountains from above. The beautiful expanse of blue sea below her would have evoked awe in different circumstances. However, her eyes remained fixated on the spot where Rosa was supposed to be, rendering her unable to appreciate the scenery. Perhaps Rosa wasn’t the person she considered her best friend.But she was the only person that cared enough for her Her eyes flickered to the santo that sat opposite her. His eyes were on her., she looked at the spot one more time and looked away.Her eyes went out to the bright sky, yes bright. They had been in the air all night, going to where sunny had no idea of She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and wished Rosa was okay Upon opening her eyes, she glimpsed a structure. Now it clicked. Santo had a house on an island. Her eyes went to his, and it still hadn't left her face. Was there something on her face?, she wondered. His stare made her feel a little sel
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Chapter nine
Sunny couldn’t stop pacing the living room, her hair tied up in a bun, her body clad in shorts and a top looking as messy as ever, why wouldn’t she be, she hadn’t had a good night’s sleep for two days straight, it’s been five days since the attack, five days since sunny saw a glimpse of Rosa last.Santo and Rico frantically left with a whole army with them two days ago, Okay, five men, but still.Leaving Sunny all alone in the big empty house setting on an island, now she wasn’t just worried about Rosa, but Santo and Rico as well, unknown to her why, yes they were keeping her kind of hostage but she couldn’t help but feel worried when she didn’t hear from them for the past two days, maybe it was her instinct as a nurse, she couldn’t help it.“Anything I can prepare for you, miss,” Sunny gasped, turning to the voice that nearly scared her heart out.“No, erm, I’m fine, thank you,” she replied, folding her hand across her chest with a warm smile on her face.Sunny stared at the dark-hai
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