Lycans of Lunar Isle

Lycans of Lunar Isle

By:  Jane Doe  Updated just now
Language: English
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Rejected and dark-bonded by her mate after her wolf refuses to submit, Ophelia Hawkins is banished from the pack. Forced to flee alongside her abusive mother and younger sister, they return to their hometown of Lunar Isle. It's there, at the birthplace of magic, where Ophelia discovers the truth about her heritage and the purpose of the dark bond now branded onto her flesh. Trapped on an island of wild beasts and magic, she believes her life can get no worse. That is, until she meets her second chance mates: Jude Romero, enforcer to the Alpha, and a Lycan with magic as brutal and wild as the man himself, and Alpha Ryker Romero, cold-hearted, sharp-tongued, and the boyfriend of Ophelia's older sister. Plagued with the agony of a broken mate-bond and two second chance mates she cannot have; Ophelia falls into a darkness unlike any other. Little does she know, there are forces at work in Lunar Isle. Something is hunting her, something big. Something she isn't sure she can survive. Will her second-chance mates step up to the plate when she needs them most? Or will they fail her like everyone else in her life?

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Jane Doe is one of those authors I will always automatically have in my library. This had me hooked from the first chapter and it only gets better. Love it!
2024-02-28 08:43:34
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I could never stop reading Jane Does books, they are captivating and make you feel like you are a part of the story. This book makes magic come to life and shows how strong people truly can be!
2024-02-25 09:46:46
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Loreen Cervantez
Im loving this book Jane. You have me hooked.
2024-02-24 06:36:35
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Lisamarie Smith
really liking this book
2024-02-23 19:13:47
default avatar
How often does this update?
2024-02-10 10:24:17
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Veronica Williamson
I love this book, can’t wait for more chapters.
2024-02-06 07:54:55
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Helium Girl
Anything Jane Doe writes is amazing, but I think this MAY be my new favorite. I truly enjoy that she writes things that are new and fresh, especially because there is so much reused content on GN.
2024-02-05 08:20:11
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Hanna Hollin
Can’t wait for some more chapters!!!
2024-02-03 13:23:12
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Skyline Fox
If it possible, if like to know how long you've been on goodnovel to have over seven hundred and five thousand followers!!!. that's Mega!!!
2024-02-03 04:45:36
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Great story
2024-02-01 20:04:53
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I absolutely LOVE this book. I appreciate the long chapters compared to other authors. I paid just to read this story and its so oh god worth it. I cannot wait!! I really hate not finished books. Im impatient-
2024-01-28 05:09:50
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Jesi Ostergaard
I'm really happy with this book so far! her magic system is interesting, love the way she paints a picture. Jane Doe is a skilled author. I can't wait to read more of this book!!!
2024-01-23 13:44:45
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Ruth Pou
Very interesting reading. Little like a Cinderella but in so many different ways. Very sad how people actually get treated like this in reality. Will read more when I collect more points.
2024-01-20 10:20:27
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This book keeps getting better and better. I keep re-reading chapters while I wait because I love it so much. Can’t get enough looking forward to more updates!
2024-01-20 05:23:39
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D. Gill
Really great book! I can’t wait to more chapters are uploaded.
2024-01-19 13:04:14
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45 Chapters
Ophelia “Chin up, girl! Oh, and tuck that stomach of yours in. Honestly, try not to look so pathetic, Ophelia. You’re being mated to an Alpha.” Mother muttered quietly, “Goddess only knows how that one happened.” I bit my tongue when she yanked the front of my simple cotton dress down, exposing a fair amount of cleavage. Speaking up would only make things worse. She might not be able to strike my face, but she knew how to punish without leaving marks. “Yes, Lucille.” She didn’t care for when I called her mother. Apparently, it made her feel old. That didn’t stop Astrid and Kimberly from calling her it, but they’d always been her favorites. Mother snared a lock of my strawberry-blonde hair and tugged hard. Her flat, dark eyes scoured my face in search of a flinch or wince. “You should have let me dye this mess for you. Alas, it’s too late. Not that it matters in the slightest.” She said with the wave of her hand, “Soon enough, you’ll be someone else’s problem.” A problem, that’s
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Chapter 1
OpheliaPain raced up the side of my face as Lucille’s hand made contact with my cheek.“You petulant girl, are you even listening to me?”I wasn’t.“Yes, Lucille.”Two of the movers entered in through the front door, sparing me from hearing her retort. A slimy smile wormed its way across her nude painted lips. She clasped her hands together and cooed at the men tasked with carrying the furniture out to the truck. The dirty look she shot me over her shoulder was a warning that this conversation wouldn’t be forgotten.It was hard to care when the shredded bond in my chest writhed in agony, leaving me in near-constant pain.Astrid flounced down the stairs, turning her slender nose up at me as she passed. The wheels of her designer suitcase whirled softly against the hardwood floor. Inside was all the clothes, shoes, and make-up she’d need for the week it would take the movers to transport all their stuff.With my lonesome duffle bag tucked neatly in the trunk of the Bentley, there was n
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Chapter 2
Ophelia Sun block, and ocean mist. Those were the scents of my childhood, the ones that clung to the bits and pieces of the half-formed memories rattling around in my skull. I breathed each one in through the tiny bedroom window at the tippy top of Lucille’s modernistic nightmare of a beach villa. She’d stuffed me in the attic like a frail Victorian child she was afraid of the neighbors seeing. Little did she know, she was doing me a favor. Kimberly, my older sister, was moving out of her dorm at Eclipse University and back home to be closer to our darling mother. Why she felt the need to come back when she only lived thirty minutes away, I’d never know. That made the attic my safe haven. “Ophelia!” Or so I’d thought. I rolled out of bed, sneezing when a plume of dust hit my nose. It was like she purposefully kept the attic in shambles. Whatever, at least it would give me a project to focus on. The door creaked as I opened it, “Yes, Lucille?” “Make yourself presentable and
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Chapter 3
Ophelia“Spill the tea, girl. I know Kim-Kim’s done a thing or two in her past.” Diana smacked her glossed lips as we sped down the blackened highway into Eclipse City.Chloe, the bubbly blonde in the back seat, laughed loudly.“We won’t tell a soul!”The surly, narrow-eyed Gemma mimed zipping her lips and throwing away the key. I knew what I told them would make the rounds throughout the entirety of Lunar Isle.I rummaged around, sorting through memories that bubbled in my gut like acid. Without warning, they began to spew from my mouth. Word after word, I told Diana and her friends all about the kind of person Kimberly was.Each transgression lingered in the air, and for the life of me I couldn’t stop talking.First grade she’d pelted me with rocks and clumps of mud on the walk to school. Third grade she’d chopped my hair off and laughed as I cried. Fifth she shredded every article of clothing I owned, leaving them in tatters. Seventh and she’d already rallied the entire school agai
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Chapter 4
OpheliaI brought it to my lips and inhaled, immediately chucking the thing at Denver when my lungs seized. A cough tore at my chest, so strong that my eyes watered. No matter how hard I tried to breathe in, all I could do was hack and cough.It tasted awful. Like burnt grass and chewed lavender.The four of them chuckled, descending into laughter that rang heavily in my ears. Heat warmed my cheeks, carrying embarrassment that quickly faded when Sarah herself erupted in a fit of wet coughing.When I finally managed to stop, I realized I felt different.There was this odd sensation dancing along my skin, like little bursts of electricity. As they burrowed deep, they melted into a blissful numbness that had my shoulders drooping and eyelids growing heavy.Goddess, what was this stuff?Coop rolled his head my way, “Nice, isn’t it? It’s official name is Dark Matter. Think of it as the magical version of weed. It’s blessed by a witch with an earth affinity, so it’s extra potent.”I blinked
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Chapter 5
JudeRevving the engine of my bike, I peeled out of the garage and into the blanket of night enshrouding the idyllic neighborhood of Crescent Hills.Normally I’d tap into my nature magic and shift, either taking to the skies or forest, but I wanted to conserve my strength. Not that it mattered in the slightest. The opponents at La Stella were abysmal at best.Ryker was going to be pissed, but when wasn’t he pissed?After enduring that group spell with his preening girlfriend, I needed to blow off some steam. It was either that or I slit her throat and be done with it.Now, that would piss him off.It had taken us long enough to get our coven together and in line, and the last thing my noble half-brother wanted to do was hunt down his girlfriend’s younger sister to fill the empty spot.I didn’t particularly care what he wanted, but I also didn’t feel like dealing with his wrath. The guy was a thorn in my damn side, but he was probably the only soul on earth I gave a fuck about.Plus, w
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Chapter 6
OpheliaOnly once I was far away from Jude’s intoxicating scent did I finally allow myself to breathe.One blink and I was no longer standing within the graffiti painted walls of La Stella. Instead, I was curled up in the passenger seat of an expensive car. Notes of leather and peppery cologne clung to the inside like a second skin.Denver grabbed my chin roughly, and for a moment I wondered if he was going to pick up where that strange man left off.The strange man whose neck I was almost certain Jude had broken.No, that couldn’t have been what happened. It was the drug messing with my head. There was no reason Jude would’ve done such a terrible thing unprompted. The oxygen in the car thinned even further as I fought for breath.The blocker was still suppressing my scent, so the bond hadn’t snapped into place for him. That meant it had to be my imagination, or a trick of the eyes.Denver snapped his fingers in front of my face. When had he become so pale?“For fucks sake, pay attent
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Chapter 7
OpheliaAlpha Ryker pinched the bridge of his nose. The look he tossed Jude’s way was nothing short of furious. Instead of scolding the guy or telling him to knock off whatever it was he was doing, he turned to Nova and snarled, “Explain things to her, will you? I do not have the patience for this.”Clearly, Jude had some sort of death wish because he threw his head back and laughed. Well, it was his version of a laugh. All ice and razor-sharp steel.“What exactly do you have the patience for?” He asked, folding his tatted arms over his chest.Nova, the only one who wasn’t sneering down at me or looking at me as though I were an unwanted piece of trash washed up on a pristine shore, lowered herself onto the bench at my side.Her pale-blonde hair floated around her shoulders, rustled by a gentle breeze.“We’re not a cult,” She said gently, as though she were talking to a wild animal. “We’re a coven. A coven of witches. You do know what witches are, don’t you?”I nodded slowly. Of cours
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Chapter 8
OpheliaRecognizing Kimberly’s voice, I shuffled closer to the door. Careful not to nudge it open, I flattened myself against the wall and listened.“She’s a backstabbing, conniving bitch. She’ll tear us apart and play with the scraps.” Kimberly sucked in a sharp breath as though she were on the verge of crying. “You have no idea what she’s done. She’s the reason I moved back here last year.”I bit my tongue hard enough to draw blood. She was lying, blatantly lying to Alpha Ryker’s face. Kimberly had moved back to Lunar Isle after receiving a scholarship to their university. Her decision had nothing to do with me. Not a damned thing.“Tell me what happened, mí amor.” [my love]Ryker’s voice was neither angry nor patient. It was flat, brimming with silent command that had my stomach twisting into knots.“She—She,” Kimberly took a steadying breath, “She ruined my marriage to Alpha Hunter. My mother set it up when I was sixteen, and the moment Ophelia found out about it she made it her l
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Chapter 9
OpheliaI’d been standing under the spray of the shower, drowning in the thick steam, for nearly half an hour when my phone buzzed from where it sat on the sink’s ledge.For a moment, my heart seized in my chest.The last thing I wanted was to speak to Alpha Hunter when everything was so fresh and raw. I’d have to tell him what I’d learned, and I wasn’t sure I could bring myself to speak the words aloud.‘My sister should’ve aborted you.’No, I wouldn’t think about it. Not right now.Perhaps not ever.Uncaring that I was sopping wet, I tore back the flimsy curtain and plucked my phone up, swiping at the screen with slippery fingers until it unlocked with a quiet click. Relief cascaded down my spine as I zeroed in on Lucille’s name at the top of the text thread.Wow. What had my life become that I was happy to hear from Lucille?Lucille: You’re expected at the lounge in one hour. Keys are on the hook by the door. Do not be late. I want the place ready to open by Wednesday.Well, that w
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