It was thick darkness. Only the sound of the rustling of leaves and creeping night insects could be heard. 

She glanced at her wrist watch, it was 9.02pm. But she stood there at the center of the large compound of St Patrick's Catholic church waiting, standing in front of her white Mercedes Benz, waiting for her meeting with the Medusa demon - the Vampire. 

They were two minutes late to the meeting, one she had arranged risking her very existence.

The Vampire had contacted her demanding to know her status with the location of Fisheye. She had told them that she didn't have Fisheye, but she had something better - the flash drive! Hence, she set the meeting point and time.

All her being yearned just for the Vampire! For Revenge! For justice for her daughter Rose! 

Her rape was the beginning of her downfall, after it her life was never the same ag

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