MAFIAs' RUNAWAY FIANCE (English Version)

MAFIAs' RUNAWAY FIANCE (English Version)

By:  I'mUrHappyEnding  Ongoing
Language: English
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Katerina Aguilar Romano, the sole heiress of Romano Real Estate is bound to be in a pragmatic marriage.  After learning that her parents are going to marry her off to a man she will never like, she decides to run away from home and hide. Damon Achilles Castellanos is a man born full of confidence and ego.  He is rich, handsome, and mysterious.  Women flock beneath his feet to beg for his affection. When he found out that Katerina ran away from him, he felt very insulted.  He thinks that the woman stepped on his ego.  Planning his revenge, he follows Katerina to her hiding place to carry out his plan—make her fall in love with him and leave her bleeding. Will Damon succeed in what he wants or will everything be a series of turned tables instead?  What if the simple fisherman that Katerina fell in love with is actually a cruel mafia boss?

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MAFIAs RUNAWAY FIANCE English Version is a romance novel by I'mUrHappyEnding about a woman who ends ups falling for someone she escaped from. Katerina Aguilar Romano's parents decide to marry their daughter off to Damon Achilles Castellanos who she can't like. Therefore, she runs away to avoid this marriage. After Damon finds out about it, he feels insulted, so he decides to get revenge on her by making Katerina fall for him just to leave her bleeding later. But what happens when Katerina discovers that a fisherman she fell for is actually a mafia boss? Read the novel to discover.

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"Faster babe..." he ordered as the woman began her rhythm on top of him. Damon met her at the club where he and his friends were having fun. The woman got a body to die for and she was really good with this. Her eyes were half closed as her boobs kept bouncing while she moved up and down. Ahhh! Damn! She's making him honier. His hands continued to travel on her body and ignored his phone that had been ringing for a while now. He planned to disregard it but after a few minutes it was still ringing like the caller doesn't have a plan to stop. That made him lose his concentration so he was forced to reach for it and answer whoever was calling. "Hello?" "Hello Lord Damon, your father wanted to see you immediately," said the voice on the other line. "Ahhh… T—tell him I'll be home tomorrow," he replied, stuttering because the mischievous woman on his lap grinned smoothly and smiled seductively at him, making him hitch his breath. "Put that damn phone in a speaker, Agustin!" He heard a
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Chapter 1: Runaway Fiance
It was noon when Katerina arrived at their mansion from Wilma's house, her best friend. After jogging, she went straight to hang out with her and if her mother didn't call her, she would be home this late afternoon. Her Daddy gave her a rest today after her busy schedules last week. At the age of twenty four, she was now the vice president of their company—Romano Real Estate. They've got a very successful business that made them one of the most influential families in the country today. "Good afternoon Señorita Katerina, Señora Felice is waiting for you at the dining table already," their butler Lucia politely announced. "I'll be there in a minute, Lucia," she replied. When she approached the table, her daddy Eduardo was already there too but a guest who was with them now caught her attention. If she's not mistaken, the man was present at her twenty—fourth birthday party last week and he is also a current senator in the country. She kissed her parents first before taking her se
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Chapter2: Humiliated
Katerina took a deep breath while looking at the vast ocean. It's been three months since she left their place leaving only a piece of goodbye letter. She felt a lot of longing for her parents but she endured it rather than marrying that creepy old man. After leaving Manila, she ended up in Isla Dominica in the Visayas region. The place was far from the town so she felt comfortable that her parents would not learn her whereabouts. The lifestyle of the people there is also simple which she adapted immediately. No electricity. No gadgets. No advanced technology. It feels like the place was very far from civilization. "Katerina?" from the view of the ocean she turned to the person calling her name. She saw a masculine and handsome creature standing not far away from her. "Achilles!" she called him smiling. Achilles was a fisherman on the island. A month after she arrived at that place she found the man unconscious on the beach after a strong typhoon struck the island. When the you
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Chapter 3: Hint of True Colors
Katerina was nervous upon seeing the new arrivals. She had seen them once on the island when she was still new to the area. Her neighbors warned her not to go out when this group would be there because of the trouble these men were making and she might become their target. They often come to take half of the fisherman's catch. Even if she didn't agree with what they were doing, she didn't have the strength to reprimand the men. They are known for being fiery and feared even in the neighboring islands. "It looks like you have a lot of fish caught today, Ben," said the leader. As far as she remembers the man's name was Edgar. "Ah—y—yeah, it's just a bit of luck, boss," replied the old man whose fear was obvious in his voice and face. Edgar grinned evilly before speaking again. "Well, if that's the case every day, I'll take everything you've got here today." "Uhm…I g—guess that's too much boss," Ben complained weakly. Anger suddenly flashed in Edgar's eyes and grabbed the old man'
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Chapter 4: Misunderstanding
"Are you alright? You didn't get hurt, did you?" Achilles asks worriedly while checking her face to see if she got any scars. "I'm fine Achilles," she said and scanned his face too. She saw some wounds on Achilles' face, especially the cut on the side of his lip. She caressed them absentmindedly. "Does it hurt?" she asked gently. "Yeah, a little." Achilles replied, pouting. She sighed and later hit Achilles' arm in annoyance. "Ouch! Why are you hurting me?" Achilles complained. "Why were you so brave earlier! What if you can't handle those rascals?! What do you think would happen? They could've killed you Achilles!" She combed her hair in worry and frustration. Achilles looked at her as if she had said something wrong. "Then what do you want me to do? Let them touch you and take you with them?" he said in a cold manner. She swallowed multiple times. If Achilles had not intervened earlier, she would probably have been completely taken away by those rascals and made her their s
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Chapter 5: Payback Time
Damon kept avoiding Katerina until the night came. He's very annoyed with what the woman did and her reaction earlier because he feels that she is more on the side of that dickheaded Rico. Since his first day on the island, he could already feel the man's distaste for his presence and continued to insult him for not having his own house and money. The asshole almost ruined the good boy image he built to make Katerina fall in love with him. Damon sighed, he can't let that dumbass ruin his plan for Katerina. He didn't waste months pretending here just for nothing. He endured the hard life on the island including being a fishman plus his hate for the stingy smell and especially the neighbors around who act close to him. How he wished he could make them vanish with his grenades left in the city. "Achilles..." Katerina's soft voice sounds like a melody in his ears. He turned around and saw her currently standing in front of him while playing with her fingers. The woman's face shows
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Chapter 6: Makeout
The next day, Mira invited Katerina to bathe on the beach together with their other neighbors. Katerina thought that Achilles would pick her up because they already made up but Rico was the one on her doorstep. "Goodmorning Katerina, I just wanna invite you to the beach today," Rico said. "Uh... I'm sorry Rico, Achilles might be coming to fetch me up, I'll just go with him," she politely declined. She saw Rico's silly grin at what she said. "Don't expect him to pick you up, Katerina, he and Louella are already enjoying each other's company." She suddenly felt annoyed and frustrated. She just held her breath and was forced to go with the man in front of her. Rico tried to open a conversation but she lost interest in talking that made him silent. When they arrived at the place Rico was not lying, Louella was there with Achilles and the two were still laughing as if they were the only people in the place. She began to feel a little hurt and regretted coming with Rico but she felt
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Chapter 7: First Night
Warning! Mature/Sexual Contents Ahead. Please Read At Your Own Risk(: After the passionate kiss they secretly shared, Achilles never left Katerina's side the entire time. Even Rico didn't get the chance to get close to her because she felt like Achilles was guarding her. She also can't explain the romantic excitement she feels every time she remembers the kiss. Night comes and the two of them are both sitting on the sand in front of the shore while drinking Lambanog(coconut wine). They were silent the whole time as they were thinking of what topic should be open for a conversation. Minutes passed by before they spoke…"about the kiss—" they said in chorus, stopped at the same time too and soon laughed out. "You go first," he said. She hesitated and thought that he should speak first. "No you go first," she replied. "Nah, it should be ladies' first." "But I want you to speak first." Deafening silence took place for a moment. Achilles drank almost all of his wine before speakin
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Chapter 8: First Night 2
Warning! Mature/Sexual Contents Ahead. Please Read At Your Own Risk(: Damon planted small kisses on Katerina's face to relieve the pain caused by his entrance, ripping her hymen off. He can still see stains of blood on his manhood, proof that he was the first man in her life. "I'm sorry baby..." He hugged her and planted a passionate kiss on her lips. Katerina wasn't the first virgin he had, in fact he couldn't count the women whom he fuck since he could remember. He loves sex and fucking someone became his hobby for so long. But he couldn't understand the joy he was feeling at this moment right now. He was moving slowly on top of Katerina, trying very hard not to hurt her even though her tightness seemed to be suffocating his shaft. Never in his life did he remember that he was this considerate when it comes to bed. Just her, just Katerina alone. When he heard the woman's soft moan, he decided to thrust hard, fast and deeper. He felt really aroused while watching his cock, i
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Chapter 9: Sway
She was on her way home from Mira's house. The woman became her close friend after she came to that island. Mira is kind and a very straightforward person. She puts her at ease that's why she likes her companion. It was as if she was still with Wilma, her best friend whom she left in Manila. "Katerina." From her mind in ponder, she came to her senses upon hearing a familiar voice. Katerina turned around and saw Rico standing by a coconut tree not far from her. That was when she remembered that she hadn't talked to him for a while now, the last time was when both of them bathed in the sea weeks ago. "Rico," she approached him. "How are you?" "I'm fine, how 'bout you? I see you're getting prettier every time I see you, Kat," Rico replied, making her chuckle. "Nah! You must be kidding me this time." After some time, she noticed how Rico behaved anxiously in front of her. He's making her curious that she can't help herself but to ask "...what's wrong? You seem a bit agitated?" "Uhm
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