Lycan King Masked Hunter

Lycan King Masked Hunter

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Red grew up in a small pack, after her parents were killed. She had a love interest Bryan, who everyone thought was going to be her mate, but he left her for another she wolf after finding out she was not his mate. Red, heartbroken, killed rogues who attacked her pack, and she vowed to chase after those who killed her parents. There was an academic of rogues, the academic was founded by the Lycan king to help keep rogues from attacking smaller packs, red knew the rogues that killed her former pack and parents was in the academic so after the heartbreak from her supposed mate, Red chased after rogues at night, killing everyone involved in her parents death. Red never thought of finding her mate after what Bryan did, but what happens when the Lycan king invites her to his palace to help him catch the hunter who is killing his men and rogues at the academy? What happens when fires spark, and love ignites between them? Will Red be able to hide her secret from the Lycan king who wants the hunter dead at any cost, or is her enemy closer than she thinks and ready to break her at any time?

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Chapter 1
Five years agoRed POV“That’s enough training for today,” my mother said, walking towards us. We were in the woods, training as usual.“I finally got it, mom; I crossed over that big log,” I said, jumping happily. She smiled, her brown eyes staring at me.“Well, my daughter is so strong, just like her mama,” she said, rubbing my cheeks. Tomorrow is my 13th birthday. I will be shifting to my wolf, and dad said I could finally start training. I had to beg him for weeks before he allowed me to do anything, and now I am not even learning combat yet; I am just doing some press-ups, running around the field, lifting tires, and jumping logs that keep moving. It was the hardest.“Let’s go inside,” she said, taking my hand. We walked back to the pack house, and I kept skipping happily in the middle of my parents. My parents are just ordinary pack members; we don’t stay at the pack house; we live almost in the woods. There are other houses here too, but they are separate from each other. We go
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Chapter 2
Five Years LaterRed POV“If you keep throwing punches like that, we are going to sleep here,” I snapped at the ladies. Well, we are on the training ground, and as the top female warrior of this pack, I am in charge of training the ladies as part of my duties, but these ladies are so slow as usual. I sighed, burning her hand with my fire. She screamed, holding her hand.“If you don’t listen, there are more of where that comes from. Now I want to see the power, the strength; fight your opponent like she is your enemy; I don’t want any slackers; if you slack, run around the field 10 times, and you have no choice but to do it,” I snapped, and they flinched. Well, I have changed a lot since what Bryan did to me. That day, rogues attacked the pack, and out of anger, I burned them all down. Alpha had to tie me down in the dungeon for three days to keep me from killing any pack members. After I calmed down, the pack became wary of me, and everyone avoided me like a plague.Bryan tried to tal
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Chapter 3
Red POV I walked down the pack house heading to the car. I already packed my stuff yesterday and the guards from the palace took it immediately. I have spent the remaining of my time sleeping and doing nothing.“You packed all your loads. It’s almost like you are moving away,” Bryan said from behind me. I stopped in my tracks, turning around.“Who knows? The king might actually fall in love with my dumped ass,” I said, shrugging my shoulders. He licked his lips. I looked at his face, pale skin. He is not that tall, he is not muscular, his hair is long and curly, none of his facial features stood out, boring brown eyes, straight nose, freckles, and normal shaped lips. What did I ever see of him? He is not even my type.“Beauty is really in the eyes of the beholder,” I said, after giving him a long look. He sighed.“I know I fucked us up and I reg…” I cut him off.“You didn’t fuck us up. You helped me realize my potential. You helped me know my worth,” I said. He gave me a soft look, d
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Chapter 4
Red POVI walked behind the head maid and the other maids behind me as I followed them to the dining room. This is the first time I am meeting the Lycan King. I don’t know what he looks like, but I feel nervous. He is my king, after all, and I am about to deceive him. Will he figure my lies out? If he does, I am literally dead. Deceiving the king of werewolves, a Lycan, stronger and more powerful than us normal wolves. I would die a really painful death. I sighed, covering my head in nervousness. I didn’t even sleep well. I dreamt the king killed me, and I could no longer sleep. I have been paranoid all night; I just want to enter deep into the ground. They opened the door, and my breath got stuck in my throat as I entered the dining room.There were four people, three men and a woman. They all sat down at the table, looking elegant. I looked down at my outfit. A black hoodie, short sweatpants, and black fluffy slippers. Is that why Priscilia looked at me that way this morning? How ca
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Chapter 5
Red POVI walked behind the king, my eyes on his buttocks. Damn, he has a nice butt, hard and round; I wanted to grasp it. How can a man have such a nice butt? Oh goodness, me.“Ouch,” I groaned as I collided into his back. He turned around, and I bit my lips in nervousness. He had stopped walking, and I didn’t notice because I was staring at his buttocks. He looked down at me, and I chuckled nervously, moving on my toes. He shook his head.“We are here,” he said, and the guards opened the door.“No more messing up,” I whispered, and I followed him into the study. I looked around, and this place was so warm; it smells like lavender. There was a stack of books and files on the left, and in the middle of the room is a L-shaped office table with two chairs in front of it. There is a fine couch and centre table in the other corner of the room, along with a bar filled with surely very expensive wines. I gasped slowly as I saw the wine. Is that pure wine? The most expensive wine known to we
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Chapter 6
Red POVI walked down the hallways, heading to the dining room. Well, it was the next day, and yesterday I spent it shopping and getting to know Adrain. He is a funny person and march my energy, and he is just a wolf like me. He was really a breath of fresh air. The guards standing in front of the dining-room door gasped, staring at me. I smirked, clearing my throat, and they opened the door for me.“Thank you, gentlemen,” I said, entering the room. My heels clicked the floor as I walked in. Yasmine, Felix, and Adam turned their heads, and their eyes widened in shock. Well, I am wearing a white gown. The gown is long and a body hug, hugging all the beautiful curves I hide under my baggy clothes. The gown is armless, and what I love about the gown is that it’s transparent.The clothes inside are reaching my mild thighs, not too far from my ass. This gown is beautiful; I am looking sexy without showing much skin, compared to little Miss Yasmine, whose breasts are all out in the open. I
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Chapter 7
Red POV“Wow!” I exclaimed, looking at what was in front of me. It was a rope, 10 feet from the floor. Under the rope is a hot, burning fire, and above the rope is another rope to hold on to. All I have to do is pass the rope. That seems easy, right? Except it isn’t. Huge rocks are flying randomly, and I only have the rope to hold on to; if not, it would knock me down into the fire. Adrian was right; it’s not as easy as it seems; this is a death sentence.“There are rocks under the fire,” Aurora said. I looked at it well, and she was right—hot, burning rocks. I cleaned my sweaty hands; the fire is already making me sweat. Oh, now I get it. If my hand is sweaty, it would make me have a loose grip on the rope, falling me to doom. I looked at the field, and of course they were all staring at me, including the king. Adrian looked worried while everyone smirked at me. I rolled my eyes at them, standing up. I hold the rope, putting my toes on the other rope. I walked slowly on the rope, and
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Chapter 8
Red POVI smiled, limping to the dining room. It was the next day, and I felt much better. Aurora couldn’t heal me, as she was a bit weak herself. The silver knives weakened her, so we are both healing. I have a few cuts in my body, and they are taking their precious time to heal, but I don’t mind; what I mind is my knee. Priscilla put a cast on my leg because I can’t walk, and it’s annoying.“My lady, I already told his majesty that you won’t make it to the dining room; please let’s go back to the room,” Priscilla said, running after me. I smiled. I have been looking forward to this morning since he left my room, and I am not missing it for anything, not even for my knee.“I’m fine, Priscilla; I’ll see you later,” I said, not looking back at all. She sighed, mumbling, and the guards opened the doors for me. I smiled widely, limping towards them.“Good morning!” I yelled, smiling widely. They turned to me, looking at me like I was crazy.“What a beautiful morning, isn’t it your majest
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Chapter 9
Red POVIt’s been 3 days, and I have been in my room but haven’t stepped out once. I have been rethinking all the nonsense I did, and let’s just say I am ashamed of myself. I let myself lose control of my actions and acted like a child in a candy shop. I wanted to forever die in my room, but today his majesty asked for me, so I breathed out, standing in front of his study. I knocked on it softly.“Come in,” he said. My body shook hearing his voice, but before I got too excited, I tuned it down, breathing in. I opened the door and entered.“Good morning, your majesty,” I greeted as he sat behind his desk.“Seat,” he said. I nodded my head and took my seat in the chair.“I hope you’ve recovered fine,” he said. I looked away from his face.“Yes, your majesty,” I answered politely.“Good, we start our mission today. We are taking a trip to the academy; is there any question you would like to ask before we start our trip?” he asked. I thought about it.“Yes, your majesty,” I said.“Okay, a
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Chapter 10
Red POVI looked around the academy. I have never been here during the day, and it’s actually beautiful. Beautiful buildings, rogues walking everywhere, all smiles. I looked at them; they all seemed so happy but attacked innocent packs, killing every single one of them. Don’t they feel pity? They were all rescued too, after their packs were raided. Or were they forced to do it to those innocent packs? I definitely didn’t think of all this; when I got that list, I swung into action and killed everyone whose name was on the list. I am not even done, but I don’t think I want to continue; it would only land me in more trouble.“Your majesty,” a warrior said, coming to us.“Rodney,” he said, acknowledging him.“I’m happy you are here; it’s been a long time,” he said, and they shared a hug. I looked at them. Is he perhaps the leader of this place, or are they just close?“Felix,” he said, hugging him, and I watched them embrace with smiles on their faces.“Lady Yasmine, beautiful as ever,”
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